New Toys

I hate my mother being here.

Between her being here, and other things that have been going on, I’ve had a depressingly kink-free couple of weeks.

Like seriously.  I could cry.

I even had to cancel plans with my sissy, because of my mom being around.  And I haven’t been able to have her back to play with since that first time she came over.

Like seriously.  I could cry.

So when I arranged to meet a boy I’ve been talking to (we’ll call him “sounder”) who could host, I was ecstatic.  We set up a day and time, and a place to meet.  I was definitely looking forward to meeting him.

And then, the night before I was supposed to meet him, as I was driving home from my Femdom meeting, all of a sudden the check-engine light came on in my car, and my transmission wouldn’t shift (I have an automatic).

Well fuck me.

So the next morning, the day I was supposed to meet him, I took my car to the shop, and they said they wouldn’t even be able to look at it until the next day.

Fuck me sideways.

It was literally hours before I was supposed to meet sounder, and I suddenly found myself with no vehicle.  I couldn’t get kazander’s, because he was at work.  Both of the relatives I asked had doctor appointments.

So I had to cancel on him that day.  Which I hated having to do (and have already done once recently, with sissy).  I felt like a huge flake.

But luckily, he was very understanding, and we set another time for Saturday.  Of course I’d have my car back by Saturday.

………. Or not.

*Fun side note:  It has now been almost a week, and they still don’t even know what’s wrong with the damn thing.  Which translates to, this is going to be fucking expensive.*

So once again, I found myself with no vehicle.  But it was fine.  It was a weekend.  No one had to work.  I’d be able to take someone’s car and go meet him.

………. Or not.  Once again, no one’s car was available.

Well, actually, one person’s car was available, but he doesn’t let me drive it because he says I’m “too reckless of a driver.”

No. No you didn't.

No. No you didn’t.  So stop bitching.

And that’s only because, a few years back, my sister-in-law needed to get to the airport to have her husband flown out for a liver transplant.  The airport was 20 minutes away.  She needed to be there in ten.  And for the record, my kid wasn’t in the car.

I got her there in 8 minutes.  I can drive fast.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to.  But ever since then, I’ve been branded a reckless driver, and he won’t let me drive his car.

So anyway, once again, it was hours before I was supposed to meet him (well, technically, it was the night before) and I had no vehicle.

I had two options at this point.  I could either reschedule again, and basically brand myself a flake forever, or I could ask him if he’d be willing to come pick me up.

Again, he was quite understanding, and immediately agreed to pick me up.  We ended up going to this horrible, cheesy, mountain-man-esque type bar (seriously, I felt like I should’ve been wearing flannel) and proceeded to get completely lost in conversation.

We ended up talking for three hours, and it would’ve probably gone much longer, but I needed to get back because I had dinner plans with my mom.

And, at random points throughout the conversation, I found myself damn near overwhelmed by this desire to grab him by the collar of his shirt, bend him over the bar, and have my way with him.  More than once, I had to remind myself that we were in public, and you’re really not supposed to do that sort of thing.  It’s usually frowned upon by management, you know?

But he’s a blast to talk to.  He’s got that dry, sarcastic sense of humor that I love, and he’s well-spoken, and very sweet.  And a perfect gentleman, as well.  I was really sorry to have to cut the conversation short.

He drove me back home, and I groped him a bit in the car while he was driving, and then we said our goodbyes, and I went to dinner.

But I was definitely looking forward to playing with him.  And since he could host, I didn’t have to worry about my mom running around, poking her nose where it isn’t wanted.  So I decided that, after I put the kid to bed, I’d go over and play with him.

Thankfully, my mom had rented a car earlier in the day, and I was able to drive that.  I got to his house, and we ended up lost in conversation for another hour, just talking about anything and everything.

But then, that urge grabbed me again, and this time, I didn’t have to fight it.  I bent him over the island in his kitchen, slid his shorts down, and started playing with the ass I’d been wanting to destroy all day.  For a moment, I simply groped him, running my hands across his ass, playing with his hole, reaching between his legs to play with his cock and balls.

Then I told him to take all of his clothes off.  He was standing there, naked, hands behind his back, legs spread, as I inspected my new toy.

And I discovered early that he can take quite a bit of pain, which made my inner sadist snap to attention.  I grabbed my toybag, and we went upstairs to his bedroom.

I had him lie on the bed, and buckled a collar with wrist and leg cuffs chained to it on him.  The cuffs kept him in a fetal position, and left his ass wide open and vulnerable.

Of course I was going to do stuff to it.

I started small, with the smooth vibrator.  It had been awhile since his ass had been used, and while he seemed confident of his ability to stretch to the point that he could take my largest plug, I wanted to see how he did with something a bit smaller, first.

Oh gawd, but he makes some awesome sounds when I put things inside him.  Squirming and moaning and straining against the chains that held him in place, I was definitely having fun.

And then, in a move that completely surprised me, the chain holding his legs suddenly snapped, sending a few links flying.  I laughed, stunned that he’d been strong enough to break it, and simply wrapped an arm around his hips, holding him down as I continued to fuck him with the vibrator.

After awhile, I turned him completely on his stomach and took my flogger to him.  He gets so delightfully red, and he can take so much pain.  The feeling of the vibrator still inside him, along with the stinging pain of my flogger, elicited some pretty amazing noises.

