Sad Panda is Sad

137552-sad_pandaMost of last night was spent talking to kazander about what was going to happen today, once sissy got here.  He was still pretty nervous, and had a lot of questions, including a lot of what-if scenarios that I really couldn’t answer.

But, despite being a bit apprehensive, he was looking forward to it, and I was totally looking forward to it.  It’s been so long since I’ve been able to play with sissy, and I miss doing mean, vicious things to her.  She was excited, too, and looking forward to playing with the both of us.

We arranged for her to come around 3:30 in the afternoon, when we could pass the spawn off to my mom and have the house to ourselves.  I was so looking forward to it.

And then, today, I got a call from her.  She got called into work, and couldn’t get out of it.  She had to be there at 5.


She asked if she could still stop by for just a moment, saying that she had something she’s been wanting to give me, but with the scheduling issues we’ve been having and the universe conspiring against us, she hasn’t had the chance.

So she came by, I met her outside, and she handed me a small black velvet bag, with something deliciously heavy inside.

I seriously squealed like a teenage girl when I saw the gleaming, shiny, steel, jeweled butt plug inside.

It's so shiny!

It’s so shiny!

So that’s pretty cool, and definitely made me smile.  I can’t wait to put it in her.

I’m still bummed that I won’t be able to play with her, but her schedule is pretty open this week, and she can do late nights, so I’m going to see what I can arrange for after the kid goes to sleep.  Fingers crossed!

I’m also seeing sounder on Tuesday, and kazander and I still have an afternoon/evening without the kid, so there is definitely going to be something twisted and depraved in my immediate future.

2 thoughts on “Sad Panda is Sad

  1. thechastecyclist says:

    Sounds like some fun times are going to be had…?

  2. Polthus says:

    Details! We want details please 🙂

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