After-work quickie

Alex clenched his jaw as he drove home from work. It had been a frustrating day, and he wanted to be able to relax and get his mind off of it.

He turned the corner, onto his street, and his heart plummeted to his toes and skipped a beat when he saw his Owner’s car parked outside his house.

All thoughts of work were instantly far from his mind.

He knew what this was, he’d known it was coming, and he knew what would be expected of him.  Forcing his body to obey him, he pulled into the garage as his Owner got out of her car.

As expected, the passenger side door opened as well.  A strange man got out, and together, the two of them walked into the garage.

“Hello, slut,” his Owner said cheerfully.  His face flamed at the pet name, at her using it within earshot of someone else.  She was showing restraint, she always did when there were others around, but he knew her well enough to read the giddiness in her eyes.

“Hello, Mistress,” he replied quietly.  Her being giddy usually meant difficult and degrading things for him.

She approached him and hugged him tightly, and he could feel the excitement radiating off of her.

“My friend wants to use your mouth.  Let’s go inside.”

The casual, matter-of-fact way she said it was jarring in and of itself.  She could’ve been talking about what she had for lunch.

“I ate a club sandwich, and you’re going to eat a stranger’s cum.”

His heart was racing as he led the way into the house.  He was acutely aware of the unfamiliar presence behind him, walking beside his Owner, as they walked toward the door.

He fumbled with the keys.

“Having trouble, little girl?” she asked playfully, her hand on his lower back, sliding down and groping his ass.  “A little distracted?”

Somehow, he managed to get his door unlocked, and the three of them went inside.

He’d barely closed and locked the door before she was behind him, pushing him against it.  Quickly, she unfastened his pants and slid them down, exposing the women’s panties underneath.

“See?” she asked the man with her.  “I told you he wears them every day.  He’s such an obedient bitch.”

“His ass looks damn sexy,” the man replied.

“Doesn’t it?  It’s so perky.  Feel it.”

Alex lowered his head, his face hot with embarrassment, as he felt unfamiliar hands on him, roaming across his body, sliding underneath his panties, dipping between his legs.

But then, his Owner grabbed him by the arm and turned him around.

“Get on your knees, slut,” she ordered.

Wordlessly, he knelt down, cringing as he heard the unmistakable sound of a pants zipper.  He kept his eyes down, not wanting to look at what was in front of him.

He should’ve known better.  “Look at it,” his Owner said, lifting his head up.  “Look at what’s going in your mouth.”

Reluctantly, he forced his eyes up, his stomach tying itself in knots when he saw the hard, dripping cock only inches from his face.

He felt his Owner’s lips on his ear as she crouched behind him, firmly holding his wrists behind his back.

“Open your mouth, little girl,” she murmured.  “He’s going to fuck it.  And when he cums, you will not swallow until I say you can.”

His body almost seemed to act on its own, obeying her command as the cock was pushed into his mouth.

The man wasn’t gentle.  But then, Alex hadn’t expected him to be.  He held Alex’s head with both hands, thrusting deep and hard into his mouth.  Even when Alex gagged, he didn’t stop.  And his Owner kept a tight grip on his hands, keeping him from struggling.

Thankfully, the man didn’t last long.  His thrusts became more frenzied, his grunts more animalistic, until he plunged his cock into Alex’s mouth, as deep as it would go, moaning as his cock pumped Alex’s mouth full of cum.

Alex wanted nothing more than to be allowed to swallow, but obediently waited, hoping she’d be merciful and wouldn’t make him wait long.

“How does it taste?” she asked.  She moved closer, whispering into his ear, only loud enough for him to hear.  “You’re a cum dumpster,” she told him, the softness and gentleness of her tone a stark contrast to the words she said.  “Nothing but a pair of holes for real men to fuck.  Get used to the taste of cum, little girl.  This is the first of many.”

Her hands roamed across his chest, pulling him back against her.  “Swallow,” she commanded.

Relieved, he obeyed her, shutting his eyes tight as he forced his body to comply.

“That’s my girl,” she whispered approvingly.  She held him against her a moment longer, her arms wrapped around him, then suddenly released him and pushed him hard.  He fell forward, onto his hands and knees, as she rose to her feet.

“Come on, let’s go,” she said to her companion.

And they left, without another word to him.

26 thoughts on “After-work quickie

  1. collaredmichael says:

    A plan for Sounder? Hot story.

  2. S.R. Taylor says:

    love it, especially the ending.

