Someone’s back on pills…

Can you guess who it is?

Go on, take a guess.

It’s Sounder!  He’s back on birth control pills!  Yay!

And just like last time, there have been some wonderful changes in a very short amount of time.

Most notably, his breasts have grown.  Again.

Like, a lot.

Like, it’s getting to the point where they’re pretty damn noticeable even under his clothes.

I mean, they’ve been noticeable under his clothes for awhile, but only if you were looking for it, and only when he moved a certain way.

I remember the first time I noticed was back when he was taking the pills the first time, and we’d gone out for drinks after he got off work.  He was wearing his boy costume, his work clothes, and looked like a man.

But at one point, he turned and stretched a bit, and I saw the curve of his breasts under his shirt.

And goddamn, it was fucking hot.

But literally no one else would ever have noticed that.  I noticed it because I think I can safely assume I’m more familiar with his current body than anyone else alive (other than him, of course), and I notice things like that.  Also because I was aware of the fact that he had breasts, and was looking for little hints of them.

And I mean, they’re not huge.  I couldn’t really notice a difference in looking at him head-on.

But when I touched them, the difference was unreal.

When I first met him, his entire body was hard and muscular.  Two months of the pills before had softened his breasts and added… I don’t know, half an inch or so to his hips, giving him a subtle, feminine curve.  In fact, he’d gained four pounds while he was on them.

There wasn’t much change to his hips tonight, but his tits are growing much faster than I thought they would.

Which is fucking awesome, m’kay.

I grabbed them and was flat-out stunned by the size and softness of them.  A month ago, I could grope him and get about half a handful.

Tonight, I groped him and got more than a handful of sexy sissy tit.

Like, holyfuckingshit, that’s so fucking hot!

He, of course, preferred to pretend that it wasn’t that noticeable.

“Maybe they’re not actually bigger,” he said.

“Well, it’s either that or my hands have shrunk.”

“That’s always possible.”

He’s adorable when he grasps.

But no, they’re growing.  I really noticed the difference when I looked at him from the side.  His stomach, abs, hips, everything is flat.  And once upon a time, his chest was pretty flat, too.

Yeah, that’s not the case anymore.  It’s subtle, but it’s damn sure there.

So he’s going to need to start wearing a bra soon, and not just when he’s dressed in his girl clothes.  I don’t want his tits to start sagging.

I’ll be nice, though.  His work shirts can often be on the thin side, so we’ll stick with plain flesh-colored (or colored to match whatever shirt he’s wearing) sports bras, that won’t be seen through his clothes.

Eventually, if he’s going to keep up the boy facade, we’re going to need those chest binders that ftm trans men wear.

But I’m happy.  If they keep growing like this, he won’t ever need breast enhancements.

And of course, his cock still doesn’t work.  At this point, it’s safe to assume that it probably never will again.

So the only way he can cum is from prostate stimulation.

Which is unbelievably, amazingly, wonderfully awesome.  He’ll never be able to cum like a man again.  He’ll never be able to fuck a woman again.


There’s one thing I love even more than the physical changes, though, and that’s the effect it has on his mannerisms, and the way he moves.

It was something completely, wholly unexpected.  Nothing I read about even hinted at this kind of change.  I noticed it before, and was just blown away by it.

I don’t think I’ve ever consciously registered the way men and women move/writhe/squirm/whatever when they’re being teased before.  It wasn’t until that night, watching him writhe as I held the wand to him, that I realized there’s a big fucking difference.  Suddenly, every girlfriend I’ve ever had, every girl I’ve ever played with flashed in my head.  And yes, there are similarities in the way they moved.  And yes, Sounder now moved like that.

He arched his back like a girl, he ground his hips like a girl, he even started whimpering like a girl, the longer I went on.  Over the months that I’ve played with him, I’ve gotten very familiar with his body.  I could tell immediately that he was moving differently.

And hell no, I didn’t expect that.  That’s not a physical change, like breast growth or rounder hips.  That’s a mental, physiological thing.  Nothing I’d read about the effects of the birth control mentioned anything about that.

It wasn’t subtle, either.  At first, I thought for a minute that he was doing it on purpose, to please me.  But the more I teased him, the more I realized that no, this was natural and completely unconscious.  He wasn’t even aware of it.

