Cum Smoothie??? WHAT???


That’s about what I thought, too.

But it turns out this is a thing.

Kazander has that whole swallowing-his-cum-and-puking issue.  So he went online God-knows-where and found this recipe for a smoothie that is supposedly made specifically to make a guy’s cum taste better.

Who in the fucking hell tested that theory???

Jesus, man.

Anyway, we figured it couldn’t hurt to try.  So I went out and bought the ingredients, and tested it out tonight.  Here’s the recipe, just for fun.

1 cup pineapple, fresh or canned

1 banana, frozen

1 cup apple juice

1/2 tsp ginger

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

2 TBS honey

Dump all that shit in a blender and turn it on.  It doesn’t take much brain power to make a fucking smoothie.  Drink one a day (although this makes a lot, so you’d probably make one batch a day, and have a smoothie in the morning, and a smoothie in the evening).

And I’ll let you know now, it looks unappetizing as fuck.  It’s fucking brown.  Who wants to drink a brown smoothie?

But he tried it, and it’s actually not half bad (it made my kitchen smell kind of Christmas-y, too, with the cinnamon and nutmeg).

It was a little thin and runny, and not really what you would consider a “smoothie” consistency, so I’m going to add a second banana, and maybe cut down on the apple juice to thicken it up a bit.  It’s definitely something he can handle twice a day for the next week or so.  And in a week, I’ll have him taste his cum and see if it makes a difference.  Because I’ve been on that “experiment” kick lately (by the way, the experiment with not touching his dick is going swimmingly).  You know, for science.

Yay, science!

Yay, science!

19 thoughts on “Cum Smoothie??? WHAT???

  1. Hapa says:

    Too funny… You’re great!
    Cheyenne and I have a running inside joke about pineapple. When she’s at the grocery store she’ll typically ask what kinds of fruit I’d like and pineapple is usually a good bet. I like it on its own but it’s also helpful for improving the taste of come. How much you might ask? Who knows, but it’s a fun idea regardless. Too bad come rarely becomes something to contend with, it’s a massively powerful tool for creating subspace when used with intent.

  2. Mic says:

    Maybe you would like to test some of the recipes that actually take cum as an ingredient, if the smoothie thing doesnt’t work out 😉 .

    For example:

  3. Polthus says:

    This all sounds like an elaborate ploy to get more orgasms in the name of harvesting more samples. Well played, K. Well played 🙂

  4. Zed says:

    Does him drinking this make his cum taste different, or do you mean he adds his cum to the drink…if it is the first one, it won’t work, and if it is the second, well, he won’t be able to taste it over the ginger, spice and pineapple, not unless….well I might stop there.

    • Domina Jen says:

      It’s supposed to make his cum taste better. It might not work, but we both figured it was worth a try.

      • Hapa says:

        Silly subbie. He suffers from subbie anxst, which is not knowing how good he has it.

        Rather than placating his repugnance to come eating what he might be better served by is a reprogramming that eating his come is as sexually charged as his orgasms.
        He can be reprogrammed to want his come as much as his orgasm.

      • Domina Jen says:

        That’s entirely true. Still, I don’t mind humoring him with this. And I’m always a little wary of the process of reprogramming him, simply because of the severity of his reaction to it. I really, REALLY don’t want him puking in my bed or on my floor.

      • Hapa says:

        I hear you.
        I still venture he can pull it together enough to guarantee he won’t disappoint you by puking, especially on your bed. It’s all mental…

      • Hapa says:

        One last thing, I see dominance as 99% psychological and 1% physical. The reason is he has to choose to submit and to follow your preferences. The suggestion to reprogram something he’s adverse to into an association with something he enjoys conditions his choice in the direction you choose.

        I know you’re extraordinarily competent so pardon me if I’ve over stepped my bounds.

      • Domina Jen says:

        Not at all. I love talking D/s with anyone willing to put up with my rambling. I agree, it is primarily psychological. What I’m actually sort of hoping is that the placebo effect comes into play here, and even if it doesn’t actually make a difference, it’ll be easier for him to do.

      • Zed says:

        Well, you can at least have some weird smoothies along the way…..

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