Our First Anniversary: Part 2

Sunday night was great.  I went to sleep completely sated and exhausted, and Kazander went to sleep frustrated, denied, and horny.


We didn’t get to bed until around 3:30 or 4 in the morning, so by the time we got up and dressed, it was lunchtime.  We decided to have lunch at the Mexican restaurant in the casino, but Kazander was surprised when I stopped him on his way out the door.

“You’re forgetting something,” I told him, holding one hand behind my back.

“What am I forgetting?”

I showed him the butt plug that was in my hand, then turned him and bent him over the edge of the bed.  I pulled his pants down to his knees, lubed up the plug, and slid it inside him.  He was still a little raw from the night before, but he took the plug without complaint and we made our way downstairs.

After lunch, we went and saw that Bodies exhibit at the Luxor, and then I took pity on him and let him go back up to the room to take the plug out.  He’d kept it in for a couple of hours, and we were planning on walking the Strip and doing the whole “tourist-y” thing.

So the day was just spent hanging out, the two of us enjoying each other’s company.  We came back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit before dinner.  We had a nice, romantic dinner, had some drinks at the bar, and I discovered this little place in the casino that sells alcoholic slushies, for lack of a better way to describe them.  And they were very reasonably priced.

The problem is they don’t taste like they have any alcohol in them at all.  After my third, I felt fine.  A little pleasantly buzzed, but still in control and feeling good.  But then, halfway through my fourth, it all hit me at once.  I was completely plastered.

We went back up to the hotel room around 11, stopping by Starbucks to get another coffee to mix with the rest of the Baileys, and I immediately got the bath going.

I love that tub, by the way.

I love that tub, by the way.

I relaxed and sobered up a bit while Kazander packed our things.  It was our last night, and I sure as hell didn’t want to have to wake up early to pack.

By the time he was done, I’d sobered up quite a bit.  He gave me a shoulder rub, then I got out, rinsed off, dried off, and lied down on the bed next to him.

I’d promised him he could cum, as long as he behaved himself, so I took him out of his cage and teased him, sort of idly playing with him and degrading him while we looked at porn together on his computer.  Before long, he was rock-hard and squirming, begging to be allowed to cum.

He’d had almost as much to drink as I had, though, and just jerking him off wasn’t going to work.  So he asked me if he could ride my dick.

He really is so cute when he begs.  Seriously.  It’s adorable.

He pulled the strapon out of the bag and I slid it on, then he straddled me and guided the dildo inside him.  I put a hand around his dick and held it still, making him do all the work to get himself off.  He had to fuck himself on the dildo to get off.

And I do love watching him ride me.  He really gets into it, fucking himself hard and fast, pushing himself to get even faster to get himself off sooner.

It’s sexy as fuck.

It didn’t take long for him to reach that edge.  He came pretty quickly.

But it didn’t shoot out, like it normally does.  It just sort of dribbled out, similar to a ruined orgasm.  That was weird, but it could’ve been caused by him having so much to drink.  But then, he made the comment that it almost felt cold as it was coming out.  It’s the second time in a row that he’s mentioned it feeling cold.  And I’d noticed earlier that day, as well as the day before, that his balls felt cold.  I assumed it was because he was naked in a chilly room, when he’s not usually naked at home, because of the spawn running around.

So the cage stayed off, and I’m going to let him cum again tonight.  If it still feels cold, I’m calling to make him an appointment to get that checked out.

The cage isn’t the cause of it, because the first time it happened, he hadn’t worn the cage for a week or so.  But even with that, I think it would be best to leave the cage off and see how things go.

But still, that’s fucking weird, and a bunch of Google searches didn’t help in the slightest.  Has anyone ever heard of that?  It’s not cold to the touch afterward, he says it actually feels cold as he’s coming… as the semen is coming out.

So yeah, if that continues, it’s definitely getting checked out.

But it was an awesome anniversary weekend.  I’m going to be a little gentle with Kazander this week (and with Sounder, as well…. I kind of have to laugh.  I have three boys, and two of them are partially out of commission at the same time.  Gotta love that timing).

But being gentle doesn’t mean I can’t have fun.  I’m going to start our second year of marriage off with some kinky fun, and I’ve got plans to see Sounder on Friday, and then hopefully the party on Saturday.  Sure, I love hurting both of them, but I absolutely don’t have to be rough with them to enjoy myself.  I have a very soft touch when I want to.

So yeah, definitely looking forward to the next seven days!

4 thoughts on “Our First Anniversary: Part 2

  1. dave94015 says:

    the doctor will probably do a prostate exam and maybe a blood test. Don’t panic. If they catch it early, there might be a remedy.

  2. Hapa says:

    You’re so good to K! Lucky guy

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