The only thing I can think of is that the hormones are affecting his brain chemistry in some way.  I mean, no one teaches a girl how to move like that.  It just comes naturally, because she’s a girl.  Maybe his mannerisms are becoming more feminine because of the increased levels of estrogen and decreased levels of testosterone.

Maybe?  I don’t know, it shocked us both.  But I freaking love it.

As obvious as it was back then, it was even more obvious tonight.

We were sitting together on the couch, him naked, watching TV.  He really is so sexy when he’s naked, and I had been playing with Tammi Lynn off and on the entire time we’d been sitting there.

But then, with a subtle thrust of his hips, I was immediately turned on.  I reached down, rubbing his p-spot.

Within minutes, he was gasping and squirming on the couch, his legs spread wide, writhing and moaning.

And once again, I was struck by the difference in the way he moved.  The way he arched his back, the way he thrust his hips, the way he moved his legs, I wish I’d recorded a video of it, so he could see it for himself.

That was my first thought, actually.  It was so hot, the way he moved, my mind immediately went to wanting others to see him move like that.  Writhing in my arms, whimpering so sweetly as his pleasure mounted.

Soon, desperate and hungry to cum, like the slutty sissy he is, he put his hand over mine, wordlessly begging me to bring him to the edge.

And when he came, his back arched, he moaned loudly, his hands clenched into fists, it was so fucking hot.  I wanted to do it again.

So I did.

Yeah, I definitely want to do that to him in the middle of a crowded room, and let everyone watch him move like a girl.

Beyond fucking hot.

Would you fuck this sissy raw?

One thing I love about my sissy is how artistic and creative he is.  This shows in the unbelievably sexy pictures he sends me.  Like the most recent one, which he sent last night.  He’s in such a sexy, provocative, inviting pose, I just can’t resist imagining pounding him until he begs me to stop.  And with a picture this sexy, it would be greedy for me to keep it to myself.  I need to share it with the world.



Look at how sexy he is. Tell me you wouldn’t want to pound his ass until he’s nothing but a whimpering, squirming, writhing little puddle of sissy cockwhore.

Being sick

Isn’t enough to keep an eager cockwhore from being an eager cockwhore.  As I found out the other night.

I’ve been fighting the biggest bitch of a cold that last couple of weeks.  I haven’t felt up to playing at all.

But it had been too long since I’d seen my sissy, and Sounder has been suffering from the same cold.  After a couple of weeks of trying to stay as far from other people as possible, the idea of spending time with him, cuddling, enjoying each other in all our sickly glory, sounded amazing.

I didn’t even bring my toy bag with me.  Neither of us were up for a session.  But watching TV on the couch with a glass of wine was absolutely within the realm of our capabilities.  And for once, I didn’t have to worry about quarantining myself from all human contact.

I got to his house, walked in, and gave him a hug.  He was dressed in boy mode, but when I reached around, I felt the bra band across his back.

Which made me immediately smile.  Even sick, he still thinks of me.

He poured my wine, gave me my Christmas gifts (which became the inspiration for my new absolute favorite insult, “four-day-old tampon slime.” God, I fucking love this chick), and we sat down to watch a show we both love.

I wrapped my arm around him and pulled him close, running my other hand across his chest.  It seems like only a moment passed before my fingers went, almost of their own accord, to the buttons on his shirt.  Once they were undone, I couldn’t help but grope him under his bra (I mean, I’m sick, infirm, and weak.  Of course I couldn’t resist such an attractive temptation), teasing his nipples to little buds, then pinching and twisting them until the pain made him wince.

The way he moves…. you guys have no idea how hot it is, the way he moves.

Next came the button and zipper of his pants, and I reached in, fondling his clit and grinning to find that Tammi Lynn was already wide awake, bursting out of his pretty, lacy panties.

Funny enough, suddenly I found myself feeling quite a bit better.  I rubbed his P-spot, biting his neck and ear, whispering to him about the way it’ll feel when a man first pushes his cock into Sounder’s tight, pink pussy.

“You’ll try not to like it,” I told him as he squirmed and writhed and gasped underneath me.  “You’ll try to keep yourself from loving it.  But it’ll feel so good, having him deep inside you, pounding his cock into you.  You won’t be able to stop yourself, you’re too much of a whore.  You’ll want it.  You’ll push back against him, begging him to go deeper.  Faster.”

