Learning is Fun!

M’kay, this post is gonna contain pictures of needle play, sutures, and staples. If that sort of thing bothers you, it may be a good idea to skip over this one.

This weekend was seriously fucking awesome. On Friday night, I went to a play party at Sadie’s house.  And last night was the party with Sounder, Sadie, and Kiki.

Amazing stuff.  But we’ll start with the play party.  The ClubFem debacle was a big topic of conversation, since Sadie went, as well as another Domme and sub that were at the play party.  Kiki was fighting a headache and exhaustion (she’s been working a lot), so she stayed home.

Thankfully, their opinion was the same as mine and it was such a relief to know that I wasn’t the only one who thought it was such a joke. It was such a relief when I walked in and one of the first things Sadie did was give me an amused look and ask, “So what did you think of the ClubFem meeting?”

And the way she asked it, I was immediately relieved.

I mean, I knew she would think it was just as ridiculous as I did.  I knew this because I know her well enough to know that she’s not bigoted or stupid.  But there’s always that tiny bit of irrational worry.

So it was awesome that she had to keep herself from laughing through the meeting, and that she thought it was just as ridiculous as I did.

So that was awesome.

And if there’s one thing about Sadie, it’s that she’s extremely knowledgeable about pretty much everything sadistic.  And for me, who has much less experience with things like fire play, needle play, knife play, and all of that, she’s a fantastic teacher.

We had talked about doing needle play or fire play with Sounder at the party, and the possibility of her teaching me there at his house.  But one of her playmates was coming to her party, and she asked if I’d be okay practicing on him, and she could teach me that night, and then I could do it more or less on my own, while she supervised, the next night with Sounder.


Why yes, yes I would.

So she got everything prepped and showed me how she goes through that process, and what all needs to be done.  She put him on the table, showed me how to sterilize the area, and we were ready.

The first few times, I watched, and she went slow, going through it step-by-step.  We were doing it on the back of his shoulder, which is a relatively easy area to work with for beginners.

And then, it was my turn.  I put the gloves on, grabbed the needle, and bent over him, getting ready to stab someone I’d just met that night.

And really, I hadn’t felt an adrenaline rush like that in awhile.  I was nervous, excited, and completely stoked.  I began pushing the needle into him, and feeling that very unique resistance, seeing it sliding through his skin and coming out the other side, was seriously fucking incredible.

Like, I love needle play.  It was awesome.

It's so pretty!!

It’s so pretty!!

Seriously awesome.  And pretty easy, one I got the hang of it.  The only real things are to make sure you don’t go too deep (which took a little bit of practice), and to make sure you don’t prick yourself with the needle once it’s already gone into him.  It’s not too difficult to figure out.

So needle play supplies are now at the top of my wish list.  It does take kind of a lot.  Not just needles and gloves, but all of the prep equipment, sterilization equipment, biohazard bags and sharps containers, etc.  It’s labor intensive, but definitely worth it.

Okay, so once I got the hang of that, it was time to move on to something a little more difficult.  We moved down to his ass, she cleaned and sterilized the area, and showed me how to do sutures.

And holy crap, y’all, sutures are way more difficult than needles.  That took some time to figure out.  And then of course, once I got the curved needle in and through, getting the clamps to release was a pain in the ass.  And then, tying the goddamn thread off was incredibly awkward, and took longer than the suture itself.

But I figured it out, and the poor guy I was practicing on took it like a champ, and was very patient with me as I figured it out, and was basically just a huge sweetheart.

So I definitely need more practice with sutures.  And I’m seriously looking forward to getting more practice with sutures.

Yay, sutures!

Yay, sutures!

So after we did that, she showed me how to take them all out, and we turned him over onto his stomach, where she showed me how to do staples.

Now, staples are incredibly easy.  There’s no real skill involved there.  It’s just a matter of having the little staple gun, pushing the tip against the skin, and pressing the trigger.  It’s also much, much less painful than sutures and needles, so it’s a good starting point for subs who may be a little nervous about venturing into needle play or suture play (hint, hint, cough, cough).

And because it doesn’t actually puncture the skin, more just pinches it, it’s easier for people to handle, when they’d have problems watching needles or sutures, or have problems with blood.  A couple of the guests were on the other side of the house for the needles and the sutures, and came in to see if staples had the same effect, and were much more comfortable watching the staples.

The staple does still go into the skin, just a little bit, so you still need the gloves and the sharps container and all of that stuff, and you need a special tool to remove the staples, but it’s way, way more mild.

And they’re fun because you can thread a thin ribbon through them, and create patterns.  We did a simple arrow, just so she could show me what it is.

Pretty arrow.

Pretty arrow.

So the staples were simple, and easy, and a lot of fun, and extremely versatile.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting myself some of those.  That’s also really high up on my wish list.

Along with a massage table.  How do I not have a massage table?  They’re awesome, they keep the boy at the perfect height, they’re sturdy, they’re portable, and they’re surprisingly light.

I must have one.

So yeah, staples are awesome, and ribbon is awesome.  And just for fun, Sadie decided to pull out her clothespins.


That frenum piercing is seriously convenient, too….

After awhile, there were so many, it started to look like a hedgehog.

And because Sadie is just that damn awesome, she drew a face on the head of his dick to make it look more like a hedgehog.

And the result is seriously fucking cute.

And the result is seriously fucking cute.

Finally, we took all the clothespins off.  And even once they were off, it still looked pretty cool.

Seriously cool, right?

Seriously cool, right?

So we let him up, and that’s when the violet wands came out.  Because that’s what happens when you put four sadists in a room together.

And the subs were fascinated with the violet wands, so that was a lot of fun.  We turned down the lights, and I was able to get a couple of really nice shots of the arcing.


The subs wanted to see if you could hit one with the wand, and the other would feel it. You know, for science.

The subs wanted to see if you could hit one with the wand, and the other would feel it. You know, for science.

So yeah, it was a ridiculous amount of fun.  A violet wand is also high on my want-list, especially because Kazander really likes electrical play.  We need a violet want immediately.

And I was seriously looking forward to using the violet wand on Sounder then next night.  He made the mistake of telling me that electricity never really had much of an effect on him.  And of course, I told Sadie that, and of course, she took that as a challenge.  So I was definitely looking forward to having an effect on him.

4 thoughts on “Learning is Fun!

  1. dave94015 says:

    It’s to know an experienced teacher…so you can advance your skills!

  2. thechastecyclist says:

    Looks like a great night!

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