Dude, look at my boobs!

M’kay, first of all, dude… Look at my boobs.

Look. Look at them.

Look. Look at them.

They’re magnificent, aren’t they?  And I mean, my boobs are pretty magnificent on any given day, but today, they’re just out of this world.

Fair warning:  I’m about to start talking clothes and fashion.  Yes, I’m a girl.  Deal with it.

There’s this clothing line, called Torrid, that makes clothes specifically designed for plus-sized women (they have a fucking Darth Vader dress!!!  I MUST FUCKING OWN IT), and that’s the only place I ever buy clothes anymore.  I ordered this bra online and just got it in today.

And of course, I couldn’t wait to try it on.  And of course, it’s freaking gorgeous.

I was hesitant to get it, simply because it’s a push-up bra, and I didn’t think I needed a push-up bra.  But, because I have a very uncommon size (38DDD, think Brandy Dean… although I think she’s a 38F, but I dunno, different sites say different things), there isn’t much out there to choose from, other than beige grandma bras.  Yeah, no thanks.

So I bought it.

And I fucking love it.  I’ve been wearing nothing but this bra and my pajama shorts all evening.  And I’ve been trying to clean the living room, but I keep having to stop and look at my boobs.  Because they’re amazing.

But then again, everything I’ve gotten from Torrid looks amazing.  I love that they’re designed specifically for plus-sized women, rather than tacking on plus sizes as an afterthought.  And that’s not often flattering.

And seriously, just because I’m plus-size doesn’t mean I don’t care a whole fucking lot about fashion, and what I wear.  Just because I’m plus-size doesn’t mean I don’t know that gingham, black-and-white, gladiator sandals, denim, fringe, nautical theme, and monochromatic red are in right now.  I don’t obsess over Fashion Week the way I used to, but I still follow the shit on the internet.  Haute-Couture Paris?  That shit just ended yesterday, and you know I was all about it.

Do you want to know which shoes to wear with skinny jeans?  Want to know which style of sunglasses are super hot this summer?  Want to know how to properly balance your silhouette?  Want to know when the next Fashion Week is?  I’ve got you covered, girl.

So I love places that actually put some damn work into making plus-size clothes, and keeping up with current fashion trends.  I look damn good everywhere I go, and I expect clothing retailers to keep up with my tastes.

6 thoughts on “Dude, look at my boobs!

  1. Mic says:

    Looks pretty good, indeed! 😉

  2. Very Nice to say the least and to be respectful, I wonder it that Torrid Line is Connected to the store at the local mall here. Basically it’s a plus size store. I’ve been in it a few times when helping others shop. Though i have yet to see a Vader dress, Going to have to look that up.

    • Domina Jen says:

      Thank you! Yes, the Torrid site is connected to the stores at the malls. I adore the Vader dress, but it’s brand new, so I don’t know if it’s in the physical stores yet. And Torrid is a plus-sized store. It’s the plus-size version of Hot Topic, actually. Or, it started out like that, and got bigger from there. But Torrid always sells plus-sized versions of most of the clothes you find at Hot Topic.

  3. Hapa says:

    Stunning boobs!
    It’s a testiment to your resolve anything gets done around those boobs. Seriously.

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