Making Progress

I went over to Sounder’s today.  It’s been almost two weeks since he started taking the birth control, and I haven’t seen him in about a week, so I was excited to see if there were any noticeable effects yet.

I wasn’t really expecting much.  It is a low dose of hormones, and it hasn’t even been two weeks.  But I was cautiously optimistic.

As early as a few days after he started taking the pills, he talked about his cock not working as well.  Which was expected.  The estrogen would take awhile to build up in his body, but the progestin would start fucking with his testosterone almost immediately.

So he felt like there was definite shrinkage, as well as it not being able to get hard.  In fact, he mentioned that the only time he could get hard was when I would fuck with him via text.

And that’s a definite win.

He also mentioned the possibility of growth in his breasts, but because he sees it every day, he couldn’t be sure.  But he has gained 4 pounds in two weeks, so that certainly seemed promising.

So I pulled up to his house.  After chatting for awhile, I told him to take his clothes off.  He stripped down to his panties (sexy purple lacy ones), and I grinned.

Yes, there was definitely some growth there.  It was subtle, but there was a difference.

The big difference wasn’t so much the way they looked, but the way they felt.  Sure they were slightly bigger, and he said they felt heavy, but when I reached up to grab one, I was shocked at the difference.

Sounder is fit and athletic, with a sexy body.  In the past, when I’d touch his chest, I’d feel nothing but rock-hard muscle.  So it was an extremely pleasant surprise when I groped his tits and they were soft.  Just like a girl’s.

I spent some time playing with my fun new toys.  His nipples were still recovering from my abuse of them a week ago, so I was gentler than normal, but I just loved the way they felt.

I loved the way they moved when I touched them.  I loved the contrast between the hardness of his arms, shoulders, and abs, and the softness of his breasts.  After getting to know his body so well, it was a little odd to feel something so different, so quickly.  It was more than I expected, and I was beyond stoked.

It won’t be too long before I’ll need to take him to get his first bra.  Now that he has breasts, he’s got to take care of them.  I certainly don’t want them to start sagging.

Finally, I stepped back to look at the rest of his body, particularly at his waist and hips.  “I don’t really see any other differences,” I said, stepping around behind him.

“Well, those 4 pounds had to go somewhere,” he replied.

Again, it wasn’t so much about how his body looked, but how it felt.

I stood behind him, groping him, playing with his clit, running my hands along his body.  Then, I grabbed him by his hips, and immediately noticed a big difference.

Two weeks ago, his hips were lean and hard, just like the rest of him.  I would grab him, and I’d feel his hip bones.

Tonight was a completely different story.  They felt soft, just like his boobs, and there was probably a good half an inch extra there, giving him a more feminine, hourglass figure.  It wasn’t a big enough difference to see yet, but I could definitely feel it.  His hips had never been soft before.

And touching him there, exploring his new body, was so goddamn fun.  His butt looked a bit rounder, too.  A bit perkier.  I immediately wanted to hit it with things.

So, after touching him, stroking him, and fingering him for awhile, I told him to go upstairs, that I wanted him to put on his makeup.

And he’s really gotten good at it.  The only thing he needed help with was eyeliner, which is a massive pain in the ass even for people who have been wearing makeup for years (perfect example: I had to completely wipe mine off and start over twice tonight, and I’ve been wearing makeup 4-5 days a week for the last 15-ish years).

Oh!  But I found a woman here in town, a professional makeup artist specializing in mtf transformations.  I’m so excited, I am absolutely taking Sounder to see her.  I’m good with makeup, but I am not a professional, and I’ve only ever done mtf makeup on one other person, years ago.  Sounder could definitely benefit from an experienced professional.  And for an extra fee, she’ll teach us exactly how to do it, so we can recreate the look whenever.  I’m excited to make that happen.  And I think Sounder will be really surprised to see the difference between what a professional can do and what I can do.

Sure, he looks good when I do his makeup, or when I coach him how to do it.  But with a professional, he’ll look stunning.  I can’t wait.

So he did his makeup, then put on his wig and I just did a basic style, to keep it out of his face.  I need to take him to the salon to get the wig styled one of these days.

After that, he put on his sexy black lingerie, and I bent him over the bed and started spanking him.

I have a bullwhip, that I’ve had for a bajillion years, but haven’t been able to use in half a bajillion years.  I’m damn good with it, though.  My mentor taught me by setting up a row of dominoes on a table or bench, a couple of inches apart, with the different numbers on top, 1 through 6.

Then, he’d call out a number, and I needed to hit that domino, and only that domino.  At first, he started out easy, going in order from 1 to 6 or 6 to 1.  But then he’d make it harder, like wanting me to hit 2 and 4, then the odd numbers.

Still, he wouldn’t let me touch a person with the whip until I could do that consistently.

Which is awesome, and I’m grateful he did that, because it’s so much fun being able to do that.  I can hit the head of a man’s cock over and over and over again.

If I have enough room.  And while I technically can use it in Sounder’s bedroom, I have to stand right against the wall, which doesn’t give me the room to properly aim.

All the more reason to get a dragon tail!

I switched from that to my tawse, and then to the flogger.  And I really laid into him with the flogger.  For as light as it is, it can definitely pack a punch.

His ass was nice and red and warm by then, so I switched it up and fingered him, then fucked his ass with a dildo.

And really, y’all… He looks so cute, all dressed up, in makeup, with his sexy hips and even sexier tits, with a cock sticking out of his ass.  I seriously need to get him fucked by a real man.  Soon.

I haven’t really beaten anyone like that in awhile, and isn’t it weird how you forget how good something feels?  Especially with the flogger, I loved hitting him with it.

The rest of the world just melts away, and there’s nothing but that room, with me, my flogger, and the writhing boy beneath me.  There are no plans, no agendas, no goals, it’s just me beating on someone until they just can’t take any more.

It’s a seriously awesome feeling.

So I’m extremely happy with the effects of the birth control so far, and I am absolutely looking forward to watching his body continue to change.  When I’m done, he’ll be such a sweet, sexy, feminine sissy.

6 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Hapa says:

    Your “nowhere to hide” intensity and presence are rare traits.
    Keep doing what you love because I love what you do!


  2. Very nice, update glad to hear the pills are having the desired effects

  3. Sara Elise says:

    i’d never thought about birth control pills having much of an effect, thank You. Wow, something new to fuck with my mind… sara

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