Do men read fiction?

Novels, specifically?

Statistically, they don’t.  Women read novels way more than men do (and yes, I am aware that Stephen King, James Patterson, and John Grisham are telling me to eat shit right now.  That’s alright, they can do that).

I’ve always been a writer, and my most recent project has been a FemDom novel that I wanted to self-publish and sell.  Twenty-five thousand words into a 50-or 60 thousand word manuscript, it occurred to me that statistically, men aren’t big on reading novels.

Since about 80% of my followers are men, it stands to reason that a FemDom novel won’t be in absurdly high demand.

An anthology of FemDom short stories, on the other hand, is something men may be more likely to read.

Well, Jen, why not do both?

Because writing is labor-intensive as fuck, and I can only do it late at night when the kid and Kazander are asleep, and I have no interruptions to worry about.

That 25k-word manuscript is just a rough-ish draft, and I’ve already spent almost 300 hours actively working on that.  On top of that, I’ve completely written myself into a corner, and should I decide to save it, I’d have to trash at least 5,000 words (and that’s a very conservative estimate).

That’s doable, of course.  I once trashed 20k of an 80k-word manuscript for that same reason.

But I’m not writing just for shits and giggles right now.  I’m writing for a profit.  And spending another three or four hundred hours on something that won’t sell just doesn’t strike me as tons of fun.

I want to find out if this is worth the effort before I spend a few hundred hours working on it.

So here’s what I did.  I took one of the scenes from the novel, a short erotica scene, and self-published it.  You can buy it here for $2 USD.  You can use any device to read it except a Kindle, from what it says, including a PC and Mac.

I was originally going to sell it for a dollar, because it’s short and I’m literally just doing this to see if it sells, and humor while I apologize for upping the price.  But these publishing sites take a percentage, and I would’ve made an entire penny for each copy sold.  Remember, I’m trying to see if I can make a profit.  At least this way, I make a whopping 91 cents for each sale.

But because I’m in a generous mood, at the end of a week, I’m going to donate whatever I make to that gofundme page I posted a few hours ago (she’s vanilla, though, and I don’t know her personally, so we’re going to do that anonymously.  She doesn’t need to know where the money comes from).

I’ve been there, just after the first miscarriage scare, when they said I could either sit in bed all day, every day, or lose my baby.  I wasn’t worried about the medical expenses.  Hospitals are pretty flexible when it comes to payment plans.  But things like insurance, car payment, phone bill, and groceries aren’t great with payment options.  Especially since Kazander and I were still a new thing, I had no idea how he’d react to suddenly having to support me AND pay my medical bills.  I lucked out, but other people aren’t so lucky.  That’s terrifying, and I can relate to the stress that family must be feeling.

And let’s be honest, here, because I’m all about the honesty, and I’m a terrible salesperson.  If you’re not willing to pay $2 for a piece of smut, you probably won’t be willing to pay $5 for ten pieces of smut.  So I’d be in the same boat I’m in now.

If you’re interested and would likely purchase a collection of erotic stories, buy it.  If not, then don’t.  The level of interest here will determine whether or not I spend the next couple of months up to my nipples in fun, offensive, imaginative smut.

18 thoughts on “Do men read fiction?

  1. James says:


    Can’t imagine how I’ve missed your blog until now but I’ve been very pleased to make its acquaintance over the past week or so. A dominant woman who doesn’t take herself desperately seriously, writes like an angel and has an encouragingly lax attitude towards the consumption of alcohol would have ranked highly among my fantasies when I was twenty. Thirty years later, it still does, on reflection.

    The ‘writes like an angel’ bit is the reason I’m intruding on your space here, in fact. If the book you’re writing is anything like as amusingly, fluently and (usually) sparely put together as your blog, stick with that, would be my advice. As one who writes for a living, I can tell you that short stories are an appallingly difficult gig to sell – there aren’t many Guy de Maupassants around any more and I’m not sure that even he’d make much money in 2016.

    This particular man reads novels by the bucketload and I’d have to say that on this side of the Atlantic at least, the weightier tome still does pretty well with both men and women, be they ever so dominant or submissive! Besides which, if I’m any judge, your imagination and expertise would only be confined and restricted by the discipline of a bunch of shorter tales. Let it all out, I say.

    I shall gladly part with a few coins for the War and Peace of smut, which is what I’ll be expecting from you.

    Kepp up the good work, by the way. Entertaining and stimulating is a rare combination for any blog and yours sticks out like a poppy in a cornfield among most femdom examples of the genre.



    • Domina Jen says:

      Aww, thank you for the kind words, and welcome to the blog! I think any type of fiction would be difficult to sell, but that’s only speculation.

      I did notice when chopping up that scene, that there was a lot I felt bad about taking out. I adore the characters and the character development that would’ve been fitting in the first sex scene between those characters in a novel just didn’t work in a stand-alone story.

      So maybe trying to fix the novel might be worth the effort. It’s something to think about.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion, and I will definitely take what you’ve said here to heart.

      • James says:

        It was a pleasure and I’m really glad to hear that you won’t abandon the magnum opus just yet.

        We’re definitely still waiting for a truly first-class femdom novel, with believable characters doing both believable and unbelievable things with and to each other.

        I’ve read an awful lot of garbage that masquerades as femdom fiction and I’ve also found some that aren’t bad but still left me thinking: “What if…?”

        Two of the better ones (now quite dated, I guess), which I don’t know if you’ve seen, are The Story of R, by Gaia Servadio, and Obsession, by Maria del Rey. The first, translated from the Italian, was written as a direct femdom response to the Story of O and is interesting and readable, if a little heavy on the Gothic castle/Hungarian countess style theme at times. Obsession, which is one of the Nexus classics, is more modern in its setting and has some wonderfully erotic moments, but is also not without its flaws. Both at least have their heart in the right place and I’d recommend them as a far superior alternative to some of the pap that’s all over the place at the moment.

        With my wife/mistress away on business for a couple of weeks, I find myself turning to them for some solace just now. As I say, they aren’t perfect by any means but that’s just my opinion. Be interested to know if you or any of your followers have a different one?



  2. doomedsaint says:

    …what an enjoyable little read with morning coffee. Aaannnd how i wish to be a subby boy instead of girl…

    • Domina Jen says:

      Thank you! Although I do want to say, the Domme character owns a sub girl, as well, and I’ve written a couple scenes between the two of them.

  3. I think people would buy it, I see plenty on kindle.

  4. And because i faled to mention it, I use createspace to self publish, and just found a sight called lulu. Those might help. Create space is amazon based.

    • Domina Jen says:

      I used lulu, and it was pretty simple and straightforward.

      • Create space is about the same, though they don’t offer hard back books. Which is why I find lulu. I’m a nerd that way and thought it would be nice to a book in hard back. Though I think create space may be the better of the two

  5. Polthus says:

    Love this story, Ma’am. I’m going to be a quite distracted for the rest of the day now…

  6. thechastecyclist says:

    Finally had a chance to buy and read this on the plane this morning. I didn’t really care if the lady beside me could read my phone or not. Very well done!

  7. Steve says:

    I support the novel idea. It seems that once you read a short story it just gets good and then its over. I read a lot of chris bellows novels. He goes to extreme bondage and I love the stories that include feminization that is forced and the stories with body modifications like forced piercings. Just my 2 cents. Thanks, Steve

    • Domina Jen says:

      Thanks for sharing. Based on the feedback, I may have misspoken about the potential demand for a novel. It’s definitely something to keep in mind.

  8. neal says:

    How about an audio book? I have a recurring fantasy about you reading me a story….

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