  3. candicejune says:

    That’s enough to flood ones basement at work lol

  4. Princess Aria says:

    Hi there as a fellow Domme I must say that I absolutely love your blog and after discovering it in February I’ve been enjoying reading your posts (both the past and present ones) ever since. I meant to v=leave this comment on your “Femdom Vs. Maledom” post but my comment wouldn’t post correctly but here it is: I had a few questions and comments about your opinion on some things. 1) What do you think is the general percentage of submissive males (in comparison to switches or maledoms) ? I’ve read from a large scale study that its 66% but other studies say its 30% or 50% roughly. The more biased members of the kink community (who disapprove of male submission) like to claim that its “only a mere 9%” but I know thats absolute BS. I’ve also recently browsed various kink conversations on Reddit and one conversation about male submission (that I believe took place on the Ask Men subreddit) over half of the posters either identified as subs or switches and even a few of the maledoms of the page said that-hypothetically- if their girlfriend asked them to turn the tables as be submissive to her although they are not into being submissive they would still submit to her to make her happy. Other maledoms said that they were open to submitting to a woman but had never met a woman who was into it or could overpower them as they wanted. I also have noticed that in some conversations on femdom communities sometimes female subs and male doms will enter the conversation and often derail it to make it about them (it possibly might be unintentional though) and lastly I’ve noticed that images of male submission, men being tied up or images of men “in states of helplessness” have a very earthy erotic, sensual and heavily lusty vibe whereas images of female submission, in contrast, often look kind of “forced” or rather less erotic and “trying too hard” and somewhat less sensual and sexual overall (again I don’t mean to sound biased but the overall aura of male subs vs. female subs when captured in bondage is often a bit different in its vibe, at least from my point of view). What is ?your take on all of this?

    thank you and I hope your’e doing good

    • Gguy says:

      Aria, love Your thoughts here!

    • Domina Jen says:

      Hi, I don’t know what’s going on, my blog is just randomly labeling some comments as spam, and I’m not even seeing them unless I go specifically to my comments page, which I rarely do. But at least it posted here.

      Thank you for the kind words about the blog!

      I’ve seen a number of studies and polls ranging everywhere from 8% to 66%. There’s one particularly comprehensive study I linked to recently that said something like 66% of men have entertained submissive fantasies or have bottomed or would submit to a woman. In my experience, I would say that’s about accurate, but the numbers get skewed because so few submissive men go to munches or are active in the local kink community. But yes, I do believe there are more exclusively submissive men than there are exclusively Dominant men, and the number of switches… I honestly have no idea, but I’d guess the number of switches is higher than both.

      There are good and bad eggs in every group. I admit I’m kind of biased against male Doms, but I also recognize that it’s my bias, and a lot of female Dommes out there are straight up creepy and crazy, so it’s not much better.

      I think the problem with Dominants in general is self-confidence and self image. A frightening number of them are just remarkably insecure, and that causes a host of problems in both MaleDom and FemDomme relationships.

      In the MaleDom world, it manifests as being insecure in one’s masculinity, along with a mindset that submissive=feminine and Dominant=masculine, and feminine/submissive is inherently inferior to Dominant/masculine (this is not exclusive to male Doms, but that’s who we’re talking about now). Because science, the vast majority of men have at least entertained the idea of being submissive. To normal Doms, this is no big deal. To insecure Doms (of which there are many), they see this as a weakness in themselves. Therefore, in order to satisfy their insecurity, they must be ubermachosuperultra Dominant Manly-Man, every second of every day.

      These men see submissive men and Dominant women as a threat to their own masculinity, and are therefore either derisive and snide or openly hostile. And these are the kind of men who go on the forums to and make it all about them. I personally don’t pay them much attention.

      As far as the images, I agree with mrfire that it’s a matter of taste. I’m primarily attracted to men, so I usually prefer seeing pictures of men. But women do have an exquisite beauty to them, especially in photos of shibari. When I’m with women, though, I tend to be more sensual, so images and videos that don’t reflect that don’t really appeal to me.

      That being said, I’m usually not a fan of FemDom porn, either. I look at gay BDSM porn almost exclusively, with a hefty bit of forced bi thrown in. So I’m not really an accurate judge, lol.

      • Coyote from Orion says:

        I am sure that your bias as a judge would be something most people would prefer and appreciate

  5. Gguy says:

    Jen, nice story, I see several interesting points here
    1) the level of confidence that the Woman has that he will do as he is told
    2) the subs desire to please his owner even if it is not pleasant
    3) the sub has offered no resistance and accepts his fate, only hopes to be allowed to swollow quickly
    4) a role reversal, where a male becomes the cum dumpster, I term that is derogatory, and has been at times placed on Women

    • Domina Jen says:

      Thank you. I’m actually confused at your comment, though, and it might just be that I’m misinterpreting it. But you said those were interesting points, which I assume implies that you think they are uncommon or out of the ordinary.

      1. Yes, and as this is based on me and Sounder, it’s the confidence I have in his obedience. But it’s the same confidence I have with every sub I collar. I expect to be obeyed. 24/7. Unless there is a specific and legitimate reason why he cannot or should not obey me.
      2. This is somewhat less common, but in no means rare, among submissive men. To many, it’s actually kind of the whole point. If submitting meant submitting only when you felt like it, it wouldn’t mean anything.
      3. This is a part of the same mindset as number 2. There may be specific situations in which a struggle is encouraged, but other than that, I’m not sure what the alternative would be. That he would disobey her and swallow immediately? That he would spit it out?
      4. This is also common, particularly in forced feminization, which is what I do with Sounder. It’s very common for male submissives to be called bitch, or whore, or a number of humiliating and derogatory terms typically placed on women.

      So I’m not sure what the alternative to these points would look like.

