Dude, seriously?

The last few days have been stressful, to say the least. My house was broken into (so much fun). And then, it took seven hours for the police to get here. Vegas’ finest, right?

It had to have been kids that did it. They took $300 in cash that kazander left for me in case of emergencies. And that sucked, but whatever. It’s only money.

And they took my ukulele, which really sucked. It was a really nice hand-made one that cost me $175. But I bought it in Hawaii. It was my souvenir from our honeymoon. It’s not like I can go to fucking Walmart and buy another one. I loved that thing. It was a concert ukulele, which is a popular enough size, but the body had a unique shape and it had a very unique sound. It didn’t sound the way most people expect a uke to sound. I adored it. And not only that, but the case was custom-made, exclusively for the store we bought the uke from. It was black, with eight pretty gold turtles embroidered on the front, arranged to look like the islands of Hawaii.

God, it fucking sucks. But whatever. It’s just a thing. I’ll save up and buy another ukulele. It won’t be the same, but at least I’ll have one. I love playing it, and I’m not going to stop just because mine is gone.

But the weirdest thing is that they took my ferrets. Both of them.

Seriously? Who the fuck steals ferrets? And I had a full, unopened bag of food lying just inside the front door, and they left that. But the ferrets were running loose in the kitchen, like they often do, and apparently the burglars decided they wanted them.

Kazander’s parents are in town, so the spawn has been staying with them. So she doesn’t know yet that they’re gone. I’m still holding out some hope that we’ll get them back. With any luck, they’ll decide that ferrets are too much work and will give them to a shelter or whatever. So I’ve got calls in to all the animal shelters and pet stores (as well as pawn shops for the uke). But if I don’t hear anything in the next day or so, I’m going to have to tell her. And she’ll be devastated. Hell, I was devastated.

But seriously, who the fuck steals ferrets? And leaves the computers, the TV, the Xbox, and all the other crap that has significant monetary value? All told, about $800 worth of stuff was stolen. The ferrets were $300, the uke and case were just over $200, and then the $300 in cash. It’s not a lot. The laptops are worth more. The 55″ TV is worth more.

It had to have been kids, who did it. What adult would steal ferrets, and leave the valuable shit? I could understand taking the uke, if you don’t know much about them, thinking it might be valuable (but they’re really not. Mine was like the Cadillac of ukes, at a whopping $175. Sure, there are the Ferraris and the Lamborghinis that can cost $300 or $400, but they’re just not expensive instruments). So I understand that. You see it, it looks fucking awesome, and they’re not very common, so you might assume it’s worth something. I get it.

But ferrets? Seriously?

It sucks. But whatever. Shit happens. I’m over it.

8 thoughts on “Dude, seriously?

  1. abezure says:

    That sucks, like you said, it had to be kids. Or someone that knows how to yank your chain. Taking what meant the most to you.

  2. Ms. Killjoy says:

    The idea that someone would take living beings they aren’t prepared to care for enrages me. Grrrr.

    It does sound like kids or an extreme impulse thing. Here’s to hoping they’re actually found through not being very bright, and that you get the uke and ferrets back.

  3. Polthus says:

    Holy shit, that suuuucks. Getting robbed blows no matter how trivial the monetary loss. And WTF -they stole pets that are constantly given away on craigslist. I mean, it wasn’t two full-blooded whateverthefuck breed of dog…I have to admit, imagining two goons approaching a fence/pawn broker with ‘hot ferrets’ would be funny if it wasn’t your critters that got taken.

    And these knuckleheads, whoever they are, likely don’t have enough connections or cred to have a fence, anyway.

    Sorry this happened to you n’ yours.

  4. Kitty says:

    That’s truly awful. =/
    Is there no chance that the police will be able to get the ukulele or the ferrets back?
    It’s extremely cruel and unfair to take someone’s pets like that. =(

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