I mean, seriously?

I generally think I’m a pretty lucky person.  So often, it seems like the entire goddamned universe comes together to give me exactly what I want, exactly when I want it.

But I’ve had a pretty nasty run of luck the last few years with having shit stolen.  I’ve had my purse stolen, my ukulele and ferrets stolen, and we’ve had the kids living with us at the time go through and steal every dollar bill in the house.

Which sucks, but it happens.

And now there’s something else to add to that list.

I had coffee with a friend Monday night, and as kink is a popular topic, and we often end up comparing toys, I took my toybag with me.  I ended up staying late, and I was still dealing with the tail end of a cold, so when I got home, didn’t feel like bringing the toybag inside.

So I just left it in the car.  No big deal, I’ve done it plenty of times before.

Tuesday, Kazander needed some work done on his car, so he took mine to work.

Wednesday, I was going over to Sounder’s house.  I went out to grab my bag, to check that I had everything I wanted to bring with me.

Except my bag wasn’t in the car.

Well, Kazander must’ve brought it inside before he drove to work.  So I went in to grab it from the bedroom closet.

Except it wasn’t there, either.


I texted Kazander, asking if he’d taken it out of the car.  He hadn’t.

So I must have just missed it somehow.  I went back out to the car.

It still wasn’t there.

What the hell?

I looked around.  Then I looked one more time, just for good measure.  When Kazander got home he went out to look himself, just in case I was like, high or blind or had lost my mind or something.

But it stubbornly stayed missing.

At some point between Monday and Wednesday, my bag was stolen out of my car.  I have no idea when.

But dude, I’d give my left tit to see the look on the asshole’s face when they open it up and see what’s inside.

Of course, what’s inside is like a thousand dollars worth of shit.  Sex toys are not cheap, m’kay.  I had a couple of Aneros plugs, some glass dildos and plugs, a Rabbit, a Feeldoe, an E-stim kit, a handmade leather bullwhip, flogger, urethral sound kit…. dude, so much stuff.

This shit is not going to be cheap to replace.  And pretty much every toy I own was in that bag.  I’ve got to start almost from scratch.

So that’s a bummer.  I’m not thrilled about it.

First on my list is a new strapon harness.  I need to be able to fuck my sissy whenever I want.  And interestingly enough, I was just talking to Sounder about how I needed to get a larger dildo to use with him.

So at least there’s that.

But I’m definitely ready for this streak of bad luck to be over.


6 thoughts on “I mean, seriously?

  1. kinkyandperky says:

    Man, that sucks – sorry to hear that. I guess scour eBay, if the thief has any sense of its value.

  2. collaredmichael says:

    Stealing sex toys—that’s pretty low!! Good chance the replacements will be better though. Not a big plus but a plus!

  3. furcissy says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. Good quality toys are definitely expensive 😦
    I hope things make a turn for the better.
    Take care.

  4. Mrs Fever says:

    You may want to check with your insurance company. Full coverage auto policies often have contingencies for replacement cost on loss of personal property.

    If not (or, also) – if you own your home, your homeowners policy might cover your loss, provided your car was parked on your property at the time the bag was stolen.

  5. Carly Quinn says:

    I agree re car insurance, crossed fingers. As a parent who never has a single dollar bill anywhere to be found, I commiserate. what a crappy run of luck.

  6. Michael Behr says:

    Sorry to hear that. But I’d also give something to see the look on this guys face. Must’ve been quite awesome. I hope that someone was there, took a photo and puts it on Facebook and Instagram.

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