Our First Anniversary: Part 1

On Sunday, Kazander and I checked in to our hotel and went up to our room.

2015-11-01 15.46.05

Loved the view from the tub.

Unfortunately, Sounder was not with me, as originally planned.  But that’s because I may have sort of broken him (and not in the fun way that I like to break my boys) last week.

M’kay, so what had happened was…

I went over to see him on Wednesday, feeling extremely sadistic, and he was going to experience some of that.

So I pulled down his panties, tied him down on his bed and pulled out my fun impact toys.  I got the flogger, the paddles, the tawse, and the single-tail, and set them out, making sure he could see them.  I made sure to come prepared.  I didn’t want to break blood vessels in my hand like I did last time.

I started gently, with the flogger.  But soon graduated to the paddle and the tawse.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough room for me to use the single-tail, not the way he was lying.

But that didn’t matter.  I was having fun, and he was squirming and thrashing around beautifully.  I loved watching the way his body moves when I hurt him.  He would tense up, occasionally holding his breath, trying to handle the pain, gasping and moaning and grunting.  I loved watching that tension rolling through his legs, arms, and torso, his hands clenched into fists.  I loved watching him strain against the ropes that held him down.

In short, he’s fucking sexy when he’s in pain.

So everything was going great.  Then, as I was spanking him with the paddle, he said, “wait.”

Now, just so everyone knows, we don’t have safewords, so I never gag him, and make sure he’s always able to communicate what’s going on.

So I asked him what was wrong, and he said he felt like his balls were swelling up.  I hadn’t touched his balls in a few minutes, but untied his legs, anyway, to let him roll over.

That’s when he said it actually felt like he turned wrong in his thrashing and tweaked something in his abdomen, right around his hip line, and it felt like whatever he’d done was dripping into his balls.  He said it didn’t hurt, necessarily, just felt uncomfortable, and despite the fact that his balls looked exactly the same, he said they felt like they’d tripled in size.

It was the weirdest thing I’d ever heard of.  I finished untying him, let him up (he put on one of the few pairs of men’s underwear he still owns, for doctors or whatever), and we talked and hung out for awhile before I went home.

Before I left, I checked again, and his balls still didn’t look any different.  So I figured the discomfort would go away.

The next day, he was still sore, and still felt swollen.  Friday, it hurt, and was still swollen.  I told him he needed to get it checked out, and he replied that yeah, he’d begun to concede to that, himself.  So he put a call in to his surgeon and had an appointment set up.

It was adorable, he was wearing his men’s underwear, and made the comment that he didn’t like having to wear them.  I love the fact that he was hesitant and nervous about being made to wear panties at first, and now he prefers them to men’s underwear.  I loved that.

At that point, we were still planning on him coming over to the hotel on Sunday.  We would just have to be very careful, and there wouldn’t be any impact play or anything rough.  That sort of play would wait until he got the all-clear from his doctor.

But then, I woke up to a text on Sunday morning (he’s a morning person, but he’s fucking adorable, so I’ll forgive that horrible flaw), warning me that he had just picked up a prescription for pain meds.  The cute thing is that his reason for telling me was to let me know that he’d be a little quiet and might doze off, so I wouldn’t think anything was wrong if he didn’t answer my texts right away.

Seriously, y’all… He’s too fucking cute.

I told him to get some rest, and that we’d postpone the session in the hotel.

So that was a bummer, but what could we do?  It’s something that was out of both of our control.  And as I reminded him, he’s not getting out of the session with Kazander.  It’s still going to happen.  It’s just going to happen on another day.

The other bummer is that the party I’m having with him, Sadie, and Kiki is supposed to be this Saturday.  We’re waiting until tomorrow to see how he’s feeling, and we’ll decide then whether the party is still on, or whether we’ll need to postpone that.  Right now, it’s looking promising, but I want to wait and make absolute sure he’s feeling up to it.

He saw his doctor yesterday, and the doctor said that it’s more than likely a tear in his upper abdomen, which can be fixed laparoscopically.  The problem, and the concern, is that the tear should not have happened without significant force, and the fact that it did happen without significant force makes him think that there’s an accompanying tear in the lower abdomen.  If there’s another tear in the lower abdomen, that’ll be a slightly more complex procedure.  There’s also concerns regarding the level of pain Sounder is feeling.  He’s got some scar tissue from previous injuries in the area, which may or may not be contributing to some of what he’s experiencing now.

