Decisions, Decisions

So I have a wedding coming up (God, it’s less than a year away now) and one of metric fuckton of things I need to figure out is where we’re going to go for our honeymoon.

Our first choice was Australia. But as it turns out, we’re looking at absolutely ridiculous airfare costs. Seriously, the cost of airfare will be more than the cost of the all-inclusive resort package. We thought we could swing it, since the company kazander works for is based out of Australia. We thought we could convince the powers-that-be to pay for at least his airfare, and turn it into a work trip. They’ve paid to send employees over there on occasion to tour the Australian place and see how they run things. And it wouldn’t have been much of an inconvenience to take just a couple hours one day to tour the facility.

But that was not to be. Apparently he’s still too low on the ladder to convince his bosses to do that. So Australia is out of the question. And that makes me sad.

Sadder than I am after watching this commercial

Sadder than I am after watching this commercial

So now we have other, more realistic options. Neither of us like the cold, and we’re getting married in November, so warm weather is a big requirement. Even with that limitation, though, there are a few different places I like. My current favorite is Jamaica. But I’m also looking at Aruba, Hawaii, and Mexico. There’s also a Mexican Riviera cruise that departs on the right day for us. And it departs from Los Angeles, so it would only be like a 45-minute flight there (as opposed to other cruises that depart from Florida or New York or whatever).

Hawaii would be the easiest, just because it’s still in the US and we wouldn’t need to worry about passports or paperwork. I already have a passport, but kazander does not. Yes, I know it’s easy enough to get one. Still, Hawaii would require no confusing visas, no dealing with customs, nothing. Super easy.

I don’t think kazander loves the idea of Mexico. Some parts of Mexico are a bit dangerous (although we’d likely just stay in the tourist areas) and there’s a language barrier. He doesn’t speak a word of spanish, and I speak enough to get by, but I’m not anywhere near fluent. Still, it’s a beautiful place and I’ve been there tons of times to visit family. I’ve always loved Mexico.

Still, I think Jamaica is my favorite, followed closely by the Mexican Riviera cruise. The town I looked at, Negril, seems fantastic, and the resorts available there are gorgeous. But there are other towns too, that seem pretty cool.

Aruba is nice, too, although I still prefer Jamaica.

We need to hurry up and figure this out, though, so we can put the deposit down and reserve our spot. At least we’re going in the winter, which is the slow season. That should knock the prices down a bit.