I put fingertips of my other hand against his lips.  “And when you feel that second cock push its way into your mouth, all you’ll be able to do is suck it hungrily, wanting it to fill you up just like the other one is filling you up.”

He gasped, parting his lips, and I shoved my fingers in his mouth, forcing them down his throat while I massaged him, while I watched him get closer and closer to the edge.

“You’re going to cum with a cock in each hole,” I whispered.  “You’re going to cum hard and often, and every time you do, it’ll just make you want them deeper inside you.  Come on, show me how much you want that cock in your mouth.  That’s a good girl.  Show me how eagerly you’ll suck it.”

He didn’t disappoint. Writhing on the couch, one hand between his legs and the other fucking his mouth, whimpering and sucking, his hands balled into fists, he came to the thought of being spitroasted by men, his illness, for the moment, forgotten.

I couldn’t help but laugh.  “Being sick isn’t enough to keep such a greedy sissy down,” I said, giving him a moment to recover before rubbing him to another orgasm. Or three.

Sure, we watched TV.  And it felt good, especially as achey and cold as I’ve been, to feel his warm weight against me like that.  It felt especially good to see how easy it is to wake up the slut in him, even when the rest of his body just isn’t feeling it.

My slutty, pathetic, adorable, hungry sissy.

A good, thorough fucking

So some of you who have taken a look at Sounder’s blog may have noticed a distinct lack of posts there.

Which may be interesting, since I told him I wanted 2 posts a week.  But there is actually a reason for the silence.  He’s got an issue that he needs to deal with, and until it’s dealt with, I told him not to worry about the blog.  It’s not like it’s going anywhere.

Until then, you’ll just have to be satisfied with my descriptions of the mean, awful things I do to him.

Like the other night, the first time I’d seen him since the issue began.  I knew I’d have to be gentle-ish with him, because reasons (yes, I’m being deliberately vague, and I’m gonna continue being deliberately vague).  But that didn’t mean I couldn’t fuck his brains out.

And he definitely needed some girl time.  As well as a good, long fucking.  It had been too long, and the bullshit this issue has presented, as well as just the regular work stress he deals with, had really knocked him out of that sissy headspace.

I needed to knock him back into it.  And I don’t have to beat him or be rough with him to make him feel like a woman.

I pulled up to his house and knocked on the door, and when he opened it, I saw that he was dressed and in full makeup.  Every time I see him dressed like that, I love it just a little bit more.

He’d gotten a new blouse, and a bra, and they looked amazing on him.  It was the first chance I’d gotten to see them on him in person.  Sure, he’d sent pictures, he always does (I have quite the personal porn stash, it’s so awesome), but while the pictures are great, they’re nothing compared to seeing him in person.

But even with how good he looked in the shirt and bra, it’s still his jeans that I love the most.  He has this pair of skinny jeans that just hug his ass in the sexiest way.  I can never resist reaching into them and groping him.

So a good portion of the first hour was spent doing that.  It had been too long since I’d been able to properly grope and violate him.

He didn’t like how long it had been any more than I did.  When I pushed a wet finger into him, he moaned and pushed back against me, impaling himself deeper on my hand.

He didn’t even hesitate when I asked him if he wanted to be fucked like a bitch.

The poor girl definitely needed a thorough fucking.

And who was I to deny him that?

I didn’t waste any more time, taking him to the bedroom and telling him to take everything but the bra off.

He was standing there, at the foot of the bed, and I came up behind him, lubing up a finger and pushing it back inside.  A moment later, I pushed a second one in, stretching him out.

He moaned and pushed back, fucking himself on my fingers, until he started having trouble keeping his balance and had to reach out to hold the wall for support.

I had him lie down on his back and slid on my strapon, kneeling between his legs and pushing them up to his chest.

I’ve been having him sleep plugged every night, but his plug is smaller than my strapon, and it had been awhile since he’d had anything that big inside him.

He gasped as I pushed it in, panting as I filled him up.

I only gave him a moment to get used to it before I started fucking him. I started out a bit slowly, but quickly sped up, fucking him hard and fast.

