Someone’s back on pills…

Can you guess who it is?

Go on, take a guess.

It’s Sounder!  He’s back on birth control pills!  Yay!

And just like last time, there have been some wonderful changes in a very short amount of time.

Most notably, his breasts have grown.  Again.

Like, a lot.

Like, it’s getting to the point where they’re pretty damn noticeable even under his clothes.

I mean, they’ve been noticeable under his clothes for awhile, but only if you were looking for it, and only when he moved a certain way.

I remember the first time I noticed was back when he was taking the pills the first time, and we’d gone out for drinks after he got off work.  He was wearing his boy costume, his work clothes, and looked like a man.

But at one point, he turned and stretched a bit, and I saw the curve of his breasts under his shirt.

And goddamn, it was fucking hot.

But literally no one else would ever have noticed that.  I noticed it because I think I can safely assume I’m more familiar with his current body than anyone else alive (other than him, of course), and I notice things like that.  Also because I was aware of the fact that he had breasts, and was looking for little hints of them.

And I mean, they’re not huge.  I couldn’t really notice a difference in looking at him head-on.

But when I touched them, the difference was unreal.

When I first met him, his entire body was hard and muscular.  Two months of the pills before had softened his breasts and added… I don’t know, half an inch or so to his hips, giving him a subtle, feminine curve.  In fact, he’d gained four pounds while he was on them.

There wasn’t much change to his hips tonight, but his tits are growing much faster than I thought they would.

Which is fucking awesome, m’kay.

I grabbed them and was flat-out stunned by the size and softness of them.  A month ago, I could grope him and get about half a handful.

Tonight, I groped him and got more than a handful of sexy sissy tit.

Like, holyfuckingshit, that’s so fucking hot!

He, of course, preferred to pretend that it wasn’t that noticeable.

“Maybe they’re not actually bigger,” he said.

“Well, it’s either that or my hands have shrunk.”

“That’s always possible.”

He’s adorable when he grasps.

But no, they’re growing.  I really noticed the difference when I looked at him from the side.  His stomach, abs, hips, everything is flat.  And once upon a time, his chest was pretty flat, too.

Yeah, that’s not the case anymore.  It’s subtle, but it’s damn sure there.

So he’s going to need to start wearing a bra soon, and not just when he’s dressed in his girl clothes.  I don’t want his tits to start sagging.

I’ll be nice, though.  His work shirts can often be on the thin side, so we’ll stick with plain flesh-colored (or colored to match whatever shirt he’s wearing) sports bras, that won’t be seen through his clothes.

Eventually, if he’s going to keep up the boy facade, we’re going to need those chest binders that ftm trans men wear.

But I’m happy.  If they keep growing like this, he won’t ever need breast enhancements.

And of course, his cock still doesn’t work.  At this point, it’s safe to assume that it probably never will again.

So the only way he can cum is from prostate stimulation.

Which is unbelievably, amazingly, wonderfully awesome.  He’ll never be able to cum like a man again.  He’ll never be able to fuck a woman again.


There’s one thing I love even more than the physical changes, though, and that’s the effect it has on his mannerisms, and the way he moves.

It was something completely, wholly unexpected.  Nothing I read about even hinted at this kind of change.  I noticed it before, and was just blown away by it.

I don’t think I’ve ever consciously registered the way men and women move/writhe/squirm/whatever when they’re being teased before.  It wasn’t until that night, watching him writhe as I held the wand to him, that I realized there’s a big fucking difference.  Suddenly, every girlfriend I’ve ever had, every girl I’ve ever played with flashed in my head.  And yes, there are similarities in the way they moved.  And yes, Sounder now moved like that.

He arched his back like a girl, he ground his hips like a girl, he even started whimpering like a girl, the longer I went on.  Over the months that I’ve played with him, I’ve gotten very familiar with his body.  I could tell immediately that he was moving differently.

And hell no, I didn’t expect that.  That’s not a physical change, like breast growth or rounder hips.  That’s a mental, physiological thing.  Nothing I’d read about the effects of the birth control mentioned anything about that.

It wasn’t subtle, either.  At first, I thought for a minute that he was doing it on purpose, to please me.  But the more I teased him, the more I realized that no, this was natural and completely unconscious.  He wasn’t even aware of it.

The only thing I can think of is that the hormones are affecting his brain chemistry in some way.  I mean, no one teaches a girl how to move like that.  It just comes naturally, because she’s a girl.  Maybe his mannerisms are becoming more feminine because of the increased levels of estrogen and decreased levels of testosterone.

Maybe?  I don’t know, it shocked us both.  But I freaking love it.

As obvious as it was back then, it was even more obvious tonight.

We were sitting together on the couch, him naked, watching TV.  He really is so sexy when he’s naked, and I had been playing with Tammi Lynn off and on the entire time we’d been sitting there.

But then, with a subtle thrust of his hips, I was immediately turned on.  I reached down, rubbing his p-spot.

Within minutes, he was gasping and squirming on the couch, his legs spread wide, writhing and moaning.

And once again, I was struck by the difference in the way he moved.  The way he arched his back, the way he thrust his hips, the way he moved his legs, I wish I’d recorded a video of it, so he could see it for himself.

That was my first thought, actually.  It was so hot, the way he moved, my mind immediately went to wanting others to see him move like that.  Writhing in my arms, whimpering so sweetly as his pleasure mounted.

Soon, desperate and hungry to cum, like the slutty sissy he is, he put his hand over mine, wordlessly begging me to bring him to the edge.

And when he came, his back arched, he moaned loudly, his hands clenched into fists, it was so fucking hot.  I wanted to do it again.

So I did.

Yeah, I definitely want to do that to him in the middle of a crowded room, and let everyone watch him move like a girl.

Beyond fucking hot.

13 thoughts on “Someone’s back on pills…

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    Wonderfully told

  2. collaredmichael says:

    I admire his bravery!! These are huge steps.

  3. greg says:

    So hot to read, must be amazingly hot to experience

  4. Coyote from Orion says:

    Can you be sure he isn’t stealing any and taking more than he should, on the sly?

    • Domina Jen says:

      Reasonably sure, yes. Partly because he wouldn’t be able to get them anywhere else.

      But mostly because he’s just not that kind of person. Neither he nor I are big fans of deception and lying, and he’s never been dishonest with me. It’s just not in his character.

      • Coyote from Orion says:

        Remarkable. You’re amazing. Watching The Running Man. Set in 2017-19. Quite eerie in a sense. I can’t say I would trust my cat as much in the food cupboard. Then again I have had bosses who laughed at my cat. My cat never cheats though. Some bosses have squirmed when I pointed out this fact to them. Females manage most environments so much more effectively

  5. thesecretheart says:

    God, what a lovely story. As you know, I share some of those things – but it is so very hot to read, and to imagine you doing all that, and well, him living all that too! xx

  6. Coyote from Orion says:

    He must have a lot of fun with you

  7. explorer3000 says:

    you are amazing!!!!!!

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