A good night’s sleep

M’kay, it’s no secret that I’ve been crazy horny lately.  All that pent-up energy, that little ball of heat settling in the bottom of my stomach, was driving me crazy.  I couldn’t get sex (or my version of sex… Which usually involves boys whimpering in pain) off my mind.

Which was awesome when talking to boys.  Much, much less awesome when a guy starts small-talk in line at the grocery store, or chatting with the guy who did my smog check.

Shit was getting distracting, yo.

So yesterday, I put on one of my favorite little chemises, a pretty black lace thing, and then put my “lazy clothes” on top of that (tank top and pajama shorts).  He came home just as we were starting dinner, and I discreetly let him know what I was wearing underneath.

He was surprised, and asked, “What’s the occasion?”

I told him I felt like I’d been neglecting him, and I’ve been horny as fuck, so we were going to have some fun.

After dinner, he went immediately to the bedroom.  It’s the first time he didn’t have to be told (yay).  I walked in a minute later to see him on the bed with the strap-on in his mouth, the lights turned off, and the Orioles game on TV.

I turned my back to him and stuck my ass out as I slowly, teasingly slid my shorts off, exposing the lacy chemise and the thong underneath.  He was definitely not paying much attention to the game.

I lied down next to him, grabbed the dildo from him, and shoved it deep in his mouth.  He made this adorable little moaning, gagging sound, but quickly succumbed when I started nibbling his ear.

But I wanted his ass.  That’s what I had been looking forward to all day.  That was my ultimate goal.

So I let go of the dildo, had him hold it and continue sucking, while I turned my attention to his ass.  Within seconds, I had his shorts undone and done below his hips, along with his underwear.

I groped and teased him for awhile, telling him how good he was at sucking cock, and that I couldn’t wait to watch him suck a real one.  Then I straddled him, turning him slightly on his stomach and pushing his head down on the dildo.  The dildo was sitting on the bed, and I grabbed him by his hair and pushed him down on it until he gagged and started squirming under me.

He definitely needs to work on his deep-throating skills.

I made him gag on it a few times, then rolled off of him, pulling the dildo from him and tossing it away.  I pulled my top down and made him worship my tits, which he did quite eagerly.

I was horny as fuck, but it was almost time for me to go to work, and I couldn’t play with him.  So I told him I needed to get up, and crawled over him, “accidentally” rubbing my pussy in his face.

I totally didn't mean it. I swear.

Oh, did that happen?  My bad.

So I ended up pushing my thong aside and letting him worship me for another few minutes.  I didn’t want to get off of him, but damn those real life responsibilities.

I took a quick shower, made him his smoothie, and signed in to my job with one minute to spare.

So I worked, talked and chatted in my downtime, and basically hung out until about two hours after the spawn when to sleep.  Then, I told kazander to take a shower.  When he got out, I spent some time entertaining myself by shoving my feet in his face.  I still ad an hour before I could sign out of work, so I was pitifully limited in what I could do.

On the bright side, I’m quitting that horrible job soon, and my schedule will clear up tremendously.  More time for kinky butt sex.

qxEyXlrBut finally, I was able to log out for the night, and I immediately turned my attention to his butt.

At first, he was reluctant.  As we were going to the bedroom, he said, “Is there any way I could ask for a raincheck tonight?”

Haha, no.

But he changed his tune as soon as I put the plug in him.  Seriously, it was immediate.  I don’t think I’d ever seen him get to that sweet, slutty frame of mind so quickly before.  He was pushing back against me, whimpering and whining and gasping, his dick rock-hard and dripping (he hasn’t been in the cage the last few days).

Of course, I’m still in the middle of my experiment, and resisted the urge to touch it.  Instead, I focused all my attention on his ass, giving him a nice, thorough fucking.

Then, I pushed his head down the bed, telling him that I wanted him between my legs.  He went willingly and began doing what he does best.

He loves giving me multiple orgasms, but I’m usually a one-and-done woman.  But as long as he goes super, super slow and gentle for the first few minutes after I cum, he can usually get me there again.  Otherwise, it’s just too sensitive, and actually becomes more ticklish than anything else.

But he’s spent a lot of time down there, and has more or less perfected his system.  He licked me to two orgasms before I told him to stop.  Then, he spent a few more minutes down there, gently licking up all the juices he created.  When he finally raised himself up to a kneeling position, I sighed and said, “Well, I’m certainly going to sleep well tonight.”

He rolled his eyes and chuckled, and I pulled him close so he was lying on top of me, his still-hard dick resting between my legs.  I couldn’t tell whether it was his dick or my pussy that was throbbing, but it was probably both.

I knew he loved lying like that.  It was as close as his dick was going to get to being inside me, and while I’m sure it felt good for him, it was also delightfully frustrating for him.

I started running my nails lightly up and down his back, wrapping my legs around his and holding him against me when the chills my touch gave him made him start to struggle.  After a moment, he gave up and clung to me, making that sweet little whine that all sub boys seem to know how to do, and that I absolutely fucking love hearing.

Whenever I hear that whine, I know I’ve hit something deep.  I know I’m doing something right.  It’s seriously one of my favorite sounds in the world.

Finally, I let him go, he rolled off of me, and he went to go clean himself up while I rolled over and went to sleep.

And I was right.  I slept damn good.

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