The way he loves being fucked.

It didn’t take long before he tensed, moaning with his first orgasm.  And then his second.  When I reached down and started stroking his cock, he came again almost immediately.

It was so cute how into it he got.  I mean, he always loves being fucked, and he always loves being fucked hard and fast, but you could just tell how hungry for it he was this time.

Even being on his back, with his legs in the air, he kept trying to push back against me, wanting it deeper.

I pounded my cock into him over and over again, and he came over and over again, until he was practically growling and screaming as the tension kept building over and over again, and he did everything he could to fuck himself harder on my cock.

I’d told him to count his orgasms for me, and after the tenth, I finally pulled out and gave him a break, before putting the slender prostate massager in and fucking him to another two orgasms, before his hole just got too raw for him to take any more.

We’ll definitely have to work on his stamina.  When I have him gangbanged, he’ll be fucked to quite a bit more than 12 orgasms.

After that, I let him calm down a bit, then spent some time choking him, teasing him, and hurting him.

At one point, he went to get water, and he looked pretty unsteady as he got to his feet.  When he came back, I asked if he was alright, and he assured me he was.

As he was literally swaying.

Part of that may have been because I’d spent so much time cutting off his air, and part of it may have been because his wig had gotten unbearably tight.

And then, of course, there were the 12 orgasms.  That may make someone have trouble standing upright.

When I finally let him up to get dressed, I told him to keep the bra on.  I love the way he looks with it on.  It’s like he was born to wear one.  And I loved reaching under it to fondle him while we sat on the couch.

So I don’t have to be rough with him to treat him like the wanton little bitch he is.  And while he’s recovering from said issue, I’m going to turn my focus to his pussy, and getting him ready for the spitroast and the gangbang that are in his future.

One hell of a surprise

You know what’s really funny?  Scheduling a post to upload, and completely forgetting about it (including forgetting to finish it) until you see all the email notifications the next morning.  I’ve been a bit scatterbrained.

In other news, I’m out of Asheville and made the trip back to the bustling metropolis of Kernersville, North Carolina (population: 24,000).  But there’s reliable internet and air conditioning, and it’s reasonable to assume that, staying indoors, I’m safe from mosquitos and bugs eating me alive in the night.  So now I’m playing catch-up.  If you’re waiting for communication from me, I promise it’s coming.  Before I go to sleep tonight.

Yesterday was intense as fuck, and by the time I made it back to civilization, my first instinct was to find a way to get myself centered and balanced again.

I don’t know if any of you are aware of this, but there’s this adorable, awesome sissy I own, who is all kinds of awesomely awesome awesomeness.  From the very first text he sent me after I told him I’d finally finished with the hippies and was heading to a hotel for the night, he made me smile.

Before losing touch with technology, I’d given him an assignment.  I wanted him to fuck himself, and I wanted pictures.

This isn’t a unique assignment, I often have him do it.  I love the idea of something filling him up, and I’m a very visual person, and I love looking at porn.  So it’s not unusual for me to want pictures of my boys.  My very own personal porn stash, made just for me.

And Sounder has been fighting a cold, and wasn’t 100%, so I knew the pic(s) he sent me would be on the more mild side.

But hell, I wasn’t going to complain.  He’s fucking hawt, and seeing pictures of him naked or in lingerie, with something sticking out of him, never fails to make me happy.

I asked him about the pictures, and he told me that yes, he’d taken them, and asked if I was in a safe place for them.

Which immediately caused me to raise a brow.  He’d never asked that before.  But I shrugged that thought off and told him that I was alone-ish (my kid was in the room with me, but she was otherwise occupied), and that he could send them.

Over the next five minutes, my phone went off 9 times.  And literally, all I could do was sit there, staring at my screen, stunned, my jaw dropped.  I’m pretty sure I was drooling at some point.

Like, holyfuckingshit.

No, seriously, like holy.  fucking.  shit.

Three different toys, one outfit change, in three different rooms of his house.  Like, oh my gawd.

And every one was unbelievably fucking hot.  Like, I want to get them printed and frame these fucking things.

