The Repercussions of Losing a Bet

Kazander and I like to make things interesting. We’re both gamblers, and we’ve been known to bet on anything you can think of. Mostly football games, but when football season is over, we’ll find other things to bet on.

Last night, we went out for Father’s Day, and found ourselves at a bar, drinking and shooting pool. He suggested that we bet on the games. I agreed. First, we bet on whether or not he would be allowed to cum later that night.

And he won. But I was finding my stride, so when we bet again, I took a much bigger risk.

Part of me agreed to it because I was confident that I would win (once upon a time, I was actually pretty good at pool). Part of me agreed to it because it was Father’s Day. But regardless of the reasons, we agreed to the terms.

If I won, I would get a hefty chunk of cash toward my next tattoo. And if he won, we would switch, and he would be in charge for the rest of the night.

The little bastard won.

But I wanted to win.

But I wanted to win.

I never even had a chance. We played a total of seven games last night, and I won a whopping total of none.

Even unzipping my blouse further, showing more of my boobs, and leaning over right in his line of sight did nothing. Even groping him as he was taking his shot did nothing. Even trying to shove more alcohol down his throat until he was too drunk to aim did nothing. He won every game.

(It’s not cheating, it’s being resourceful)

So, when we got home, I spent the next few hours subbing to him. And it’s always a huge mind-fuck everytime I sub to him.

First of all, I’m not a sub. Never have been, never will be. It’s so foreign and alien to me. It feels so weird letting him take control. Part of me feels like I’m in someone else’s body, watching through someone else’s eyes. It’s weird.

But not completely unpleasant.

There are moments in submitting to him that I thoroughly enjoy. And that feels even weirder.

Last night was fun, and it was interesting watching myself submit to him. Wild mindfuck. Am I in a rush to do it again? Hell no. But it’s not my absolute least favorite thing, either.