Squee!!! Fire!!!


It all started with a text from Sadie two days ago.

Want to help with some light sub torture?


You have my attention…

She was planning on having two subs blindfolded and tied up, groped and tormented, and ending with one giving the other a blowjob.

Why yes, yes I can.

So I was already excited when I got there, knowing that I’d be able to do vicious things to helpless boys. But that wouldn’t start until later, and in the meantime, her husband Mal was going to set a pretty sub girl on fire.

So naturally, I was all up in his face.


Oh, did you need some personal space? Are you sure?

And he talked me through the whole process, from making the fire wands to actually setting someone on fire.

It was amazing, I loved it.

Soooo awesome. I was stoked to learn.

Until he said:

I won’t teach you unless I can do it to you first, so you can experience it yourself.


Fuck, fuck, fuck.

How badly do I want to learn? Maybe I don’t need to learn after all. I’ve gone 30 years without knowing how to do it, right?

Ugh, I really, really want to learn. And he’s right, it can be extremely dangerous, and I do need to understand it from both sides. And the other 3 girls he did it to all said it felt amazing, and didn’t hurt at all.

Fine. Goddammit.


So I shed my dress and bra (for the second time that night, incidentally) and climbed up onto the table, my blood pressure skyrocketing, with a promise that I’d set his clothes on fire if he tried anything.

He believed I’d make good on that threat, and assured me I’d be fine.

My heart was pounding. I am soooo not a masochist, and pain pisses me off. I didn’t want to deal with all that.

But he was great, and the girls were right, it didn’t hurt. In fact, it felt really, really good.

I couldn’t let myself relax, though, because I never can when I’ve been in that bottom role, and I’ve never bottomed for anyone but Kazander.

And I’m just naturally distrustful of male Doms, anyway. I almost said no, that I’d rather wait until Kazander or Sounder were there with me. Having one of them standing by to make sure no lines were crossed would’ve made me more comfortable.

But I don’t really do the “patience” thing well. And while he did make me nervous with a comment about how he had to catch himself from slapping my ass, he didn’t cross any lines, and it was fine.

He did let the fire burn for a bit longer once, so that I’d feel what that felt like. And it hurt, but not too bad. He put it out before it got too bad, and explained the difference, about how letting the fire burn longer would burn off the alcohol and start burning skin. Which could definitely be used to a Dominant’s advantage, but caution needs to be used, or it’ll blister.

So it was a learning experience. When he let me up, I was more than ready to jump off the table and get dressed. Even though I agree that I needed to understand what fire play is from both sides, bottoming made me angsty and nervous, especially since the only people I knew there were female and tiny.

Not that I thought Mal would do anything from a rational standpoint, it’s just one of those irrational, illogical things. Bottoming makes me uncomfortable, and bottoming for a male Dom was a struggle to keep from freaking out.

Remember, until tonight, even scening as a Top with a male Dom was a hard limit. Bottoming for one was an exercise in shutting off my emotions so I wouldn’t lose my fucking shit.

But I’m a big girl, I survived, he was great about it, and I’d just zipped my dress back up when Sadie called me to the front room.

I walked in to see the two boys, hooded, their hands cuffed and chained above their heads.


Sadie gave me the smaller one, an adorable little young thing who made the cutest noises when he was in pain. I tortured his nipples with clamps, completely loving the way he squirmed, gasped, and moaned. Especially when Sadie hit his ass with the cane while I tugged on the clamps.

Masochists are so much fun.

But then I found the bag of clothespins, and Sadie said, “You can do a zipper, if you want.”

Why yes, I think I will.

And even just putting the clothespins on him got some adorable little gasps and whimpers. When I was done, I stood back, holding the two ends of the rope together. I imagine he’s glad he was blindfolded, so he couldn’t see the look on my face.

I pulled them off, feeling that uniquely satisfying resistance as each pin was pulled off, hearing the incredibly addictive sound of the pins snapping shut. And the even-more addicting sound of him crying out.

God, it was fucking hot. And his reaction was just beautiful.

I wanted to do it again.

Luckily, just at that moment, Sadie asked if I would do it to the other boy. And I was more than happy to comply.

After that, the violet wands came out, and both of them reacted so wonderfully to it. It was so much fun.

And when the little one (we’ll call him Pet) was pushed to his knees to suck the other one’s cock, it was amazing.

