I did say “anything.”

Ok, you said anything….

Late 40’s male here, headed to Vegas for work (no not the AVN’s). Have for a long time wanted to try a sissy/forced-bi scenario. Can you give me any provider recommendations?


I’m blonde, so bear with me.  But I have no idea what you mean by “provider recommendations.”  You mean, like a ProDomme?  No, there aren’t any that I know of, and intelligent women don’t become ProDommes in the state of Nevada.  Even if you leave Clark County and drive out to the bunny ranches, you won’t find any ProDommes.  There are no dungeons or BDSM-friendly public playspaces.  BDSM is illegal here.

The Vegas groups on Fetlife are your best bet for finding someone to play with.  Just make sure the group you’re posting in allows personal ads.  Collarspace is good, too.  You might be able to find a Domme who will do it, but the laws here are strict, so there aren’t any Pros that I know of.  But it sounds like you’re not looking to be beaten (which is the biggest legal concern), so you might be able to find someone who will do it for a fee.

You might be able to find a lifestyle Domme who will do it, but a) it’s doubtful, and b) I seriously doubt she’d do it for free.  Not when she doesn’t get anything out of it, herself.

Why Vegas? Why not make it happen where you live? Depending on where you live, you may have better luck finding a Pro, if that’s what you want. Or, if you want more than just a one-time thing, and are looking to serve a Domme, you’ll have better luck finding a compatible lifestyle Domme local to you.  But, despite being called Sin City, Vegas is really not the best place to make that happen.  Prostitution is illegal in Vegas, and BDSM is illegal in the entire state.  You’d probably have better luck where you live.

7 thoughts on “I did say “anything.”

  1. Helo Ms. Jen –

    Quick question about Vegas – I’ve been hearing about https://greendoorlasvegas.com/ – does this fit into what you’re talking about here in terms of not-ok stuff in NV, or is this something I don’t understand.

    Thank for any insights you may have!

    • Domina Jen says:

      There are actually two clubs like that here. The Green Door and The Red Rooster. They’re not bad, but they’re strictly swingers’ clubs. Occasionally you’ll see some mild BDSM stuff there, but they discourage it. Every few years they try to open up a dungeon here (the most recent was the Power Exchange, and I heard a rumor that they’re trying to open it back up), but it always gets closed down relatively quickly. Sadomasochism is illegal, you cannot consent to being beaten. So anything involving impact play or any type of pain gets a place shut down pretty quickly.

  2. Mic says:

    BDSM is illegal in your state? So – what would be the consequences if one was “caught”?

    This are some of the things that we people over here in Europe find very strange when it comes to American laws.

    • Domina Jen says:

      Specifically, it’s sadism and masochism that are illegal, although I’ve been told that certain degrees of power exchange can be seen as domestic abuse, or even possession of slaves or human trafficking (although I’m not sure if that’s true. The man I heard it from is pretty reliable, but I’ve never looked it up myself). For someone like me, who wants TPE relationships, that could get messy. It’s not heavily enforced. They don’t go tracking people down. But if it starts causing problems, or if I draw obnoxious amounts of attention to myself, certain people would take notice.

      You cannot consent to being beaten here, so if you’re caught, you’ll be charged with assault. Again, it’s not hugely enforced, they don’t go out hunting for sadists. But dungeons and play spaces that have a lot of BDSM-type stuff are harassed all the time, and eventually closed down.

      And prostitution is illegal in Clark County, where Vegas is, but just outside the county are bunny ranches, where you can pay for sex. However, even if you request a Dominatrix, or request a beating/flogging/whipping, they won’t do it.

      That’s why I will never go back to being a Pro. Not here. I’ve seen how creepy-attached some clients can get. And I’ve heard horror stories about women having some pretty serious issues with a client that becomes too attached, then gets angry when he’s rejected. All I need is for that to happen here, and the man to turn me in just to spite me, and I’ll get charged with assault. And it won’t matter that he requested it or paid for it. Even if I made him sign a contract or waiver or whatever, it would be dismissed in court because the contract itself would be illegal.

      My mentor told me about something like that happening like, 15 or 20 years ago. A happy BDSM couple had their lives ruined when the sub’s sister noticed dark bruises on her thighs. She assumed the sub was being abused and was sticking up for her husband, like many victims of domestic abuse do, and turned him in. The sub flat-out said that she was a masochist, she enjoyed it, she consented to it, and she had a safe word if it ever got out of control. She said she refused to press charges.

      But it didn’t matter. The state pressed charges, the two were outed and completely humiliated, they had every detail of their personal lives laid out for the whole world to see, and he spent a few years in prison. Because it didn’t matter whether she consented to it or not. He beat her, so he was guilty of assault.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love being American. But sometimes I am quite envious of the people who live in Europe and don’t have to deal with things like obscenity laws. It’s no fun.

      • Mic says:

        Absolutely no fun! I agree with this totally. I don’t get you wrong but I had no idea how strict some things are seen over there. A few years in prison for consensual sexual encounters? Oh my God!

        Thank you for the very detailed answer to my question!

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