He was taking the vibrator pretty well, so I decided to go up a size.  I knelt between his legs, pushing the larger dildo into him, while he gasped and moaned and squirmed all over the place.  And holy shit, his reaction to getting fucked is hot.  I was thoroughly enjoying myself, enjoying watching him strain against the cuffs still holding his wrists, when suddenly I heard another snap, and his wrists were free.

Now I was surprised.  Granted, it was a relatively cheap chain, and I’ve had it for so long, I don’t remember where I got it or what the chain itself is made out of.  But, I mean, regardless of what it’s made out of, it’s still fucking metal.  It wasn’t that metal-coated crap.  It was actual metal.  And it wasn’t insanely thin, either.  The fact that his legs had been strong enough to break the chain was impressive enough, but his arms were apparently just as strong.  Like damn.

He was completely naked, so I could obviously see that he’s in great shape.  But he doesn’t look like those obnoxious bodybuilders or anything.  There’s no ridiculous amount of muscle mass there.  So I was surprised that he was strong enough to do it.

And immediately, my mind went to bondage, and all the ways I wanted to incapacitate him, to take his physical strength away and leave him completely helpless and at the mercy of my whims.  I was bummed that I’d left my rope at home, but I was already thinking of what I wanted to do to him next time I saw him.

I kept fucking him, chuckling as he squirmed further and further off the edge of the bed, his hands gripping the blanket.  At one point, I grabbed both of his wrists and held them behind his back while I fucked him, and saw again just how strong he is.  It took nearly all of my weight to keep his hands still, and I doubt he was using all of his strength to push against me.

Yeah, I definitely want him tied up and helpless.  That needs to happen.

A few days prior to this, he’d bought a set of sounds for me to use on him.  I love sounding, but haven’t been able to do it in forever, so I was seriously excited.  After fucking him for a bit more, I had him turn over onto his back (keeping the dildo inside him) and grabbed the sounds.

I was nice.  I started with the smallest one.

Guiding it into him was insanely hot.  But he didn’t squirm nearly as much.  Funny how boys tend to stay very, very still when there are things inside their dicks, isn’t it?

He took the smallest one with no problem, so I moved up to the next size.  And that was a lot more fun in regards to his reactions.  I was loving the way he sounded with something sticking out of both his ass and his cock.

But it was starting to become painful for him, so I pulled it out and turned my focus back to the dildo in his ass, pulling his leg across my lap and fucking him.

I fucked him for a bit more, and then suddenly, he said the dildo was hurting.  So I took it out, watched him closely for a moment, and then, when he said he was ready, I slid the dildo back in.

And it was at this point that he uttered the two words no Dominant ever wants to hear.

“Something’s wrong.”

Immediately, the dildo came out and I was on high alert.  At first, I was worried that I’d been too rough and tore him.  But there was no blood, and based on the way he was describing the pain, it didn’t sound like that was the problem.  It sounded exactly like a couple of boys I’ve owned in the past who had problems with hemorrhoids.  I asked him if he had them, and he said no, not that he knew of.  But man, that’s what it sounded like.

Regardless, I was ready to stop the session, but after a few moments, he took a deep breath, and said the pain had subsided, and he was fine, and wanted to continue.  I was wary at first, but decided to trust him, trust his knowledge of his body, and we continued.  But nothing else went into his ass, obviously.

The session continued, I teased him, I spanked him, I used my Wartenburg wheel on him, and I completely tortured his nipples.  He made the mistake of telling me how ridiculously sensitive they are (silly boy), and I completely used that to my advantage, twisting them, pinching them, caressing them.  It was hilarious how he would flinch if I barely grazed my finger against them.  And he really is so cute when he squirms.  There were a few moments where he’d try to remain stoic, try to “handle” the pain.

I know, I know… But give him a break, it’s the first time he’s played with me.

I had a lot of fun making him make all kinds of sexy sounds.

I started playing with his cock, and asked him how often he masturbates.  He said daily, and I quickly decided that needed to change.  His dick was far too spoiled, and could definitely do with some neglect.  I teased him some more, made him play with himself while I watched, and told him I didn’t want him coming that night, and not at all until I see him again.

The session didn’t really have a definitive end.  I actually have no idea how, but we ended up getting lost in conversation again, him lying naked on his back on the bed, while I lied next to him, fully clothed, my head propped up on my elbow, talking and laughing, and arguing the statistical probability of getting shot in the groin (dude, don’t ask).  I have no idea how long we were talking, but I know it had to be longer than 45 minutes.  When I finally looked over at the clock, it shocked us both to see that it was after 2 am.

I gathered my things, let him get dressed, and he walked me to my car.  We hugged, and I drove home.

We texted again today, and I was sure to ask how his ass was, if it still hurt, and he assured me that, other than his nipples being so sore, wearing a shirt was painful, he was fine.  I still think he should get it checked out, and I will continue to touch base with him over the next few days and make sure he’s still doing okay, but he’s not exhibiting any of the “red flag” symptoms, so that’s good. He may get annoyed with how much I want to talk about what’s going on in his ass for the next week or so, but he’ll just have to deal with it.

But I’m looking forward to seeing him again.  He could definitely turn out to be a fun toy.  And I definitely think he’d be adorable wrapped in rope, leather, and chains.  That needs to become a reality.

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