Computers are evil

Aren’t computers grand?

I found out that Kazander’s guy is able to get everything off my old computer.  It’s only taking him ten goddamn years to do it, and I’m antsy and restless waiting for it, but at least I’ll get it at some point.

But then I got to spend the better part of the evening dealing with the fun problems with my new one.  All of a sudden, it decided to test how frustrated I can get without slamming it against the wall.

I hate those damn software updates.  One “harmless” little update, and my computer had a goddamn seizure, and I spent the better part of three hours trying to solve one problem after another.  And then, when I finally thought I’d gotten it all fixed, my WiFi suddenly disconnected, and I couldn’t get it to reconnect again.  The WiFi protocols on my computer were all fucked.


So after an hour and a half, and a million Google searches, and doing everything I could think of, I only had one choice.  I had to reset my computer.  But luckily I didn’t have to do a factory reset, so I kept all my files and stuff.  I just needed to reinstall Skype and Microsoft Office.

Problem solved.  Yay……

But in other news, I found out that my kid is a massive Terminator fan today.  And seriously, she’s some special kind of fucked up.

Kazander was watching the movie, and when the spawn and I walked into the room, she was fascinated by the naked man on the screen, and “Why is he naked?  How did he travel in time?  Why didn’t he take his clothes with him?  What’s he doing?  Why does he look so grumpy?  Why was he mean to those people?”

And when the second naked man showed up, she was transfixed.  She and I were looking at her books, and not really paying attention to the TV (or so I thought), until that scene where the Terminator is beaten to hell and repairing his arm, then standing in front of the mirror looking at his fucked-up face.

She glanced up at the gross arm shot and said, “Daddy, what’s he doing?”

Kazander told her that he was fixing his arm, and that she shouldn’t watch it, because it’s scary, and to pay attention to the book instead.  And I pulled her attention back, and life went on.

Until she saw the gross missing-eye scene, and asked about it again.  And again, Kazander told her not to watch it.  She said, “Why, Daddy?  I like it.”

Which immediately made me start laughing, because that’s pretty funny, and my kid is literally the weirdest person I’ve ever met.

So the scene ended, and I figured, what the hell?  We’ll let her watch the movie.

And she seriously sat there, on the couch, curled up with her stuffed dog, sucking her thumb (in those rare moments that she wasn’t asking what was going on, and why the robot was chasing the lady, and every damn thing that was going on), completely engrossed in this movie.

I had to run out for a minute, and was going to take her with me, and she asked me if we could pause the movie so she could finish watching it when we got back.

When we got back, she finished watching it, and I realized that Terminator 2 was coming on immediately after, and asked if she wanted to watch that, too.  Of course, she was stoked, and just as engrossed.

And her reaction when she found out that the Terminator was actually the good guy was fucking priceless, y’all.

I’d forgotten just how violent those movies get, though, so when she started dozing off and asked me to pause the movie again, I paused it, then “accidentally” deleted it once she fell asleep.  She may have been fine with it, and she fully grasps the concept that things on TV aren’t real, and are not the way real people act, and all that stuff, but that was just a little to much for my comfort level.

She’s still four years old, after all, and while she’s smart as fuck, she still has the brain of a four-year-old.  A four-year-old doesn’t need to see all that stuff.  There are enough other movies out there that she can get behind.

But she wants to watch all the Terminator movies now, which is amazingly fucking awesome.  I haven’t seen them in years, so I’ll definitely learn from my mistake and screen them before letting her watch them, but I was proud as fuck to find out that my daughter is a Terminator fan.

One thought on “Computers are evil

  1. Kid’s gotta love’em

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