Just lots of amazingness all the way around.

So after that, we all socialized, and hung out, and had fun. Pet’s ride needed to leave, and he wasn’t ready to go, so I offered to take him home (he’s 18 years old!! Still in high school!! Like, an actual has-to-go-to-school-on-Monday, homework-having high school student! I had helped torture a high school boy!).

And he blushed and got the sweetest little smile when I told him later that he makes cute noises when people do mean things to him.

Then, right around midnight, when the majority of the people had left, Mal, Pet, Sonic and I were all sitting outside, when I commented that I couldn’t wait to try fire play for myself.

Mal said, “Alright, let’s do it.”

“What, now?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

I was surprised. He originally said that he wanted my first time to be with an experienced sub, who was knowledgeable about being on the receiving end of fire play. And no one present fit that bill.

Moreover, Mal is as straight as they come. And while fire play isn’t inherently sexual, I’d still never seen him Top to a boy, and I’d assumed he would want to teach me on one of his female play partners.

But I sure as hell wasn’t going to complain.

Sonic currently cannot participate in any play, so I looked to Pet. “Can I set you on fire?”

He grinned and said, “Sure.”

Which, to be honest, surprised me. Because we’d only just met that night (and weren’t formally introduced until after I’d made him whimper and moan, which was funny. “Oh, you already met her.” “I did?” “Yeah, when you were naked and blindfolded, she was the one torturing you.” “Oh, well cool.” Gotta love those conversations), and he’d never done fire play, and he knew that I’d never done fire play, and what is it with these incredibly trusting boys Sadie has that let me use them as guinea pigs for some pretty risky edge play the first day I meet them?

I mean, I know I’m amazing, but damn.

So he took his shirt off and lied down on the table while Mal went back over everything with me, making sure I had it all down. He stood right beside me, the damp cloth within reach, as I held the fire wand in my right hand, and the alcohol wand in the other.

I was going to set something on fire!

Holy fucking shit!

Up until this point, I was squealing and jumping up and down, and basically acting like a 12-year-girl about to meet Justin Bieber.

No, y’all don’t understand. I have a thing with fire. I’ve wanted to do this for decades, but never had someone to teach me how.

But now, it was the moment of truth. I was literally going to set an actual living person (and a high school student, lest we forget) on fire.

Like, holyfuckingshit.

I used the alcohol wand to draw a straight line across his back, then tapped the fire wand to it.

And I about came all over the floor.

Holy.  Fucking.  Shit.

Mal was there the entire time, making sure that I did everything right, that everything was going the way it was supposed to, offering advice and suggestions.

But Pet was practically falling asleep. He’d already been through one session, and I’m serious, y’all. Fire play feels pretty good.

He was quite relaxed.

There were a couple of times that I let it burn for just a fraction of a second too long (not long enough to burn, but long enough to hurt), but that’s the awesome thing about doing it on a masochist. He loved it.


The very first time I hit him with the fire, the moment I went from “No, I’ve never done fire play,” to “Yes, I’ve totally set someone on fire.” You can just make out Mal’s hand to my left, ready to step in if he needed to. And of course, these photos are posted with Pet’s permission and blessing, he assured me that I didn’t need to crop or edit them.


After you make the line or pattern with the alcohol wand, you have to set it down and use that hand to smother the flame once you ignite the alcohol. And you have to be quick, the alcohol burns off fast.



This is my favorite of the pictures that were taken. You can see the fire on his skin really well. And his expression is adorable. That’s the face of a very relaxed boy.

So it was beyond, beyond amazing. I loved every minute of it. And by the end, Mal was standing back, while I did it all. All he did was switch out the wands when I needed new ones. It was soooo amazing.

After we finished, Pet got up, got dressed, and we hung out for a bit longer before he had to be home.

He got in the car, and surprised me again when he started singing along to a Green Day song that came on the radio.

“So you have good taste in music,” I observed.

And as it turns out, he’s like me. I have very eclectic tastes in music. Green Day may come on over my Milk Music account, then Marilyn Manson, then 3 Doors Down, then Sublime, then Idina Menzel, then Renee Fleming, then Flogging Molly, then Rise Against.

So the car ride to his place wasn’t boring. He’s fun to talk to.

So yeah, the night was incredibly, amazingly, terrifically, epically awesome.

And now I know how to set people on fire.

Fucking yay!

