What happens when you combine a regular, unassuming coin with some tiger balm?


This fucking awesomeness, right here.

I went to Sadie’s tonight, and she had just heard about an ancient Chinese healing technique called “coining.”

She’d never heard of it before, but she researched it and, being the sadist she is, fell in love.

Hearing her talk about it made me, the sadist that I am, fall in love.

So after a class on abrasion play (my shopping list just quadrupled in size, btw) she handed me a big, fancy Chinese coin.

Coining is actually a legitimate healing technique that is said to release toxins from the body, just like fire cupping. And as you can see, it leaves fantastic marks, that supposedly stay for days.

Kazander is not a masochist. But even he said there was very little pain involved, and the pain he did experience was minor.

But to look at his back, you’d think I wailed on him. That picture was taken about 20 minutes after I’d finished, and really the picture doesn’t do it justice (I couldn’t get the color to look accurate in my camera).

It’s soooo pretty. And soooo much fun to look at.

If you’re interested in learning how, I definitely recommend finding a professional to teach you. But as far as edgy BDSM play goes, this is on the safer side. All you do is rub tiger balm (or icy hot, or whatever) on a sub’s back, and then use repeated firm downward strokes along the back, moving away from the heart. There are youtube videos of it everywhere. One professional assured a vlogger that it’s safe for pregnant women, elderly, and children (although in the US, people have been reported for child abuse after seeing the marks. I’m not kidding, the picture doesn’t do it justice. If I saw that on a little kid and had no idea it was a relatively painless ancient healing technique, I’d call the police immediately).

It’s often used in conjunction with fire cupping, and Kazander said it was rather relaxing, and felt like a massage. Sure some areas began to hurt after a minute, but he was completely stunned when I showed him the pictures of his back, and he realized how dark the marks are.

He said, “It didn’t feel like you were doing anything.”

So coining. Lots of awesomeness. Yet another technique to add to my arsenal.


8 thoughts on “Coining!!

  1. thechastecyclist says:

    It looks intimidating but your description along with Kazander’s input makes me want to try it!

  2. Fascinating! Now I’ll have to look this up because I love me some tigerbalm, but I’ve never seen this! Thank you!

  3. Exposed Loving says:

    Yes! This sounds sadistically yummy…thanks for sharing.

  4. stupidone says:

    I first witnesses this coining 2 years ago when i found my Viet Nam neighbor unconcious in his yard. His wife after i told her to car for a ambulance, came out with a bottle of vaseline and a quarter and started to told me to help get his shirt off him, and then she started to rud the coil along the shoulders and down the spine. With amazement i saw him come around in jst a few minutes, and was alert and knew where he was and what was going on.

    • Domina Jen says:

      That’s pretty wild. Supposedly it does wonders for fevers, headaches, fatigue, all kinds of body pains, etc. We didn’t do it for its healing effects, and Kazander is a bit of a skeptic, but even he mentioned feeling a bit more energy the next couple days.

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