Humiliation. And calligraphy, because I’m classy like that

Last night, kazander’s sub was supposed to come over, and he’d had a rough day at work, and he wasn’t caged, so he was in full-fledged assertive-man mode.  I was horny and stressed out, and had completely forgotten that she was supposed to come over.  I was a little bummed, but he’d asked me almost a week ago, and I’d said it was fine.  I’m not about to go back on my word.

But then, a couple hours before she was supposed to get here, she canceled.

God loves me, after all.

I was definitely going to take advantage of the fact that neither of us had to get up early the next morning.  He was as far from feeling subby as he could get, but with patience and calculated manipulation, that can be easily changed.

It started innocently enough.  As soon as the spawn was put to bed, I sat down on the couch next to him, completely clothed (I usually walk around the house in some state of undress), and started playing with his dick through his shorts.  For awhile I just teased him like that, then I told him to take off his clothes.  There were a couple of edges, and I made him tell me one of his dirty, depraved fantasies.

And I was once again reminded that my dear little slut isn’t nearly as dirty or twisted as I am.

After that, I collared him, cuffed his wrists to his collar, and had him choose which toy I would put inside him.  The way he moans whenever he’s penetrated is absolutely delightful.  Lots of face-sitting, which is one of his absolute favorites, and I had him lick me to a couple of orgasms.

By this point, he was back to the slutty little bitch I adore.  I brought him to countless edges while sitting on his face, until he was squirming and moaning, his legs writhing.  I alternated between edging him and reaching down to play with the toy inside him.

He was gasping and trembling by the time I finally got off of him and gave him a breather.  And then he surprised me by suggesting I write humiliating things on him and take pictures of it.  Of course, I was stoked.

He knows me too well.

Unfortunately, because we kept having this issue with markers and a three-year-old,

WP_20150313_14_03_50_ProThere aren’t many markers in our house.  In fact, the only thing I could find was the cheap calligraphy pen I’d completely forgotten I had (my nice pen and nibs would’ve drawn blood, which would’ve been awesome in its own right, but not the effect I was going for).

I had a lot of fun doing it.  And fun trivia fact; it’s a hell of a lot harder writing with a cheap pen on skin than it is with a high-quality pen on paper.  Still, it didn’t turn out as awful as I thought it would.


After my artistic urges were satisfied, I put the pen down and took him into the bedroom, where I grabbed my vibrating wand to let him cum.

He hates the taste of his cum.  Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, and I’d make him eat it anyway, but his reaction is so bad, he’ll actually throw up if he’s made to eat all of it.  I don’t want him puking on my 600 thread count, eucalyptus sheets (yes, I’m the type of person that will spend $220 on sheets), so I normally don’t push the issue.

But recently, I’ve decided to start training him to tolerate the taste, and get him to the point where he’ll be able to do it without a problem.  He’s got mixed feelings.  Of course, the training process would involve him being allowed to cum much more often than he used to, so he’s excited about that.  On the other hand, it’ll mean that he’s going to have to eat it much more often than he used to, so he’s not so excited about that.

So he came, rather powerfully (it got in his beard, which was hilarious) and I immediately scooped some up, forced his mouth open, and made him eat it.  He dry-heaved a few times, but tolerated it pretty well.

It was after 2 am by this point, and I was tired, so we went to sleep.  All in all, it was a fun night, and I like him much better when he’s submissive and slutty than when he’s all assertive and annoying.

3 thoughts on “Humiliation. And calligraphy, because I’m classy like that

  1. What a Lucky boy, Excellent penmanship too btw

  2. Zed says:

    Yes, the Lone revenant is right…you write nicely! x

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