That’s dedication

So I told Sounder I wanted him to suck cock again.

I mean, this shouldn’t be news to anyone.  I always want a cock in his mouth.  The only thing I might want more is a cock in his ass.

Kazander’s got some switchy tendencies, and he’s always taken on a Dom role with Sounder in the past.  But lately, he’s been feeling extra subby (which honestly, I’m literally 100% ok with).  So he asked if he could take a more submissive role this time.

Let’s see, two submissive, reluctant men, doing what I tell them to, even though they’d rather not?

Yeah, you know, I think I could do that.

So Kazander and I went to Sounder’s house, and I knocked on his door.

And oh my God, you guys, he was so fucking hot!

He was wearing his corset, his sexy lingerie and high heels, with his makeup and wig.

I mean, I always think he looks hot when he’s dressed up.  He looks better than a hefty chunk of actual women.  But holy shit, you guys.  He really pulled out all the stops.

Like, damn.

So we got there, and usually, there’s been a little bit of small talk beforehand.

But I’d been waiting for this to happen for too long.  I didn’t want to wait any longer.

So I sat on the couch, with Kazander next to me and Sounder on the floor in front of us.

And I still love that first moment, right when Kazander’s cock goes into Sounder’s mouth.  That reluctance, that teensiest moment of hesitation before he gives in and obeys me, I love it.

I was nice, though.  I wasn’t going to draw it out like last time.

Well, maybe “nice” isn’t the right word.  The blowjob was just the first of the night.  After that, Kazander was going to go home and I was going to do various other things to Sounder’s body.

So I didn’t want the blowjob to take a long time.  I didn’t want it to be the main focus of the night.  It was just going to be the appetizer.

So it didn’t last long.  Less than five minutes.  And then, Kazander shot his load down Sounder’s throat.

It was so pretty.

After Kazander left, I wrapped my arms around Sounder.

“See?  That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

And that’s when he told me he’d pulled something in his abdomen, and that the pain was killing him.

“When did that happen?” I asked, confused.  While Kazander had been there, he hadn’t seemed like he was in any pain.  Although he was definitely in pain now.

“Right after it started.”

Meaning the blowjob.  But he didn’t want to cheat me out of my fun, so he endured it and sucked Kazander off anyway.


He didn’t have to do that.  And it meant so much to me that he did.

We ended up spending the rest of the evening on his couch, cuddling and watching TV.

But the next day, when I commented again on his commitment, and he said, “That’s not a badge of honor you wear in public.”

Um, what?

I’m pretty sure lots and lots of guys would love to know that there’s a sissy out there, who is so committed to giving head, even excruciating pain won’t stop her.

Like, yeah.  The public needs to know.

One thought on “That’s dedication

  1. Gary says:

    Ms, I seem to be hearing more and more of this lately, one trend I see occurring is Dominant Women asking men for favors in exchange for blow jobs, but since many Women understandably consider giving one to be demeaning, they simply delegate the task to a male sub or slave. A win/win/win for the Woman

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