It’s a small, small world

So a couple of weeks ago, Sadie was kind enough to teach me how to do needle play, sutures, and staples.  And one of her play partners (we’ll call him Sonic, because Sadie turned his cock and balls into the cutest little hedgehog) was kind enough (and brave enough) to be my first.

She introduced us when he got to her house, and I immediately felt like I knew him from somewhere.  He looked unbelievably familiar, but I couldn’t place his face.

I tried to figure it out for a few minutes, but then let it go.  I get those feelings a lot, along with crazy strong deja vu, so I figured it was just another one of those situations.

So I let it go and didn’t think any more about it.  Every time I looked at his face, I kept feeling that twinge of recognition, but ignored it.

Then, as the night wore on, he and one of his friends were talking and horsing around a bit.  But his friend had an injury he didn’t know about, so when he accidentally hit that spot, the friend impulsively said his real name, rather than the scene name Sadie had used to introduce us.

And suddenly, my mind was going a mile a minute.  Hearing his name confirmed it.  I knew him from somewhere.  I was sure of it.  It wasn’t deja vu.  I knew him.

I immediately thought of the possibility of high school, but since I went to three different high schools, that didn’t really narrow it down much.  He looked to be around my age, though, so it was a definite possibility.

I’d promised Sadie I would create a separate Facebook account to better keep in touch with all the awesome kinky people, since she and her husband would rather keep their group private and off of Fetlife.  I’d been meaning to do it for weeks (I have a procrastination problem.  I feel like I should go to a support group or something for it, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet).

I finally did it the other night, and came across his profile and saw his last name, and seeing his last name was another moment of recognition.  I definitely knew him from somewhere, and I was going to lose my mind if I didn’t figure it out.

So we started messaging on Facebook, and I asked him if it was possible that we went to school together, and gave him my maiden name, as well as the three high schools I’d gone to.

It turns out, we did go to school together for my senior (his junior) year.  And we were both involved in the theater.  He was in the play that I was prop master for.  We didn’t really hang in the same circles, because he was on the stage, where I preferred to work behind it, but we knew each other.

And now, a decade later, I’m sticking sharp, shiny things through his flesh.

There was another play party last night, and we got to talking about it again, and it was pretty crazy, gossiping about high school, and the people we knew.  He remembered my best friend at the time, whose dad I ended up sleeping with for more than a year.  We talked about our theater teacher, and how tiny our graduating classes were.

It was crazy, and while I generally prefer not to be reminded of that period of my life, I had to admit, that’s pretty cool, and I’m definitely looking forward to becoming friends with him.

Sounder’s Play Party

So Saturday night was Sounder’s play party.  The entire day dragged by, and the poor boy only got 3 combined hours of sleep in the last two nights.  But insomnia is a thing he deals with on a regular basis, so he was functioning just fine.

The party was set to start at 7pm.  I got there right around 6, and I loved how nervous he was.

But we hung out and socialized while he finished getting everything ready, and Sadie arrived with the photographer, one of her playmates.  Kiki had told us beforehand that she would be a little late, because she gets off work late.  We decided to use one of the guest rooms as our playspace, so the photographer set up the backdrop and the lights while Sadie, Sounder and I chatted.

And it was a lot of fun, just talking.  Sadie got to see for herself just how delightfully dry and sarcastic Sounder’s sense of humor is.  And I have no doubt that she noticed, as I did early on, that the level of sarcasm goes up the more nervous he gets.  It’s adorable, and hilarious.

Once Kiki got there, we chatted a bit more, then made our way upstairs.  I started stripping him, unbuttoning his shorts, when I felt the unmistakable feeling of lace.

He was wearing his panties.

I looked up at him, confused.  “Why are you wearing these?”

“For tonight,” he replied.


He didn’t have to do that.  I certainly wasn’t expecting it.  But then again, I’m not surprised.  He never does anything half-assed, including his submission and service to me.

So I pulled his shorts down, pulled his shirt off, and he was standing there, in front of the three of us and the photographer (who is male, by the way… a tiny detail that I absolutely loved.  Our original photographer was female, but she couldn’t get off work, so he offered to do it), wearing nothing but his black lacy thong.

