The 1,000 Stroke Challenge

So kazander and I were perusing through some random porn when we came across this long paragraph. He started to scroll past it, but it caught my eye and I stopped him. And the more I read, the more excited I got.

I think by the end I was slapping his arm and jumping around like I was having a seizure, shouting, “I wanna do that!”

So we started tonight. I unlocked the cage, did the challenge, turned him over for his maintenance spankings, and then locked him back up and put him away for the night. I’m so excited to do the whole thing!

So it’s called the 1,000 Stroke Challenge, and it goes like this:

On Day 1, the sub (or his Owner) gives his dick 100 strokes. He may edge, but he may not cum. If he needs to take a break (which isn’t likely on Day 1, but may be necessary as the challenge goes on) he may do so. The strokes may be spread all throughout the day, as long as he gets the required number without orgasm.

On Day 2, he receives 200 strokes. Day 3 is 300, and so on and so on, until he reaches 1,000 on Day 10.

And, if for whatever reason, he is unable to achieve the required number of strokes, then he must start over at 100.

He is allowed to cum once he reaches 1,000, but there’s nothing saying it can’t be a ruined orgasm.

I’m looking forward to the next few days…

Schedules and Responsibilities

I won’t be able to see the Nerd until next week.

140159His work schedule is crazy this week, and I’ve got a lot going on, myself, so it just won’t be able to happen.  And that’s a bummer.  It really is.

He’s so eager, though.  He really is.  He was texting me tonight while I was working, and asked if I had any free time after I got off.  He wanted to come over to suck on my strap-on for a little bit.

And dear God, it was tempting.

But kazander is working a lot of overtime this week, so he’s already in bed, asleep.  Which means the bedroom is off-limits.  And we can’t play in the living room and risk the spawn coming out and catching us.


I had to tell him no.  And it killed me to do it.

But on the plus side, today wasn’t completely kink-free.  I did a lot of edging with kazander.  I love the effect it has on him.  By the 19th edge, he was writhing and panting and squirming and begging for God-knows-what.  It was adorable.  We took a shower together before I had to log in for work, and he did a very thorough job bathing me.  I always love when he bathes me.  He’s so sweet, and gentle, and it really gets him in that servitude mindset.

Throughout the night, I edged him some more, and the more I did it, the more turned-on I got.  Kazander is a very strong, powerful man.  He tends to intimidate people, he tends to be in charge in pretty much every situation he finds himself in.  Even in his circle of friends, he’s the leader.  His own parents defer to him, and let him be more or less the head of the family.

But with me, that strong man is brought to his knees, and reduced to a pitiful, mewling, gasping little boy.  It’s so addicting.  And I love watching him writhe.  It’s such a sweet drug, and I’m completely addicted.

So I teased him relentlessly, mercilessly, because it’s fun.  Then, I sat on his face for a bit, because why not?

I gave him a ruined orgasm (by accident, I’ll admit… An edge went just one stroke too far, and he couldn’t hold back) and sent him to bed.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to see the nerd on Friday, and continue to work on breaking him and making him my bitch.  It really won’t be hard.  Not with him.  Not with how docile and obedient and eager he is.

I kinda love my life.