The bottom line is that he needs an MRI, and can’t lift more than 10 pounds, and needs to take it easy.  He can still go to work and go about his life, he’s not bed-ridden, but he can’t push himself, he can’t work out, and I can’t beat the living hell out of him.

So the party can still happen, as long as he’s feeling stable.  We’ll just focus on humiliating him, rather than beating him.  But I also don’t want to risk making his injury worse, so we’ll play it by ear and see how it goes.

So Sunday night didn’t go as planned.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun.

Ever since Sarah wrote me about some basic rope techniques, my interest in shibari has been once again fanned.  It’s been so long since I’ve done any of it, I had to give myself a bit of an online crash-course in what I used to know.

When we first walked into the hotel room, I noticed a sturdy-looking coffee table in the “living room.”  After examining it a bit, I was satisfied that it would hold Kazander’s weight.  I had a general plan in place, but it was still early, and I wanted to make sure he was burning with need.  I teased him for hours, grinding against him, reaching through the bars of his cage to stroke his dick, making him eat me out, grabbing and groping him.

I wanted him whiny and horny and desperate.  But he wasn’t going to cum.

Hell no, I wasn’t going to let him cum.  Sunday was our anniversary, and there was no way I was going to let him cum.  He didn’t get to cum on our wedding night, either.

But finally, I’d teased him enough.

So I stripped him and laid him down on the table, then pulled out my rope.

I think he looks so cute all tied up, don't you?

I think he looks so cute all tied up, don’t you?

At first, I just tried a simple ladder, and because my rope skills are that rusty, I actually had to take a minute to remember how to do it.  But he was patient and let me mess with him.  And it didn’t take long for me to get my rhythm back.


I love putting him in this position.

Immediately, I tied his legs together and up, keeping his ass nice and exposed.  I really love putting him in that position.  His ass is so much fun to play with, and because he’s not a masochist, I love tying him up like this and beating him, knowing that he can’t get away, he has no choice but to take whatever I decide to give out.

Super awesomeness.

Once he was tied down, I pulled out my electrical kit, grabbed the plug, and plugged it in to the power box.  Slowly, I lubed it up and slid it inside him, grinning as he whimpered and moaned, knowing what I was going to do.

But I was nice.  I didn’t turn it up too high.  I only turned it up just a little past “pleasurable,” so while he wasn’t super comfortable, it was something he could handle.

20151101_233416The power box would shut off after 15 minutes, so I decided to give him that time to ponder his position in life, pointing out that most men get to fuck their wives on their anniversary, and he’s tied up. lying on a coffee table in a hotel room, plugged and tormented because I find it amusing.  I told him that his dick is so useless, so pathetic, I would never allow it inside me again.

It wasn’t long before that pathetic dick was straining against the cage.  I know he wished I would reach down and play with it, to tease it through the cage and frustrate him, to tease him further, but he’d just have to keep wanting.

I sat down on the living chair and propped my feet up on the table beside him, responding to all the Facebook happy-anniversary posts, and basically ignored him.


And he makes such a good footrest.

When the machine shut off, I took the plug out and replaced it with my strap-on, fucking him raw.  I know he was starting to get sore and stiff from being kept in that position, but I wasn’t quite done with him yet.  I made him take my cock a bit longer before finally letting him up, letting him crawl to me and kiss my feet to thank me for using him.

I told him to go downstairs, to the 24-hour Starbucks, and get me my Venti nonfat iced caramel macchiato and a bottle of Baileys from the gift shop.  He returned and drew me a bath while I mixed the Baileys with the coffee (everything tastes better with Baileys).

Once the bath was ready, I got in and relaxed while he straightened up.

Then, he got in with me, sitting on the floor of the tub between my legs and leaning back against me, wrapping his arms around my leg and just being the sweet, slutty boy I love so much.

After awhile, it looked like he was going to doze off, so we got out of the tub, rinsed off in the shower, and he licked me to another orgasm before bed.

Definitely an awesome way to celebrate our anniversary.

8 thoughts on “Our First Anniversary: Part 1

  1. thechastecyclist says:

    The Shibari is awesome. I so want to experience it at some point. I have bought MrsL a book on basic naughty knots. Maybe I should buy her a book on Shibari?

    • Domina Jen says:

      That would be cool… It’s seriously fun, and I’ve never met a sub who didn’t like the way it felt, even when tied in somewhat uncomfortable positions.

  2. For the first time ever, TN (my husband) expressed interest in rope and I’m so excited.

  3. Zed says:

    Nice anniversary, but I do hope he will be ok – always a worry!

  4. Kitty says:

    Oh god I hope he’s ok soon!

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