Birthday Conversations

I miss my 20s already, but today was a fantastic start to my 30s, and I’m looking forward to an awesome new decade, and sharing it with the boys who made me smile today.


With Kazander, at dinner

K (with the winning Quote of the Day):  I just don’t know how to take you eating your drink with a fork.  You look ridiculous.

Me: Your face is ridiculous.

K: I’ll remember that when you want oral later.

Me: Remember it all you want.  You’ll still do what you’re told.

K: (Grinning) I’ll do what I’m told, Mistress.

With Steel

Me: Don’t worry, little slut.  If you ever start toeing the line between “delightfully smart-assy” and “bratty,” I’ll be quick to let you know.

S: Of that I have no doubt, Ma’am… I am delightfully scared of you.

Me: As you damn well should be.  And that’s something you don’t have to worry about, either.  If I ever sense that fear fading, I’ll be quick to remind you why you should be scared of me.

S: Yes, Ma’am…

With Sounder

Me: I need batteries for the vibrating egg, though.  When I take you out in public, I want to turn it on at random times and watch you try not to react.

S: You know I’ll be bad at that.

Me: I know.  That’s why I’m so excited to do it to you.

S: I would certainly enjoy it though.

Me: Of course you would.  Your clit would be swollen and you’d be all wet.  And when we got back to your house, you’d be so ready to get good and fucked.

S: That’s true of most situations with you.


I pretty much love my life.

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