Computers cannot swim

Okay, so Kazander accidentally spilled an entire beer on my laptop and fried it. He apologized, of course, and immediately gave me a budget for a new one.

Shit happens. I could have just as easily done it myself. I’m not mad or anything.

Well, I’m a little annoyed, but at myself, not at him. I have a 25k-word manuscript in progress, a 55k-word manuscript I’m almost done with, and a 60k-word manuscript that I’m just over halfway finished with, all on the hard drive. My completed 103k-word manuscript has been backed up a million times and uploaded to both my Google drive and Onedrive accounts, so that’s at least some relief. But I never backed up the ones that are still works in progress.

Because I’m an idiot.

And I have no idea if we’ll be able to retrieve them. Kazander is taking the computer to one of his coworkers tomorrow, and I’m praying desperately that he’ll be able to retrieve those documents.

Because losing those would be devastating. That’s a whole year’s worth of work. I really don’t want to lose them.

But there’s nothing I can do about it either way, so worrying about it serves no purpose.

And with the budget Kazander gave me, I was able to find a pretty significant upgrade from the one I had. So that’s cool. I ordered it and called it a day.

But then, the credit card company decided that charges that I’d made at places I always shop were somehow “suspicious,” and unbeknownst to me, flagged the account and froze my card.

So after going around and around with customer service, I finally got the flagged status removed, and ordered my computer.

But now it’ll take more than a week to get here. I have my phone, but WordPress’ client is so very not mobile friendly, and I can’t do any writing at all, and I feel like I’m going through heroin withdrawal with no computer.


Luckily, I happen to own a darling little sissy slut who stepped in to save the day. Sounder doesn’t use his laptop very much, he uses his tablet instead, so he offered to let me borrow his.

Isn’t he a sweetheart? He keeps insisting that no reward is necessary, but I’ll have to think of something special to do for him. Maybe I’ll tie him to the foot of the bed, and let him fuck himself on a dildo, while I shove another in his mouth, while he’s dressed in stockings, panties, his wig, and lingerie. And I could record him eagerly fucking himself from both ends, and make him admit that he wishes they were real cocks, rather than fake ones, because he’s a sissy who craves being used by real men.

You know, just a thought.

So tomorrow, I’ll have a computer. I’m stoked about that. Because trying to do anything from my phone is a pain in the ass.

In other news, my pet, Southern, will be back in town in May. I’m definitely excited to see him again. And I’m definitely making sure we have fucking batteries this time.

Although what I’d like to do, and what the goal is, is to have a private place to play. We haven’t gotten to really play since I left Alabama. But with his limited availability and my nosy relatives, we haven’t had the privacy at my house. So hopefully that will change this time. He definitely needs a good, thorough fucking.

In the meantime, I decided to let Kazander cum last night, under two conditions. First, he had to be plugged (of course), and second, he had to lick it off my feet.


Bedtime snack

5 thoughts on “Computers cannot swim

  1. dvjan21 says:

    What I like about your blog is that you reveal all the facets of your life. You aren’t some cartoon “Domme” showing only some perpetual and provably fake, scene.
    Keep it up.

  2. Sorry to hear … well read about the laptop. That does sound like an excellent reward for your sissy, for being so nice to loan you his. And kaz, is such a lucky boy getting to orgasm and worship your feet at the same time.

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