I got to play with the virgin this weekend.  Fun times, fun times.

But omigawd, he’s 20 years old!  And for some reason, this didn’t really sink in for me until we were discussing places to meet.  For any boys I’ve met in person who read my blog, they all know that a bar on a weekday is my standard go-to meeting place.  It’s quiet enough that we can have a conversation without fear of being overheard, but public enough to satisfy that nagging desire to not die at the hands of a serial killer.

But he’s twenty years old.  Before I could even suggest the bar, he reminded me of that.

He can’t go to a bar.  Alright, so where else?  I didn’t want to go to a restaurant, so maybe a coffee shop?  All of the coffee shops in the casinos are open twenty-four hours a day, and there’s enough noise that we won’t have to worry about being overheard.

But wait, he’s twenty years old.  Where the hell am I supposed to meet a twenty-year-old at 9:30 at night?

Thankfully, there is one twenty-four-hour Starbucks in the great city of Las Vegas, that isn’t in a casino.  And thankfully, that Starbucks happens to be about a mile from my house.

So we settled on that, I tossed the spawn in bed and went out to meet him.

It was raining, because God hates me.

Oh, what a world

Oh, what a world

But the virgin was a sweetheart.  He had to drive a bit farther to get there, so he suggested that I wait in my car so I don’t have to deal with the rain.

Well, duh.

But he got there, and walked up to my car, and I was flattered when I got out and he handed me a jacket to protect me from the rain.

By the way, it’s June in Vegas.  Jackets are pretty hard to come by these days.

So that was sweet.

And the virgin really is a sweetheart.  He’s tall, which is awesome (he may even be a smidge taller than kazander) with a great, dry sense of humor.  And he has a career at 20, which is awesome.

I think, looking back, that’s what really made me start actively seeking out older men.  I’d always been attracted to them, sure.  But when I was 18, I worked with autistic kids, and I was damn good at my job.  I had a car, I had cash to blow since I was still living with my parents and didn’t have any bills, I had connections, it was great.

But the guys my age were just so stupid.  No car, no job or a minimum-wage job, they just didn’t have their shit together.  Where the older ones, the ones in their mid-to-late twenties, already had all of that down.  Where were the guys like the virgin when I was 20?

So we hung out and chatted for a bit, then went back to my place.  Since we had the new rule, he was expected to sit and hang out with kazander for awhile.  And that went really well.  They got along fine, which made me happy.  So I took him back to the bedroom.

He stripped and I immediately tied him to the bed, on his stomach, and started playing with him.  And the first thing I noticed was how little it took to get a reaction out of him.  At first, I thought he was just really ticklish.  But then I realized (and he confirmed it later on) that it was just that he’d never really been touched there before.

Of course, I made a point not to touch his dick.  He said no one else had ever touched it before, and I had plans.

So I teased him for a bit, then went for the anal plug and shoved it in.  And he took it surprisingly well.

I kept things really, really mild.  Both the nerd and zane had mentioned how incredibly intense the sessions had been (zane was still recovering two days later), and they both at least had some sexual experience, where the virgin had none.  So I didn’t really push him at all.

It turns out, I probably should have.  He mentioned a couple of days later that it had been easier than he’d thought it would be.  Good to know.

But I had fun tormenting him and playing with him while he was on his stomach, then flipped him over.  I teased him some more, then brought kazander in, to enforce my new rule.

The virgin was seriously hesitant about it.  But then he asked, “Can I cum first?”



Silly boy.

I told him he had to earn it.  So kazander came in, all awkward as hell (this was his very first bi experience, as well), and I made him stand at the side of the bed, next to the virgin, and drop his pants.

They were both reluctant, but the virgin did what he was told and started stroking kazander’s dick.  And I loved the fact that his first sexual contact with someone else was with another man.  Super fun stuff.

And then, I told kazander to stroke the virgin’s dick.  That was exactly why I didn’t touch it.  I wanted the first person to touch his dick to be another man.  And it was fabulous.

I made them look at each other, which kazander later told me sucked ass (it’ll probably suck even greater ass when I make him look at the guy who sucks his dick).

Oh, but kazander was starting to get hard!  Yay for persistence and base manipulation.

I didn’t get that lucky with the virgin.  He was as soft as he could get.  But then again, he didn’t have five years of me gradually fucking with his head, either.  Five years ago, kazander would’ve been soft, too.

So it was fun.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

To be honest, though, I’m still a bit wary of the virgin, and his ability to do forced bi in the future.  He didn’t use his safeword, but he was really, really reluctant to do it, and made the comment later that he’s glad I amended my rule.  He didn’t think he’d be able to suck kazander’s dick.

Which is fine.  I mean, I get that.  He’s brand-fucking-new.  But the memory of the nerd still nags at me.  If the nerd hadn’t gone and proclaimed that to be a hard limit, then the virgin and I wouldn’t even be talking, and zane and I wouldn’t be talking, either.  I don’t want to have to deal with that disappointment again.

So I’m being cautious, now, and not letting myself get too excited about the virgin.  I’ll give him a while and see how he does, and he’s promised to let me know ASAP if the forced bi ever becomes too much.