You guys don’t understand.  He even wore the bra I’d left him in one of the pictures.  Two pictures of him plugged, one of him sucking his massive dildo, three of him either on all fours or on his back, fucking himself with a slender blue vibe, and three of him squatting on the floor, fucking himself with the massive dildo, that was attached to the floor with the suction cup on the end (he told me that, because of the size, it’s much easier to manage when he can attach it to something and fuck himself that way, rather than using his hand to push it in).

It was beyond hot.  Like, holyfuckingshit.

He said, “I’m glad you like them, I figured you might need a distraction so I went a bit overboard.”

While he was still fighting a cold.

No seriously, I fucking love this girl.

The first picture he sent, one of the ones of him plugged, he told me he’d be comfortable with me sharing, as long as I blurred the background beyond recognition.




I love everything about it.  I love the way his back is arched, the way his ass sticks out, the way his posture accentuates his feminine curves, the way his hair (which he curled, himself) tumbles down his back, the way the plug peeks out from inside him, the contrast of the black lingerie against his pale, smooth skin (that I immediately want to bruise and mark up, as soon as I see it).

Jesus, there is nothing about this sissy that doesn’t just ooze fuckability.  No one would ever kick him out of bed.

This was the first picture he sent me, and as soon as I saw it, all I could do was suck my breath in a little and murmur under my breath, “Oh, Goddamn…”

So I know the position he’ll be in next time I fuck him.

Making Progress

I went over to Sounder’s today.  It’s been almost two weeks since he started taking the birth control, and I haven’t seen him in about a week, so I was excited to see if there were any noticeable effects yet.

I wasn’t really expecting much.  It is a low dose of hormones, and it hasn’t even been two weeks.  But I was cautiously optimistic.

As early as a few days after he started taking the pills, he talked about his cock not working as well.  Which was expected.  The estrogen would take awhile to build up in his body, but the progestin would start fucking with his testosterone almost immediately.

So he felt like there was definite shrinkage, as well as it not being able to get hard.  In fact, he mentioned that the only time he could get hard was when I would fuck with him via text.

And that’s a definite win.

He also mentioned the possibility of growth in his breasts, but because he sees it every day, he couldn’t be sure.  But he has gained 4 pounds in two weeks, so that certainly seemed promising.

So I pulled up to his house.  After chatting for awhile, I told him to take his clothes off.  He stripped down to his panties (sexy purple lacy ones), and I grinned.

Yes, there was definitely some growth there.  It was subtle, but there was a difference.

The big difference wasn’t so much the way they looked, but the way they felt.  Sure they were slightly bigger, and he said they felt heavy, but when I reached up to grab one, I was shocked at the difference.

Sounder is fit and athletic, with a sexy body.  In the past, when I’d touch his chest, I’d feel nothing but rock-hard muscle.  So it was an extremely pleasant surprise when I groped his tits and they were soft.  Just like a girl’s.

I spent some time playing with my fun new toys.  His nipples were still recovering from my abuse of them a week ago, so I was gentler than normal, but I just loved the way they felt.

I loved the way they moved when I touched them.  I loved the contrast between the hardness of his arms, shoulders, and abs, and the softness of his breasts.  After getting to know his body so well, it was a little odd to feel something so different, so quickly.  It was more than I expected, and I was beyond stoked.

It won’t be too long before I’ll need to take him to get his first bra.  Now that he has breasts, he’s got to take care of them.  I certainly don’t want them to start sagging.

Finally, I stepped back to look at the rest of his body, particularly at his waist and hips.  “I don’t really see any other differences,” I said, stepping around behind him.

“Well, those 4 pounds had to go somewhere,” he replied.

Again, it wasn’t so much about how his body looked, but how it felt.

I stood behind him, groping him, playing with his clit, running my hands along his body.  Then, I grabbed him by his hips, and immediately noticed a big difference.

Two weeks ago, his hips were lean and hard, just like the rest of him.  I would grab him, and I’d feel his hip bones.

Tonight was a completely different story.  They felt soft, just like his boobs, and there was probably a good half an inch extra there, giving him a more feminine, hourglass figure.  It wasn’t a big enough difference to see yet, but I could definitely feel it.  His hips had never been soft before.

And touching him there, exploring his new body, was so goddamn fun.  His butt looked a bit rounder, too.  A bit perkier.  I immediately wanted to hit it with things.

