Movie Night

Watching the movie Trainwreck with Kazander, my best friend, and her husband.

About 30-45 minutes in.

Kazander (to me): Did they write this movie about you?

My best friend: Oh my God, I was just going to ask if they had channeled her spirit animal or something. It’s uncanny.

Me: I don’t smoke pot.

Her husband: Well they had to take creative license with some things.

Apparently I had a “look.”

Kazander: Don’t be mad, we’re kidding.

Me: Actually, I think… I think I’m flattered.

BFF: Yeah, that’s not surprising.

2 thoughts on “Movie Night

  1. candicejune says:

    We almost watched that last night. I guess we need to. But I have no idea what is about.

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