So cute.  But I didn’t make him stay mostly-naked for long.  I put his sexy French maid outfit on and sat him down on the edge of the bed to put his makeup on.  I didn’t do the super-advanced stuff, like the contouring and all of that (which I really need to start doing, he has a very strong jaw), simply because I didn’t want to be doing his makeup for an hour.  And he’d be wearing a masquerade mask in the pictures anyway.  So just basic stuff.  Concealer, foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara, lip liner and lip color.

Oh!  But there was a moment when Sadie, Sounder and I were talking, as he was standing there in some stage of undress (I don’t remember), and I said something about having been nice to him up to this point.

And he looked at me with that sarcastic grin of his and said, “Oh, you’ve been nice?”

Oooooh, little boy…..

I arched a brow.  “You don’t think I’ve been nice?”

He pointedly looked around, at the backdrop, lights, his outfit, and the massive collection of toys we were planning to use on him, then looked back at me.  “This is nice?” he asked.

Oooooh, little boy……

Even Sadie was chuckling at that point.  I crossed my arms and looked up at him, a dark smile spreading across my face as I started to think of some not-nice things.  “So you don’t think I’ve been nice.  Would you like me to stop being nice?  Because I could totally stop being nice if you want.  I can definitely accommodate that.”

He shook his head.  “No, no, that’s okay.”

That’s what I thought.

So I’ll have to remember that.


He looked adorable.  And he’d gotten a new wig that I hadn’t had the chance to see on him, so I was excited to see it.  And really, it looks good on him.  Both Sadie and Kiki complimented it, and the way it fits his face.  As much trouble as we’ve had finding a decent wig for him, I think he finally hit gold.

So I tied the mask on him, he put his shoes on, and we made him pose while the photographer snapped away.

And really, it never fails to amuse me how horrible men are at moving their bodies.  Guys, your torso and your hips are not fused together.  They can move independently.  I promise you, they can.

It was adorable.  And we had our fair share of laughs at his expense as we modeled the different poses.  And actually, he impressed me.  He’s a really fast learner.  It didn’t take long for him to sort of get the hang of posing and standing like a woman.

It was funny, though.  At one point, I was standing next to him, modeling the pose I wanted him to assume.  You all know the pose.  Where the woman is standing facing away from the camera, turns her shoulders to the side and looks over her shoulder at the camera, her hand on her hip.  You know the pose.

And he actually didn’t look bad doing it.  But he was having trouble arching his back.

“More,” I told him.  “Stick your ass out.  It’s supposed to be uncomfortable.”

He more or less figured it out, but it was obvious he wasn’t loving it.  “Who stands like this?” he asked.

All three of us laughed.  “Women,” Sadie and I said together.

And it’s always funny watching him try to be feminine.  All of my previous experience with forced fem, or cross-dressing, or anything like that, has been with men who were already a little feminine, or wanted to be more feminine.  But Sounder is as masculine as they come.  Watching him struggle with the things that come naturally to me was eye-opening as far as the differences between genders.  And I don’t consider myself to be hugely feminine.

But we took plenty of pictures of him in cute, sexy, slutty poses.  After that, we set the table up and laid him down on it on his stomach, completely naked.  Then we started in with the violet wand.

And really, the more I play with the violet wand, the more upset I am that I don’t have one.  It made him squirm so beautifully.  We had to keep an eye on the squirming, so we didn’t make his injury worse.  But it wasn’t easy.  He has no self-control when it comes to thrashing and writhing.  So we kept the wand on the lower settings and had fun playing on his back, butt and legs.

Then, Sadie handed me an odd-shaped cylinder that looked to be made of brass and glass, with two metal prongs at one end.  “What the fuck is that?” I asked her.

And that made Sounder nervous as hell.  “Okay, that’s not a good sign,” he said, squirming.

“No, it’s fine,” Sadie said.  “Just hold it here and touch the two prongs to him.”

I moved the cylinder closer to his body, and before I even touched him, the glass portion lit up.  It was a lightbulb.

“Oh!” I exclaimed.  “That’s awesome!”

And apparently that didn’t help Sounder’s nervousness at all.  He was still squirming and protesting, so I decided to be nice and calm him down a bit.  By this point, we’d already been pretty mean with the violet wand.

“It’s alright, here look,” I said, holding it in front of his face.  I showed him what it was, and moved it close to his arm so he could see it light up.

See?  And he thinks I’m not nice.

So that was a lot of fun.  I don’t think he was expecting that kind of intensity.  He had said that electric play doesn’t really do anything for him, and that others had been disappointed.