So, after touching him, stroking him, and fingering him for awhile, I told him to go upstairs, that I wanted him to put on his makeup.

And he’s really gotten good at it.  The only thing he needed help with was eyeliner, which is a massive pain in the ass even for people who have been wearing makeup for years (perfect example: I had to completely wipe mine off and start over twice tonight, and I’ve been wearing makeup 4-5 days a week for the last 15-ish years).

Oh!  But I found a woman here in town, a professional makeup artist specializing in mtf transformations.  I’m so excited, I am absolutely taking Sounder to see her.  I’m good with makeup, but I am not a professional, and I’ve only ever done mtf makeup on one other person, years ago.  Sounder could definitely benefit from an experienced professional.  And for an extra fee, she’ll teach us exactly how to do it, so we can recreate the look whenever.  I’m excited to make that happen.  And I think Sounder will be really surprised to see the difference between what a professional can do and what I can do.

Sure, he looks good when I do his makeup, or when I coach him how to do it.  But with a professional, he’ll look stunning.  I can’t wait.

So he did his makeup, then put on his wig and I just did a basic style, to keep it out of his face.  I need to take him to the salon to get the wig styled one of these days.

After that, he put on his sexy black lingerie, and I bent him over the bed and started spanking him.

I have a bullwhip, that I’ve had for a bajillion years, but haven’t been able to use in half a bajillion years.  I’m damn good with it, though.  My mentor taught me by setting up a row of dominoes on a table or bench, a couple of inches apart, with the different numbers on top, 1 through 6.

Then, he’d call out a number, and I needed to hit that domino, and only that domino.  At first, he started out easy, going in order from 1 to 6 or 6 to 1.  But then he’d make it harder, like wanting me to hit 2 and 4, then the odd numbers.

Still, he wouldn’t let me touch a person with the whip until I could do that consistently.

Which is awesome, and I’m grateful he did that, because it’s so much fun being able to do that.  I can hit the head of a man’s cock over and over and over again.

If I have enough room.  And while I technically can use it in Sounder’s bedroom, I have to stand right against the wall, which doesn’t give me the room to properly aim.

All the more reason to get a dragon tail!

I switched from that to my tawse, and then to the flogger.  And I really laid into him with the flogger.  For as light as it is, it can definitely pack a punch.

His ass was nice and red and warm by then, so I switched it up and fingered him, then fucked his ass with a dildo.

And really, y’all… He looks so cute, all dressed up, in makeup, with his sexy hips and even sexier tits, with a cock sticking out of his ass.  I seriously need to get him fucked by a real man.  Soon.

I haven’t really beaten anyone like that in awhile, and isn’t it weird how you forget how good something feels?  Especially with the flogger, I loved hitting him with it.

The rest of the world just melts away, and there’s nothing but that room, with me, my flogger, and the writhing boy beneath me.  There are no plans, no agendas, no goals, it’s just me beating on someone until they just can’t take any more.

It’s a seriously awesome feeling.

So I’m extremely happy with the effects of the birth control so far, and I am absolutely looking forward to watching his body continue to change.  When I’m done, he’ll be such a sweet, sexy, feminine sissy.

The Adventures of Bi Guy and Sissy Slut

For years, we had the same conversation, over and over and over and over again.

“I’m not bi.  It’s going to make me freak out.”

“You’re not going to freak out.  You’ll be fine.”

“Maybe I will, and maybe I won’t.  I admit that part of it turns me on, but I’m not bi.  I don’t know how I’ll react to something like that.”

I know how you’ll react.  You’re going to enjoy it a lot more than you think you will.”

“You might be right, but you might not be.  I might have a major freakout.  I just won’t know until it happens.  And if I cum, it’ll be even worse.”

“Then you won’t cum the first time.  You’ll be fine.”

“How can you possibly know that?  What makes you so sure?”

“Because I know you.”

I can’t count how many times we’ve had this conversation.  When we first met, forced bi was a hard limit for Kazander.  Over the years, it went from being something that completely disgusted him to something that was humiliating enough that he found the fantasy hot, but the idea of actually doing it was still not even close to being up for discussion.

Then, shortly around the time we started looking at cuckolding as a real option, and something that we felt we could go through with, the idea of forced bi came up again.