      • Gguy says:

        Jen, thank You for Your reply, I guess the points I were making were simply the parts of the story that made it so good!

      • Domina Jen says:

        Ah, okay. Lol, I was confused. But I’m glad you liked it.

      • Gary says:

        Jen, one more thing that I can’t get out of my mind is that the mysterious male in the story has done You some sort of favor or something and You are repaying him with Your subs mouth … very cool

  6. Coyote from Orion says:

    Might be another case of ‘he made his bed now he better lie in it’

  7. mrfire says:

    It seems to me, the sub would have to have a great deal of confidence in his Mistress overall but specifically in her judgment of the reliability and honesty of other men in order to do that thing with a man who is a complete stranger to him. I’m certain you never would make Sounder take a man bareback whom you could not yourself trust totally.

    Per Aria’s comment above, some of it’s just a matter of taste, but, though I’m a dominant man, most maledom porn doesn’t do anything for me either (though I do know women for whom it does). But when a woman is kneeling before me, fully willing and ready to please; my heavens that is hot.

    • Domina Jen says:

      Yes, it would require a great deal of trust and confidence on the part of the submissive and a great deal of reliability and dependability and integrity on the part of the Domme.

      But I personally kinda have trust issues. There are exactly three people on this planet I would trust with the safety of my subs (and, incidentally, two of them are my subs). Sounder cannot be fucked with a condom, and giving head with a condom defeats the purpose of the cum dumpster thing, so every man who touches him will need to be STD free.

      And yeah, I’m not taking anyone’s word for it.

      I require physical, paper copies of STD test results dated within the last 12 months, with the guy’s driver’s license, so I know they’re actually his results. I’m not even remotely fucking around with Sounder’s health.

      And he knows that. He’s been mine for…. wow, almost two years, now. He has that confidence and trust in me. He knows I’m going to push him, I’m going to fuck with him hard, but I’m going to take care of him. Knowing that allows him to free up his mind to just experience what I do to him.

      Sounder doesn’t need to know the guy, and even I don’t really need to know him all that well. But I’ll need to know that.

      Yeah, FemDom porn doesn’t really do it for me, even though I’m a Dominant woman. The women in those videos tend to be too screechy. And my favorite, Claire Adams, is retired (I think). She very rarely raised her voice, and never got shrill or screechy, and she was the master of mindfuckery. I loved watching her. Have yet to find someone I like as much as her.

      For me, I watch forced bi (and forced femme, those two often overlap), forced gay, and gay BDSM. That’s my go-to.

      • mrfire says:

        Thank you for your very thoughtful reply. I’m very happy you are so careful with your subs, and I am glad also you are able to communicate your care to them. I have major trust issues of my own so I really do feel your pain on that. Not wrong to make a fellow you are going to use for the fantasy to show paper, and it probably does help if you get to know the guy well; certainly well enough to know he will not become tempted to become abusive. Certainly there is an interesting fantasy trope, for a domme to say to her slave, “Anyone I feel safe to put inside me, you should be ok to suck him or anything else I want you to do with him,” but it doesn’t really work unless the sub knows her well enough to trust not just that she has good intentions, but also sound safety practices. Also I do not recall if I said this yet, but the story was truly great. I think you could write that kind of fiction for a living if you were so inclined and sufficiently prolific.

      • Domina Jen says:

        True. Although for me personally, as I have literally zero interest in piv sex, that trope doesn’t really fit.

        And I’m actually not hugely worried about the abusive part, either. I can absolutely handle myself against the average guy. And if for whatever reason I can’t, Sounder is a honest-to-God, legitimate badass. Like, I didn’t know people like that still existed. He can absolutely handle someone who thinks it would be an easy situation to take advantage of.

        But I’m actually a pretty good judge of character, so I can usually tell within… I dunno, ten minutes of meeting someone if I could trust them in that sort of scenario. Back in the day I had vanilla sex with men I’d known for less time than that.

        You kinda have to be able to read men like that when you’re a woman, and it helps in situations like these. If I get a predatory or rapey or boundary-crossing vibe from a guy, that’s not something he can hide, and obviously I wouldn’t trust him in a situation like that.

        But honestly, even then, I’m more worried about Sounder being arrested for putting the dude in the hospital than I am of Sounder being hurt.

  8. Coyote from Orion says:

    Does he ever make a point of thanking you, without being prompted, for all the thought you give to him? You must go to a lot of effort for him when you aren’t with him. You give a lot to the relationship. I hope you have a fantastic week Miss Jen x

    • Domina Jen says:

      With words? Not really, neither of us are big on that sort of thing, and he’s definitely the strong, silent type. But he absolutely shows it, he goes to a lot of effort to please me, and he gives a lot to the relationship.

      He shows his appreciation and his affection through his dedication, his loyalty, his selflessness, and his constant striving to give me everything I want. He works hard to make me feel appreciated.

      So yes, he does make a point of showing his appreciation, without being prompted.

      • Coyote from Orion says:

        That’s fantastic. Thank you for such a thorough explanation. Obvious really. Of course. Am so glad you get the appreciation you should. You are a fantastic communicator though

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