Rope bottom?

Some of my readers may remember a post talking about a rope class I took at Sadie’s house, in which I was paired up with a sweet, sexy little thing with a love of Star Wars and a body that looks amazing when tied up.

She was someone that I’d seen around, but hadn’t ever spoken to before that night.  I didn’t know anything about her.  I found out that night that she’s a lesbian, which immediately piqued my interest, and there was some mild, subtle flirting, but that was it.

This is a bit of a tangent, but it’s always a bit on the awkward side for me, whenever I meet a submissive that I’m attracted to, and can see myself doing wicked, vile things to.  For one, I don’t know their orientation, or if I’m even the gender they’re interested in.  Then, I don’t know if they’re available (or what the policies are in any given relationship or event regarding what I’m allowed to say/do or how I’m allowed to interact with owned subs.  Part of the reason why I’m so annoyed by those needlessly complicated rules).

So I don’t know if they’re into my gender, if they’re available, or if they’re interested in me, specifically.  I mentioned before that my general demeanor is to be extremely sexually aggressive.  This is a habit I curb around people I don’t own, for obvious reasons.  I, unlike some Dominants (I just heard about another one the other night, and was even more shocked to discover that this asshole’s actions were actually defended by a Domme I’ve known and respected for years, and that she was actually angry at the sub for protesting the unwanted and unwelcome touch.  It’s not my habit to take the words of other people as unequivocal truth, but that certainly gives me pause, and if I find out that the teller of the story — someone who doesn’t seem like the type to lie or exaggerate in the first place — is telling the truth, makes me lose basically every shred of respect I ever had for this woman), prefer not to be a sexual predator, and go around molesting and sexually assaulting people who don’t want me to touch them.

Silly me, I know.  I guess in some circles, you’re not a true Domly Dom/me unless you grope people without their consent to show how Domly you are.

But even if that means I can’t hang out with the “cool kids,” I’m not going to get aggressive with someone I don’t know, who may not want it.  Even if they’re interested in me, I don’t know what they like, what they’re comfortable with, or anything like that.  So there’s a bit of awkwardness as I shut down that part of my personality, and try to figure out how to act.

This sub (we’ll call her star) seemed open to it, and I found out she was interested in women, and she was absolutely fucking adorable, but I still didn’t know anything about her, so I held back, and our interaction that night was vanilla (except for me tying her up, of course).

And I haven’t seen or spoken to her since.

Until I received an email a couple of weeks ago.  I saw the nickname and immediately recognized her.

She asked if I’d be interested in her bottoming for me at future rope events, or anything else if my subs aren’t available.

And she immediately had my attention.

I emailed her back, told her I’d absolutely be interested in Topping her, and if she was looking to bottom at events exclusively.  She replied that no, she wasn’t looking only at events, just that she’d like to get to know me better.

Um, hell fucking yes.

We arranged to grab dinner one night, to chat and get to know each other a bit.  And I enjoyed chatting with her and hanging out with her.  It was a true testament to my willpower that I kept my hands off of her the whole time.

Pinning her against my car and shoving my hand down her pants was a hugely appealing idea, but not knowing how comfortable she’d feel with something that public-ish, I gave her a hug instead.

I wanted to do things to her.  So the next thing was to spend some time with her in private.

Which we did a few nights ago.  We met at a Starbucks and sat outside, chatting some more, when I happened to glance down and saw that her arms were covered in goosebumps.

“Are you cold?” I asked her.

She shrugged.  “A little bit.”

“Well, let’s head back to your house, and warm up.”

We drove to her place, she handed me a beer, and we sat down in her living room, chatting again.  And the more we talked, the more I wanted to make her squirm.

As it turns out, we have quite a bit in common regarding our desires for BDSM, and shared the same frustrations.

I love playing with women.  But the biggest deterrent has been that many of the bisexual submissives I’ve spoken to have still been a bit closer to the straight side than the gay side, and preferred their same-sex play to be more impact-focused, rather than sexually focused.  And the very few lesbians I’ve spoken to have enjoyed the sexual aspect, but weren’t quite as into penetration.  There was just too much I couldn’t do with them.

It’s something that star has also expressed frustration with.  She made the comment that she’s struggled with finding a Domme who was into penetration.

She said, “I just want to be used.”

You know, I’m reasonably sure I can accommodate that.

So finally, I had her sit next to me and asked if I could touch her.  Moments later, I had her top and bra off, and we were making out on her couch.

And really, she squirms so pretty.  I wanted the rest of her clothes off.

We moved to the bedroom, I had her take off her pants, and bent her over the foot of the bed, groping and fingering her, occasionally reaching up to pinch and twist her nipples.

And holy fucking hell, y’all, she looks amazing when there are things inside her.  I love it.  She’s sexy as hell, she squirms so pretty, she makes amazing noises when I hurt her or pleasure her, and I can’t wait to play with her again, and do more than finger her.

And isn’t it convenient, I’m going to get that chance on Friday, at a play party.  It’ll be awesome, having the chance to do more with her.  I’m seriously looking forward to it.

9 thoughts on “Rope bottom?

  1. little one says:

    Mmmmm… lucky little sub! And might i just say that i am envious as fuck?!? 💜

  2. explorer3000 says:

    You lucky Ladies :)))))))))))))—–

  3. Sara Elise says:

    Oh my.. my mind reels picturing this all!

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