He was hesitant, and reluctant as hell, and we spent hours and hours and hours talking about it, but it finally officially moved off his hard limit list and became a soft limit.

It took another year to make it actually happen.  Part of that is because he doesn’t usually have the typical Sagittarius rush-into-decisions, risk-taking trait, but the Capricorn slow-and-steady, analyze-every-damn-thing-before-making-a-move trait.

And, completely off-topic, but when you factor in the Sag’s fear of commitment with the Cap’s need to take decisions involving commitment painfully slowly, you start to understand why I lost patience and bought him a ring and proposed to him after four damn years.  I’m an Aquarius, after all.  Arguably the least patient sign of the zodiac, depending on who you ask, and notorious for making broad, sweeping, life-changing, can’t-go-back decisions at the drop of a hat (and yes, I’ve done that repeatedly.  And I’ll probably do it again, which I’m sure my Capricorn boys will just love).  I don’t do slow.

So that was part of the problem.  And he was very concerned (justifiably so) about making sure he was in the right headspace for something like that.  I understand that.  It’s a big wall to climb.  It’s not something that was easy for him to do.

But the reluctance was the biggest part of the reason why it was so hot to me.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  Watching two bi or gay guys together is hot, and I’m way more into BDSM porn between two bi or gay men than I am into BDSM porn with two bi or gay women.

But it’s the reluctance, the forced part of “forced bi” that I love.  I love making a man do something he doesn’t want to do (and the topic of consensual nonconsent begs a post of its own).  Making a straight man do something with another straight man is not just sexy to me because it’s two guys, but because neither of them really want to do it.  It’s the ultimate rush of power for me.

Because I can tie a man down and do plenty of things that he doesn’t want done.  I can take his choice away, take away his ability to stop me, and that’s all well and good (and extremely hot, in its own right).  But with forced bi, there has to be action.  He has to actively submit, to choose to obey me, to choose to do something he really, really doesn’t want to do.

Which, for a straight man, makes it all the more humiliating.

So when I met Sounder, who listed himself as bi, that’s immediately where my mind went.  Then, I discovered that he’s not exactly bi, in that he’s not attracted to men and has zero interest in doing anything with men.  But his previous Mistress made him suck her boyfriend’s dick, and while he certainly didn’t want to do it, he did it to please her.  To obey her.

And he immediately had my complete attention.

So, not only did he have experience with forced bi, and knows he won’t react badly to it, but he’s reluctant as hell, genuinely doesn’t want to do it, and would be completely humiliated by it.


So I arranged for Kazander and me to go over to Sounder’s house, and Sounder would suck cock while dressed as a sissy, and Kazander would have his first real bi experience.

They were both nervous, but alcohol and small-talk took at least a little bit of the edge off.  And then I took Sounder upstairs to get him dressed.  Really, he makes such a pretty girl.

He was already wearing the panties and the stockings, as usual.  So I had him get the new lingerie he’d purchased (without being told to, by the way) and put it on.

And holy shit, y’all.  He looks fucking sexy in it.  I mean, he showed me a picture of him wearing it when it first arrived, and he looked damn good in the picture.  But the picture didn’t do him justice.

Next came the wig.  And I couldn’t help myself.  He was right there, in the room, dressed like that, and looking sexy as hell.  I reached into his panties and rubbed his hole with one hand, while teasing his cock with the other.

“You’re going to be a sissy cocksucker,” I told him.  “There’s no going back from that.”

He was rock-hard.

Once he was dressed, I took him into the bathroom to put his makeup on.  I only did the basic stuff.  I was in a hurry to bring Kazander into the room, to make him get a blowjob from a man (well, sort of a man).  I’d been wanting this for years.

Finally, Sounder was as ready as he was going to be, and I went down to get Kazander.  He came into the room, where Sounder stood, waiting, dressed in wig, lingerie, and makeup, and looked at me.

I could tell he was nervous.

It was adorable.

I told him to take his pants off.

He obeyed, reluctantly.  Slowly.  But finally, he was ready.  I pushed Sounder to his knees and told Kazander to sit at the edge of the bed.

