Contestant #2, the Nerd, and Vomit

So I met with Contestant #2 (I’ll call him zane) yesterday.  We had drinks at a bar near where he lives.  And he doesn’t live far from me, which is great.  Vegas isn’t a huge city, but it’s big enough that it can be really inconvenient if you have to drive to the opposite end of town on a regular basis.

Zane is awesome.  We ended up chatting for three hours, before I realized what time it was and had to rush back home to relieve the babysitter.  But he travels a lot for work, so he’s very worldly and educated, with that quiet, refined energy that I’m always so attracted to.  We watch a lot of the same movies and TV, we have the same dream of one day owning a strip club, and a lot of our kinks match up and overlap in ways that will probably prevent either of us from getting bored.

And he’s heteroflexible, so freakin’ yay.

I’m excited to see where it leads.  He doesn’t have a lot of experience, but he’s got enough to know what he’s into, and it seems like we’re looking for the same thing, or at least something similar.  And he’s got this face that I’m sure would look fucking adorable with a dick shoved in it.

Yeah, so there’s that.

And then, later that evening, I got a call from Contestant #3.  I seriously doubt he’ll be around long enough to warrant a real nickname, so we’re just gonna go with three.

Three says he’s absolutely a sub.

I absolutely don’t believe him.

He’s a kinkster, maybe.  Or a bottom, or whatever title fits.  And that’s great.  I love kinksters.  They’re great fun, and they’ve been a perfect fit for me in those parts of my life when I’ve wanted a play-partner or booty call.

But that’s not what I want now.  I don’t want a kinkster.  I don’t want a bottom.  I want a sub.

And his personality just gets on my nerves.  He’s nerdy, similar to the Nerd.  But he’s slightly pretentious, annoyingly extroverted (and not in the charismatic, magnetic-personality kind of way), and talks to me like I’m his little sister (he’s like, five years younger than I am).  Through the entire conversation, I had to keep from grinding my teeth, because he just irked me so much.

Still, I decided I would give him a legitimate chance.  It’s entirely possible that he came across as such a douche because he was nervous, or because I’m the first Domme he’s ever spoken to.  I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and try to keep an open mind.

But then, as we were getting off the phone, he said two words that made me throw up in my mouth a little bit, and made my soul cringe and run screaming into the night.

“Later, Cutie.”

Oh.  My.  Gawd.

Okay, I absolutely, utterly abhor those nicknames.  Cutie, Sweetie, Honey, Baby, and I will outright cut any bitch who calls me Princess.

But really? Really?

Okay, so I get that everyone is different, we celebrate our diversity, blah blah blah.

But in the 13 years that I’ve (officially) been a Domme, I’ve spoken to a great deal of subs, slaves, bottoms, and switches, both male and female. Some, I’ve spoken to as potential partners. Others, as good friends. Hell, I’ve owned more than a few of them.

And I have never, ever, in all my experience, with all the people I’ve spoken to, come across someone who would say something like that. Even my Dom friends wouldn’t dare. But more than that, in all of the sub men and women I’ve spoken to, something like that just wasn’t part of their personality.

Obviously, I told him to knock that the fuck off (nicely). And he hasn’t said it since. I’ve talked to him once more, today, for just a few minutes. He caught me as I was getting ready to go out to dinner with kazander, so the conversation only lasted a minute or two.

And really, I just didn’t want to talk to him

I told him I’d call him tomorrow, and I will. I’ll keep my word, and I’ll give him one more conversation. And I’ll keep an open mind.

But if he gets on my nerves, that’s just going to have to be the end of my dealings with him. I’ve got Zane and the Nerd.

And omigawd, the Nerd!!!

I mentioned that he’s never seen a dildo in person before. So it goes without saying that he’s never been inside an adult bookstore before.

I told him I wanted him to buy a nice, smooth, slender vibe/dildo for me to fuck him with. He said that the idea of walking into the store made him nervous.

That’s kinda the point.

But he asked if I would be willing to go with him. And, since the idea of actually seeing him inside the store, his face redder than my hair, was appealing as hell, I was totally up for it.

So he came to my house, we got in my car, and we drove to the store.

He was so shy, so nervous! Freaking adorable.

I picked out a nice beginner vibe, since he’s a virgin, and he paid for it.

Fun side note: I pointed to a rather hefty dildo, shaped and sized like a hand, and half-jokingly told him I wanted to get him to the point where he could take it.

He said, “Is that what you want?”

(Of course it’s a stupid question, but cut him some slack. He hasn’t known me that long.)

I said, “Of course.”

He got all shy and whispered, “I’ll get it if you want.”

And I about came all over the floor.

As tempting as it was, I do actually want him to survive his first anal experience, so I told him no. Not yet, anyway.

We drove back to my house, and I parked the car. But before we got out, I told him I wanted to see his dick.

So he unzipped his pants and pulled them down.

And I noticed two things.

First of all, he was already hard. Like, rock-hard. And I hadn’t even touched him yet.

The second thing I noticed was how little he was. His length wasn’t too bad. Only a little less than average, I guess. But his girth was pitiful. It was so skinny!

I think my exact words were, “Aww, it’s adorable! Look how cute it is! When’s it gonna grow up to be a real one?”

So that was awesome. I groped him a bit, then took the vibe from him (I want to make sure he wouldn’t get over-eager and use it before we play. I want to be the one to take his virginity) and sent him on his way.

I cannot fucking wait to see him again.

6 thoughts on “Contestant #2, the Nerd, and Vomit

  1. Hot.

    Eh… Cutie? Oh my. 😦

    • Domina Jen says:

      Yeah… Have you ever had one of those experiences that was just so weird, so “out there,” that it literally took you a few seconds to realize what just happened?

      No one, in my entire life, has ever called me anything like that. I even survived a year in the south without being called “sweetie” or “sweetheart,” and I’ve survived 5 years of Maryland inlaws without once being called “Hon.” No one’s ever done it.

      Reading back over it, I guess it doesn’t seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but I’ve never been called a nickname like that. It was so freaking weird!

      • Well the thing that gets me is the level of cluelessness it shows on his part.

        That is just weird. I can not in a million years imaging calling a woman I hoped to serve “cutie…” It’s to the level of skin crawling. That would be like a slave calling her Master “baby boy.” Um. Just no.

        Maybe he was really uncomfortable and was trying to make himself feel better and more secure by doing something familiar to him. But even still, it’s much like shooting yourself in the foot.

        You could…. Turn it into a hell of a hot scene if you could get to that place with him… lol I bet he wouldn’t do it again after that.

        But mostly… Ick.

      • Domina Jen says:

        Exactly! I just couldn’t understand where he was coming from. If I ever get to the point where I’d play with him, I’ll definitely make sure he never makes that mistake again, lol. Still, I doubt it’ll get that far.

      • dommeluck says:

        I’m always in the camp of giving second and third chances even when I see these little “pink flags” where you wonder if you can chalk something up to nerves or inexperience…. ugh, and it’s never worth it. Definitely talk to him again because I want to hear the stories, but yeah… if you don’t sync up even in those little hard-to-articulate ways… I still haven’t learned my lesson in that department though.

        I love the other two candidates though! I want a reality show!

      • Domina Jen says:

        I completely agree with you… I feel like I should give him the benefit of the doubt, but really, it’s never been worth it in my experience, either. I never did talk to him yesterday. Got caught up with something wayyyy more fun (a post on that is coming soon) and didn’t get done until super late. But I’ll talk to him one more time and see if it gets better.

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