What are you searching for? Part 2

So I figured it was time to update my list of favorite search terms that led people to my blog.  Because really, it’s entertaining as hell.

My husband wears a chastity cage how often should I let him come?  Um, never-ish?  Never-ish sounds good to me.

Guide to female led relationship 2016.  There’s a guide?  Where is this guide?  Why have I not read this guide?

My wife won’t give me the key to my chastity.  Oh you poor dear.

Benefits to a flr with male chastity.  Kind of a lot, actually.

Femdom limerick.  That’s new.  But I actually do have one of those.

Sissy really wants real big tits but is afraid of hormones.  Implants, dear.  Outpatient surgery.

BDSM Dominants vs narcissists.  Oooh, this is actually a really interesting topic.

Why put your man in chastity.  Why not?

Reasons to chastity your husband.  So effin’ many.  Seriously, so effin’ many.

Can wife make you cum in chastity?  Sure she can.  But why?

Turning me into their cocksucker.  Sounds like a fun weekend.

Should I let her put me in chastity.  YES.

Why a husband in a chastity device is better.  So many, many reasons.

Femdom polygraph.  Wait, what?  I can honestly say those are two words I didn’t think would ever be put in the same sentence.

How grave is the evil of female led relationships?  Super evil.  Like, with a cape.

Fuck pinktober.  I agree.

Are Femdom women man-haters?  No more so than any other kind of women.

I am attracted to submissive men.  You too?

Make him wear a chastity cage on my period.  Why limit it to just then?

Fermented ginger figging.  OOOOH!!!!  Sounder, this sounds like fun!!  Doesn’t this sound like fun?

Do women like pegging?  Hell yeah we do.

I think my husband’s cock cage is sexy.  Right?  Cock cages are seriously sexy.

Cum smoothie for wife.  Dude… Wtf?

If I put my husband in chastity will he listen to me?  I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.  What was the question?

How many men wear chastity devices.  A lot.

Should I buy my husband a cock cage.  Hell yes, you absolutely should.

Sissy forced to take birth control pills.  Hey, I have one of those.

Best forced bi femdom on internet.  Oooh, when you find that, let me know.

A bitch in wife led marriage.  Hey, I’m one of those.

Beg for my tampon femdom.  Umm…. that’s different.  But hey, YKINMKBYKIJF.

Dom wife beats my sissy ass every day.  Lucky slut.

Evil Domina.  *evil grin*

Looking for amateur femdom to humiliate me online.  Is that like a pro, but doesn’t get paid?  Yeah, good luck with that, bro.

Jen yoga hotwife,  Dude, why do these searches keep bringing me to the blog?  I don’t think I’ve done yoga a day in my life.

Turn ons for a Dominatrix.  Submissive, slutty, eager, obedient little subbies who squirm pretty when I do mean things to them.  And a heartbeat.

12 thoughts on “What are you searching for? Part 2

  1. furcissy says:

    Thank you, Miss Jen for sharing this with us.

    I’m laughing my ass off and this really helped my mood tonight.

    It was a close three horse race, but this was my favorite:
    “How grave is the evil of female led relationships? Super evil. Like, with a cape.”

    Take care and thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    Hope you’re going well Jen. Hoping things are set to improve for you.

  3. Mrs Fever says:

    I have Edna in my head now (from The Incredibles</i) saying, "NO CAPES!"

  4. Coyote from Orion says:

    Best wishes Jen. Thinking of you and hope this weekend is a good one for you. Heaps happening here. Good fortune be upon you 😻🙀💛

  5. Yeah, ‘with a cape’ had me cracking up like a crazy lady on the tube. Loving that mind of yours! x

  6. […] tried taking inspiration from Domina Jen’s hilarious What are you searching for? and What are you searching for? Part 2 posts but sadly, my search terms end up being rather dull with the exception of:  “feather […]

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