He’s fun to play with, and fun to talk to, but as far as long-term potential goes, I’m definitely more comfortable with zane and his more open sexuality.  Obviously, with him, there isn’t that fear that it’ll become a hard limit.  He’s done it before.  He enjoys doing it.  He knows for a fact that it’s something that could comfortably be made a significant part of his life.  The virgin isn’t so sure.

Both boys have their strengths, and I like both for different reasons.  Zane is smaller, quieter, and has this vulnerability to him that is amazing, and we share a lot of the same interests.  The virgin is taller, more charismatic, with the kind of personality that I usually gravitate toward, he’s very trusting, and he’s very thoughtful and sweet.  Even the age makes a difference.  Zane is 33, only four years older than I am, so we can relate to a lot of things.  The virgin is nine years younger than I am (when I was 18, I was working in a fourth-grade class, full of 9- and 10-year-olds.  He could’ve been one of those 9- or 10-year-olds), and there were some moments during our conversation where the age difference made itself known.  It reminded me of this Facebook meme I saw a few months ago.


For the record, I have no idea if he knows that or not, but there were a few things that just made me think of it.  So it makes a big difference.

However, there is a big difference in stamina between a 20-year-old man and a 33-year-old man.  The virgin has youth on his side.  And there have been times when the average 30-something guy has had trouble keeping up with me.  So when it comes to sexual ability and sexual stamina, the virgin’s youth definitely works in his favor.

So we’ll see what happens.

9 thoughts on “Deflowered

  1. steeledsnakecharmer says:

    Love reading about your adventures…it is hard to bring a new person in and make sure that it works for everyone. You’ll figure out who works best.

    We’re desert rats too–don’t you just love our sweltering heat at the moment? 🙂

    • Domina Jen says:

      I love it! I’ve been waiting for it to get nice and hot. But the random rain and cloudy days are driving me nuts.

      It’s definitely a juggling act when you bring in someone new. But I’ve had poly relationships before (my relationship with kazander is actually the longest I’ve ever been monogamous) and I’ve had more than one sub at a time before. So it’s not too bad. And as much as I was tempted to acquire more playthings in the past, I’m glad I waited. Now that kazander and I are married, the relationship is a little more permanent for him, and he doesn’t really have to worry about me just up and leaving. The years we spent together have also helped me learn about him, how to push his limits without crossing them, how to judge if he’s about to freak out, how to handle him if he does freak out, etc. So that has helped a lot.

  2. Hapa says:

    What an amazing way to be initiated to sex. So uninhibited. Beautiful.
    I’d venture to guess you planted a seed in the virgin that will take a bunch of years to germinate and sprout. In the moment, it was probably overload for him to fully consider everything happening to him. Once that seed sprouts, he’s likely to spend the rest of his life trying to recreate what you were doing to him. That is, if he strays from you.

    • Domina Jen says:

      Perhaps. He seemed like he handled it exceptionally well. I wanted to keep things mild, and it’s possible I was overly cautious. But with a boy I don’t yet know, I’d rather err on the side of caution. Next time will be a little more intense, but not much. I definitely want his first experiences to be memorable!

      • Hapa says:

        I’d say you should consider cloning yourself but that wouldn’t be any fun 😉

      • Wemp says:

        Why do you want him t ohave a first experience? :=D Don’t you want to keep him a virgin? Or at least to make him wait?

      • Domina Jen says:

        I’m fine with giving him his first experience… with a guy. I certainly won’t be having sex with him. I don’t even have sex with my husband.

  3. Sol says:

    I’ve gone back and read your (super hot) tales of forced bi and finding the right guy for it. I’m actually sort of surprised by the hurdles you’ve faced, based on my memories of being 20 and feeling certain of my same-sex attraction, although that isn’t the same thing. The reason I say this is because despite the fact that 20 is very young, I still think people at that age do know certain truths about themselves, even if those truths aren’t completely developed or articulated. So I would think it boils down to asking yourself if you want to, or are at least okay to, [be forced to] suck a dick or not, ha! Yet it’s not always that simple, apparently!

    I also couldn’t help but think of how normalized MFF threesomes are, and while they’re not truly analogous to forced bi, there are certainly similarities in regard to homosexuality and the fact that one person is generally organizing the event. I’ve read of many guys vying for MFF, with so few of them deeply considering their girlfriend’s feelings, like you so plainly care about these boys’ feelings. F/f gets treated like this sexy performance for men, with no reason to think “this says something about me as a person”, whereas with (even forced) m/m it’s so “real” as to absolutely mean something, to really say something about the men involved. Indeed, that’s part of what makes it hot, but also part of what might make some guys, particularly those wet-behind-the-ears, so nervous about it, despite the component of “force.” Does that make any sense? I’m just theorizing here, ha. I don’t have any experience with forced bi besides writing tons of slash fan fiction. 😉

    Anyway! Your writing is delicious, and I wish you luck!

    • Domina Jen says:

      Thank you! I definitely agree that, at that age, you pretty much know who you are. I was a Domme at 20, and long before that. He’s still unsure at this point, so we’ll see. But yes, there is a big difference between MFF threesomes and MMF threesomes. The difference between men and women is huge in terms of sexuality, and what is widely accepted. It takes a lot more work to get men to do forced bi. But it’s definitely worth it.

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