4 thoughts on “It’s a car?!?!

  1. stupidone says:

    You make me remember my youth and many pleasurable times spent in the back seat of a car. I spent many hours going down on girl friends in the back seat. Yes, back in the early 1950’s the girls loved getting their pussies licked. It was the best birth control available then.

  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    It’s a fact that nearly all panel beaters these days only know anything about painting from painting their missus’ toenails. Nothing annoys me more than taking a car to a beater and having some jumped up nancy boy going on about my motor and the paint job he’s going to do like I am going to deflower him on it after I am done. It is a car and needs to be driven. Much like the women other guys think they own. You never what a car can really do until someone else is driving it. Nothing better than a hot purring engine

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