Fun homework assignment

So brutally and mercilessly humiliating Sounder is one of my favorite pastimes.  Like, it’s tons of fun.

Like, obscene amounts of fun.

And I got to thinking about how common it is among some circles for men to name their junk.

So, in a totally natural thought progression, I came to the conclusion (as one does) that Sounder’s clit needs a name.  Because he’s a greedy, eager, slutty whore.

Of course, I can always make things worse.


*Evil grin*

Now, I knew he wouldn’t half-ass this assignment, but all the same, I decided it would be fun to give him some wonderful motivation.


*Evil, maniacal laughter*

I couldn’t wait to see what he’d come up with.

Of course, he didn’t disappoint.  And he actually put quite a bit of thought into it.  He figured there were two different paths he could take.  He could go with something “cutesie,” like the example I gave him, or he could go with something remarkably slutty.

Wanna take a guess as to which path my darling cockslut took?  Since he’s such a slutty little sissy?

Did you guess slutty?  Because he totally went with slutty.

Is it bad that I was weirdly proud to hear a form of my name, and the name my mom still calls me, “Jenny,” on that list?

And want to take a guess which name he went with?  Go ahead, guess.

Tammy Lynn.

Squee!!!  I love it!!

Although now that I think about it…


As a side note, you guys have no idea how much How I Met Your Mother influenced my life.

And, while they’re talking specifically about “ly” as opposed to “li,” I think it applies to any other name that traditionally ends in y.

Because you can’t convince me “Jenni” doesn’t look dirtier than “Jenny.”

The same holds true with Tammy and Tammi.

I definitely like Tammi Lynn better.  It’s a very feminine, fitting, humiliating name for Sounder’s little clit.

10 thoughts on “Fun homework assignment

  1. Mrs Fever says:

    Why is it that nobody names their not-covered-by-underthings body parts? People fail to name their ears, for example. Or their wrists. Ankles, knees, necks, noses… There is a veritable treasure trove of anatomically un-nicknamed parts.

    […pondering…] 😉

  2. collaredmichael says:

    My Queen decided “her penis” should have a name and she chose “Angus”. I would never have bothered with a name but now am getting used to it. We occasionally speak about Angus in front of people and there’s a delicious thrill in the subtext that exists and that no one listening knows.

  3. Marci says:

    “The artist formerly known as Johnson”

  4. Coyote from Orion says:

    Tammi Lynn would be like a teenage girl out all weekend living hard and constantly wasted. I don’t think Tammi Lynn would have ever seen underwear? Imagine those bedsheets on her

  5. […] time she came, she looked down to Tammi Lynn, tucked away in her […]

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