But the others hadn’t been Sadie, and hadn’t had a violet wand.

He really couldn’t thrash around much, and I had the sneaking suspicion that if we tried tying him to the table, he’d end up inadvertently breaking it, just because he’s that strong.  Sadie seemed like she was a little skeptical of that idea, but I said, “No, he has literally broken chain before.  Like, metal chain.  Completely snapped it.”

After awhile, we decided to switch him over to his back.  It didn’t take long for us to realize that make him flinch or squirm while on his back was a bad idea.  It put too much of a strain on his abdomen.

So we put the violet wand away, and I pulled out my sounds.  We’d played with them once, but the lube we used had burned him like hell.  When we tried it before, he said it felt like he was on fire.  So I haven’t done anything with them since.

But Sadie found a few tester packets of a different brand of surgical lube.  I’d used the basic Surgi-Lube, and that’s what she had, too.  But she found the packets of Dyna Lube, and suggested we try that, to see if it was a little better.  Of course, it would probably burn at least a little.  Surgical lube generally does.  But with any luck, it would be way more manageable than the Surgi-Lube was.

So I picked the sound, tore open the packet, and started sliding it inside him.  Apparently I was going too slow for his preference or something.  He asked, “Is it tough to put in?”

“No, it’s sliding in pretty easy.  I’m not pushing it at all.  Gravity is pushing it, and I’m just guiding it and holding it to keep it from falling too fast.”

“Oh, okay.  It just seemed like you were going really slow.”

I laughed.  “Would you rather I shove it in?”

“No, no.  Take your time.”

Silly boy.

I started with the third smallest, and went up to the fifth.  And after awhile, I asked how the burning was.  He said he could feel it, but it was very tolerable.

“Awesome, so this works better than the Surgi-Lube.”

“Does it?  I don’t remember.”

“Oh, yeah.  Last time, by this point, I was practically peeling you off the ceiling.”

So that’s awesome.  We can do sounding again, yay!  I bet he’s soooooo super excited about that.

After sounding him, we turned him back over, and Sadie introduced us to her extremely extensive collection of impact toys.  She had a brand-new bamboo cane that she’d never gotten the chance to use before.

And oh, she got to use it.  She caned him, paddled him, beat the hell out of him.  Kiki brought this amazing thick leather strap that I immediately fell in love with.  It could cause some pain, sure.  But more than the pain was the sound it made when she hit him with it.  It made a sexy, loud, intimidating sound.  It was awesome.

There were five different canes, four or five wooden paddles, a flogger, all kinds of fun toys.  We went to town on him, pushing him hard.  Before long, his ass and the backs of his thighs were red and hot, and some lovely welts were forming on his thighs.  So that’s when we got out the vampire gloves.  And the skin on his ass was so sensitive, it took very little pressure with the gloves to overwhelm him.  That was insanely fun, watching him react to us hurting him, listening to him grunt and moan, trying his hardest to handle what we were putting him through.

Pretty welts.

I was loving it.  We beat and caned him some more, and then decided to move on to the needles.  We’d decided we were going to put four in each butt cheek, and then use ribbon to wrap around them to sort of “lace up” his ass.

Kiki isn’t a fan of needles, and she’s a smoker, so she went downstairs to take a smoke break while Sadie and I prepped him.

And when Sadie began rubbing the alcohol on his ass, his reaction surprised me.  He damn near screamed, his entire body tense, and writhing all over the place.  He was really having trouble handling it.  But he eventually calmed down and Sadie began the process of pushing the needles into him.  She was going to do one side, and I would do the other.  But I needed to hold him down while she put the needles in him.

And even leaning on him with all of my weight, it was a struggle to keep him down.  She got three in, and I could see him starting to crack.  We were quickly approaching his limit, and had gone beyond the point of him being capable of speech.  So after the third, we took a break, she took the gloves off, to give him some time to cope before moving on.

He was shaking, writhing, moaning, completely overstimulated and overwhelmed.  I asked him if he needed to take the needles out, but of course he couldn’t answer.  So I turned to Sadie and told her to take them out.  We were getting too close to his limit, and when I do eventually push him to his breaking point, I don’t want anyone else there.