As reluctant as Kazander was, Sounder was really reluctant.  Kazander’s had years of me working on him, preparing him for it.  Sure, Sounder had done it before, but never as a sissy, and it wasn’t all that high on his list of things he wanted to do, anyway.

I pushed him close to Kazander, and grabbed Kazander’s cock.  He was about to get his first blowjob in years, but he wasn’t hard.  Yet.

I knew a nice, warm, wet mouth would change that pretty quickly.  After all, at the end of the day, a man’s mouth feels exactly the same as a woman’s.

For a moment, I held Sounder there, between Kazander’s legs, rubbing Kazander’s cock across his face, drawing that moment out for a bit.  Because once I put Kazander’s cock in Sounder’s mouth, there would be no going back from that.  Kazander will have gotten a blowjob from a man, he would have taken pleasure, gotten hard, and been turned on by a man.  And Sounder will have taken his first major step toward being a full-on sissy.

Sounder was so reluctant.  He kept his eyes shut tight, his lips pressed firmly together, and I had to push him closer and closer to Kazander’s cock.

Finally, I told him to open his mouth.  Slowly, hesitantly, he obeyed, and I pushed Kazander’s cock into it.  They both sort of cringed at that moment.

It was adorable.

It didn’t take long for Kazander to start getting hard, and I pushed Sounder down on his cock until he gagged.  Then I pushed him down on it again.  And again.

Once he started dry-heaving, I let him catch his breath for a moment before urging him back between Kazander’s legs and letting him continue sucking.  That’s when I turned my attention to Kazander.

He was lying down, and I lied beside him, one hand on Sounder’s head, urging him to take it deeper, and started kissing and nibbling Kazander’s neck and ear, reminding him that he was getting his dick sucked by a guy, and he was liking it.

It was hugely, amazingly, unbelievably hot.

And when Kazander sat up and put his own hand on Sounder’s head, pushing him down, I thought I would cum all over the floor.  At one point, he even ran his fingers over Sounder’s back.  And mentioned that Sounder has a cute ass (and it’s good that he thinks that, since he’ll be inside it sometime down the line).

So someone is quite a bit more bi than they thought they were….

Hey, look at that, I was right.

Which is awesome.  Back when Sissy was around, we’d talked about the possibility of him subbing to both Kazander and me.  Which I had never thought was an option, until Kazander seemed quite interested in the idea.

And that opened up a whole new world of possibilities.  If he was willing to try Domming a boy with me, there were a million places we could go with that.

But it never happened with Sissy, and the mood passed, and Kazander lost interest in the idea.

So it’s definitely good to know that it’s an option again.  I think it’ll take some time for him to really get comfortable with the idea.  Alcohol played kind of a big part in how quickly he warmed up to it.  Sober, he might feel differently.  But it’s certainly more of a possibility now than it was two days ago.  That’s hugely exciting.  I think it could be a lot of fun to dominate someone with him.  It would be a pretty awesome bonding experience for the two of us.

And I was right about Sounder, too.  The entire day, he was a mess, worried about what he was going to have to do.  Although, as reluctant as he was to actually suck on a penis, it was more the significance of the act, and what it meant, that messed him up.  He was going to be seen dressed as a girl, on all fours between a man’s legs, a true sissy cocksucker.  It made everything we’d talked about feel more real.

Not that he doubted me before.  But it’s one thing to talk about how I’m going to turn him into a cocksucking whore, and another thing to actually do it.  Until now, it had just been harmless (he may not agree with my use of that word, but we’ll go with “harmless”) fantasizing and talking.  Actually being made to dress up in front of a man and take that first step was a whole different thing altogether.

But, as it turns out, it was surprisingly easy to be seen by another man while dressed up.  He had expected it to be rough, but it wasn’t.

And then, even the act of sucking Kazander’s dick was easier than he thought it would be.  Granted, he has done it before, but that doesn’t mean that he ever liked it, and it felt different this time, with the added element of the forced sissification.

But, as it turns out, he’s just a natural cocksucker.

What a surprise.

See this?  This is my surprised face.

So one is way more bi than he thought he was, and the other is way more of a natural sissy than he thought he was.

Double win for me.

Most of the pictures I took are just for me and my boys, not to be posted here.  But there is one I especially liked, and can share.


2016-02-01 18.21.04

They’re so cute together, aren’t they?