Changes an’ Such

A few things have changed. First of all, kazander and I got married in November. The venue was disorganized and awful, but we had a lot of fun. People still give us compliments on the ceremony. We happen to be friends with an awesome officiant (can we say “friendship discount,” everyone?), who is also a part of the local BDSM community. That’s how we met him, as a matter of fact. He’s also known us for almost as long as we’ve been together, so he knows us so well as a couple. Continue reading

And In Other News…

I know I haven’t been online in ages. Part of that is because my internet has been unbelievably, agonizingly, horribly slow. But mostly it’s because I’ve been laid up with a horrific tooth infection, and since my dentist is apparently the most sought-after doctor in the city, they told me the earliest opening was a couple of weeks away. But eventually my body fought it off and I’m happy again. Continue reading

Waiting Sucks

So it’s going to be a month before I can see Rocky again, and that makes me sad. It means I have to work on the patience thing a little more, and I don’t like that. But I guess there’s a reason for everything, and if I still like him as much in a month as I do now, then that’ll be a pretty damn good sign. And I guess it’s a good thing that we’ll have to wait so long. It gives kazander a bit more time to get used to the idea. He’s still not particularly enthused about it. I don’t think he will be until it actually happens and he finds out he actually likes it (which I know is going to happen). At least this way, he won’t feel quite as rushed into it. Continue reading

Well, That’s Frustrating

Well, kazander and I were supposed to meet with Spooky today, and he stood us up. So that’s frustrating. Obviously I won’t be speaking to him anymore. Now I have to start all over again and find someone else who fits what I’m looking for.

Kazander is relieved, I think. But I told him that this is only a temporary reprieve. I WILL find someone else who can give me what I want. I WILL make cuckolding a reality. And he WILL suck dick and bend over down the line.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe I’m being too specific in what I’m looking for. I don’t want a string of one-night stands, and I don’t want to have sex when kazander isn’t present. I want a regular “boyfriend” who would be more than willing to help me humiliate and abuse kazander in a variety of depraved ways. So the bull needs to be bi (or at least bi-curious), have at least a slight Dominant streak, and he needs to not be a flake. And, as I have discovered today, two out of three isn’t good enough.

Believe it or not, that list really does narrow down the list of possible applicants. But what I’m thinking I’m going to do is try within my own group of D/s friends. I used to go to a local munch every Friday, but we haven’t gone in months. Even if none of my friends are interested (I’m mentally running through my male Dom friends, and I’m pretty sure none of them are even remotely bi, and the vast majority are in exclusive relationships), maybe they’ll know someone who is.

And in the meantime, I’m still going to search online and see if there’s at least one bull here in Vegas who is real and not a flake. I know for a fact that real people exist on the internet. The internet is where I met kazander. True, I had to wade through a nipple-high sea of fakes and flakes before I found him, but it was definitely worth the effort. So I venture back out into that sea once more. Hopefully I’ll have more luck next time.

And, as a little bonus, kazander’s sister has agreed to watch the spawn tonight. It’s awesome because now I have all kinds of extra freedom to take out my frustration on kazander. Hmm, we haven’t done sounding in awhile, and kazander hates it, so I think that might just be tonight’s winner.

Patience is a Virtue

So hopefully kazander will meet Spooky this Saturday, although we still have to iron out the particular time. It’s tough trying to coordinate such different work schedules. But until we can, this cuckolding thing is on hold, and that doesn’t work for me.

Patience has never been one of my strong suits, I guess.

Kazander enjoys putting up a bit of a fight about this happening, but I’m starting to think he’s underestimating just how well I know him. I’m willing to bet money that he’s going to enjoy this much, much more than he thinks he is. He’s already admitted that the fantasy is hot. He just doesn’t know how well he’s going to handle the reality of another man fucking his fiance.

And that’s understandable, I guess. It’s not like he can just flip a switch and turn off the vanilla man in him(although, given enough time, I’ve become pretty handy at finding and flipping that switch for him). And, as we’ve both said before, we’re spouses and lovers first, Domina and slave second. Actually, do to the terrible quality of the love-making, maybe the “lovers” part shouldn’t be first. Oooh, but I found out that tightly tying a shoelace around the base of his dick does wonders. That’s an interesting little nugget of information to tuck away for when I need it.

But I digress.

So kazander is pretty reluctant to have this whole thing happen. Not only is the another-man-fucking-his-wife thing worrying him, but he’s not bi, and has never been the least bit interested in playing with other men. Too bad for him, that’s a huge turn-on for me. Watching him suck Spooky’s cock is something I’m definitely looking forward to. Watching him bend over to take Spooky’s dick is something I’m even more excited about. Kazander can protest all he wants, but that’s not going to change his future at all.

But none of this amazing, wonderful stuff can happen until the two of them meet.

So I’m stuck in this cuckolding limbo until we can coordinate everyone’s schedule and find a time for kazander and Spooky to meet and make sure they don’t hate each other, and that we can all get along and have a good time. Then, if that meeting goes well, great sex will soon follow!

Humiliation At Its Finest

So right now, I’m sitting at my computer, talking to Spooky on yahoo messenger, while kazander is lying on his back on the floor next to me, dutifully kissing and worshipping my feet, like the obedient little slut he is. Of course, I made sure to let Spooky know exactly what kazander is doing. It wouldn’t be nearly as deliciously humiliating for him if no one else knew. Continue reading

A New Day

So I’ve been living with my fiance/slave (I’ll call him kazander) for a few years now, and have recently decided that I’m going to cuckold him. He is less enthused about the idea than I am, but he doesn’t really have a choice.

Too bad for him.

I’ve already found a potential bull, and that’s exciting. I’ll call him Spooky. I’ve met him once for coffee, and had a great time. He’s bigger and much more skilled in bed than kazander is. Just because kazander sucks in bed doesn’t mean I should have to suffer. I deserve good sex, and if kazander can’t satisfy that urge, then I’ll find someone who will.

So hopefully this new bull works out, and we’ll be able to add a whole new dynamic to our relationship. The idea of humiliating kazander in that way is really hot. I can’t wait to see the look on his face as he’s watching me have sex with another man. And down the line, I fully expect kazander to participate in any way I decide, up to and including sucking the bull’s dick and bending over for him.