She reached for the gloves, and he was doing everything he could to keep from cracking wide open.  For a moment, I thought about pushing her aside and pulling the needles out myself, gloves or no gloves.  But, while I know he’s clean and disease free, I’m in no rush to get myself blood-bound to someone I’ve known for three months.  And it would only take a few more seconds.

It felt like time was going in slow motion in my mind (and I imagine in his, too).  I didn’t want him to break with her and the photographer in the room, and we were getting pretty close.  But finally, she got the glove on and I held him down once more while she pulled the needles out.

After that, he was better.  She wrote my name in his blood on his back, then cleaned him up.  This time, when she used the alcohol it didn’t bother him nearly as much.

For a few minutes there, he was completely shut down, lying on his stomach on the table.  I sat on the table beside him, running the tips of my fingers up and down his back, caressing and comforting him while he stabilized himself a bit.

By the time Kiki came back, he was talking and answering questions, and was just fine. He lied there on the table for awhile, recovering, while Sadie, Kiki, the photographer, and I chatted.

Marks have the habit of disappearing annoyingly fast on him, and at one point, maybe 20 minutes into our conversation, I turned to look at the welts on his thigh, and was disappointed to see how much they’d gone down. We hoped they’d get darker again in the morning.

After awhile, Sounder picked himself up off the table, got dressed, and joined in the conversation.

They all left, and Sounder and I hung out, watching Eastbound & Down, a show that he’d introduced me to earlier that afternoon, and probably the most epic TV show of all time.

I was surprised when I looked at my phone and realized it was 1:30 in the morning. So I grabbed my things, he walked me to my car, we hugged, and I left.

The next day, he texted me a picture of the welts on his legs, and I was sad to see how faint they were. He wasn’t exaggerating when he said marks don’t tend to stay for very long.

See, that's sad.

See, that’s sad.

So next time I’ll have to beat him way harder. But he did say something that surprised me.

We were talking about the party, and what he thought about it.

Sadists are fun

Sadists are fun

And I was curious, I wanted to know more about his thought process after the session ended.

Color me impressed.

Color me impressed.

So minutes after we were toeing his limit, that was where his head was. That’s what he was thinking about, what he was worried about.

I am seriously impressed.

So it was a fun evening. I can’t wait to do it again.  And on Wednesday, I’ll be heading over to his house to review all the pictures that the photographer took.  He hasn’t seen them yet, and is not hugely looking forward to seeing them (which makes me all the more excited to make him look through them with me).  I imagine quite a few will be posted here.

Learning is Fun!

M’kay, this post is gonna contain pictures of needle play, sutures, and staples. If that sort of thing bothers you, it may be a good idea to skip over this one.

This weekend was seriously fucking awesome. On Friday night, I went to a play party at Sadie’s house.  And last night was the party with Sounder, Sadie, and Kiki.

Amazing stuff.  But we’ll start with the play party.  The ClubFem debacle was a big topic of conversation, since Sadie went, as well as another Domme and sub that were at the play party.  Kiki was fighting a headache and exhaustion (she’s been working a lot), so she stayed home.

Thankfully, their opinion was the same as mine and it was such a relief to know that I wasn’t the only one who thought it was such a joke. It was such a relief when I walked in and one of the first things Sadie did was give me an amused look and ask, “So what did you think of the ClubFem meeting?”

And the way she asked it, I was immediately relieved.

I mean, I knew she would think it was just as ridiculous as I did.  I knew this because I know her well enough to know that she’s not bigoted or stupid.  But there’s always that tiny bit of irrational worry.

So it was awesome that she had to keep herself from laughing through the meeting, and that she thought it was just as ridiculous as I did.

So that was awesome.

And if there’s one thing about Sadie, it’s that she’s extremely knowledgeable about pretty much everything sadistic.  And for me, who has much less experience with things like fire play, needle play, knife play, and all of that, she’s a fantastic teacher.

We had talked about doing needle play or fire play with Sounder at the party, and the possibility of her teaching me there at his house.  But one of her playmates was coming to her party, and she asked if I’d be okay practicing on him, and she could teach me that night, and then I could do it more or less on my own, while she supervised, the next night with Sounder.


Why yes, yes I would.

So she got everything prepped and showed me how she goes through that process, and what all needs to be done.  She put him on the table, showed me how to sterilize the area, and we were ready.

The first few times, I watched, and she went slow, going through it step-by-step.  We were doing it on the back of his shoulder, which is a relatively easy area to work with for beginners.

