Discreet play

One effect of having a kid is that you have to learn to be creative with play.  I can’t make Kazander strip down to his panties and lead him around by his collar while she’s around, and since she’s as much of a night owl as I am (it’s currently 11:30 at night, and she just came back out to ask about a book she was reading.  She’s showing exactly zero signs of tiredness), it can be even more difficult to squeeze some quality playtime in there.

So we’ve learned to improvise.  We’ve learned how to be discreet and opportunistic.

And I figured I’d put together a list of things we’ve done, ideas we’ve had, in case anyone else has experienced this same problem.  I’ll undoubtedly come back and add more to it as time goes on.  If you have any other ideas for discreet play, let me know in the comments!

  • I do the cleaning at home, and one of my favorite things is to put Kazander in chastity, then wear some nice lingerie (my kid has seen me naked, in my underwear, and in lingerie so much, that it’s not out of the ordinary for her to see it) and “accidentally” drop something right in front of him while he’s sitting on the couch.  Teasing him and making him give my ass a quick kiss while I’m wiping down the coffee table is a great way to remind him of his place in the relationship.
  • Make him wear lacy panties.  The more over-the-top feminine, the better.
  • Never underestimate the power of a butt plug.  Especially one that’s remote-controlled.
  • If you’re sitting on opposite ends of the couch, stretch your foot out and use his cock as a footrest, occasionally wiggling your foot or adjusting so he doesn’t get too used to it.
  • Make him draw you a bath or make you some tea or coffee.  Something small and easy, just enough to remind him that he’s your bitch and does what you tell him.
  • If he needs a bigger reminder, send him to Walmart to buy himself a pair of panties.  Only a pair of panties, and he cannot use the self checkout.
  • Alternatively, send him to an adult bookstore to get something embarrassing.  I like the Titan Men Anal Stretcher, but any prostate massager, or anything insertable with a picture of a man on the box will work, too.
  • A shibari harness under his clothes is another good way to provide a constant reminder of his position.  You can find a tutorial for a basic shibari harness here, with my sexy sissy posing for me.  It’s simple enough that it won’t be seen under a T-shirt, but you can reach out and grab the rope through the shirt, and have a little bit of fun with him.
  • Movie theaters and restaurants are great places for the occasional grope or pinch.  If you’re in an empty movie theater, make him edge once during the movie.
  • While he’s taking a shower, go into the bathroom and make him masturbate while you watch.
  • Make him give you a footrub, or teach him how to give pedicures and make him give you one regularly.
  • Back rubs and neck rubs are great, too.
  • Come up behind him while he’s cooking, doing dishes, making coffee, etc, and wrap your arms around his waist, grabbing his cock and squeezing just a bit.  Just enough to make him flinch.  Then walk away like nothing happened.

One thought on “Discreet play

  1. collaredmichael says:

    My Queen will sometimes flash me. If the kid is downstairs I’ll serve as her TP when she pees. She has me wear the zapper and zaps me at random times. If the kid is around at a zap, I explain away my reaction as my “bad knee” or as workout soreness.

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