Would you fuck this sissy raw?

One thing I love about my sissy is how artistic and creative he is.  This shows in the unbelievably sexy pictures he sends me.  Like the most recent one, which he sent last night.  He’s in such a sexy, provocative, inviting pose, I just can’t resist imagining pounding him until he begs me to stop.  And with a picture this sexy, it would be greedy for me to keep it to myself.  I need to share it with the world.



Look at how sexy he is. Tell me you wouldn’t want to pound his ass until he’s nothing but a whimpering, squirming, writhing little puddle of sissy cockwhore.

3 thoughts on “Would you fuck this sissy raw?

  1. explorer3000 says:

    Super Hot x 1000:)))))))))——————–

  2. explorer3000 says:

    so nice of you to share……………….

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