And then, it was my turn.  I put the gloves on, grabbed the needle, and bent over him, getting ready to stab someone I’d just met that night.

And really, I hadn’t felt an adrenaline rush like that in awhile.  I was nervous, excited, and completely stoked.  I began pushing the needle into him, and feeling that very unique resistance, seeing it sliding through his skin and coming out the other side, was seriously fucking incredible.

Like, I love needle play.  It was awesome.

It's so pretty!!

It’s so pretty!!

Seriously awesome.  And pretty easy, one I got the hang of it.  The only real things are to make sure you don’t go too deep (which took a little bit of practice), and to make sure you don’t prick yourself with the needle once it’s already gone into him.  It’s not too difficult to figure out.

So needle play supplies are now at the top of my wish list.  It does take kind of a lot.  Not just needles and gloves, but all of the prep equipment, sterilization equipment, biohazard bags and sharps containers, etc.  It’s labor intensive, but definitely worth it.

Okay, so once I got the hang of that, it was time to move on to something a little more difficult.  We moved down to his ass, she cleaned and sterilized the area, and showed me how to do sutures.

And holy crap, y’all, sutures are way more difficult than needles.  That took some time to figure out.  And then of course, once I got the curved needle in and through, getting the clamps to release was a pain in the ass.  And then, tying the goddamn thread off was incredibly awkward, and took longer than the suture itself.

But I figured it out, and the poor guy I was practicing on took it like a champ, and was very patient with me as I figured it out, and was basically just a huge sweetheart.

So I definitely need more practice with sutures.  And I’m seriously looking forward to getting more practice with sutures.

Yay, sutures!

Yay, sutures!

So after we did that, she showed me how to take them all out, and we turned him over onto his stomach, where she showed me how to do staples.

Now, staples are incredibly easy.  There’s no real skill involved there.  It’s just a matter of having the little staple gun, pushing the tip against the skin, and pressing the trigger.  It’s also much, much less painful than sutures and needles, so it’s a good starting point for subs who may be a little nervous about venturing into needle play or suture play (hint, hint, cough, cough).

And because it doesn’t actually puncture the skin, more just pinches it, it’s easier for people to handle, when they’d have problems watching needles or sutures, or have problems with blood.  A couple of the guests were on the other side of the house for the needles and the sutures, and came in to see if staples had the same effect, and were much more comfortable watching the staples.

The staple does still go into the skin, just a little bit, so you still need the gloves and the sharps container and all of that stuff, and you need a special tool to remove the staples, but it’s way, way more mild.

And they’re fun because you can thread a thin ribbon through them, and create patterns.  We did a simple arrow, just so she could show me what it is.

Pretty arrow.

Pretty arrow.

So the staples were simple, and easy, and a lot of fun, and extremely versatile.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting myself some of those.  That’s also really high up on my wish list.

Along with a massage table.  How do I not have a massage table?  They’re awesome, they keep the boy at the perfect height, they’re sturdy, they’re portable, and they’re surprisingly light.

I must have one.

So yeah, staples are awesome, and ribbon is awesome.  And just for fun, Sadie decided to pull out her clothespins.


That frenum piercing is seriously convenient, too….

After awhile, there were so many, it started to look like a hedgehog.

And because Sadie is just that damn awesome, she drew a face on the head of his dick to make it look more like a hedgehog.

And the result is seriously fucking cute.

And the result is seriously fucking cute.

Finally, we took all the clothespins off.  And even once they were off, it still looked pretty cool.

Seriously cool, right?

Seriously cool, right?

So we let him up, and that’s when the violet wands came out.  Because that’s what happens when you put four sadists in a room together.

And the subs were fascinated with the violet wands, so that was a lot of fun.  We turned down the lights, and I was able to get a couple of really nice shots of the arcing.


The subs wanted to see if you could hit one with the wand, and the other would feel it. You know, for science.

The subs wanted to see if you could hit one with the wand, and the other would feel it. You know, for science.

So yeah, it was a ridiculous amount of fun.  A violet wand is also high on my want-list, especially because Kazander really likes electrical play.  We need a violet want immediately.

And I was seriously looking forward to using the violet wand on Sounder then next night.  He made the mistake of telling me that electricity never really had much of an effect on him.  And of course, I told Sadie that, and of course, she took that as a challenge.  So I was definitely looking forward to having an effect on him.