I’m buying another chastity cage for kazander. The one we have is simply unbearable at night, and it’s getting to the point that I have to let him out for a day or two every week, just to keep him functioning normally. Collapsing from exhaustion isn’t really sexy.  I’ve tried keeping him locked up for weeks at a time, hoping he’ll just get used to it.  That didn’t work.  I’ve tried using lotion to lube up the area before bed.  That didn’t work.  I’ve run out of ideas.


But I don’t like him as much when he’s not caged. And now that he’s being let out on a regular basis (even though I don’t touch him, and don’t allow him to touch himself) wearing the cage just doesn’t have the same effect. He’s losing some of that sluttiness, he’s trying to be assertive to the point of getting obnoxious, and he’s a bit on the irritable side. He does what I tell him when I outright order him to do something, but my subtle hints are being ignored.  And I’m constantly having to remind him to not be an ass.

Yeah, fuck everything about that. If I wanted a vanilla husband, I would’ve stayed with my ex.

We have the Jail House now, which I’m assuming is a knock-off of the Jail Bird. Other than the night-time pain, I love it. I love the metal, I love the way it looks, and kazander says it’s comfortable during the day. So it bums me out, that we can’t use it in the long term. Especially since I don’t have $400 lying around to purchase the Jail Bird, or the Queen’s Keep, which I also love.


We think, based on our combined research, that the reason for the pain is that the tube is too long.  Kazander is a grower, not a shower, and his soft dick barely reaches the halfway point of the 3.25″-long tube.

Because of this, he’s able to get more erect than it seems like he should.  He still can’t get completely hard, and it still hurts like hell, but based on what we’ve both read, he’s got way too much room in his cage.

Still, I don’t want to make an investment like the Jail Bird, or the Queen’s Keep, without knowing for sure that the length is the issue.  I know I want one of those two eventually, but I just can’t afford it now.  I’ve been losing a metric fuckton of weight, and every spare cent I make needs to go to making sure I have clothes that fit.  As it is, I really need to stop procrastinating and buy some new jeans.  Every pair I own can be taken off without unbuttoning them.

So yeah, for the next year or so, my disposable income will be virtually nonexistent.  And I need a cage now.

Or this:

This sexy piece of awesomeness is called the Ultimate Male Lockdown, pic is from

This fabulous piece of awesomeness is called the Ultimate Male Lockdown, pic is from

I think a few hours in this would make him rethink some of his choices.

So I’m going with the CB6000S, which is pretty much the shortest cage I can find, at 2.5 inches.  I’m not thrilled about it being plastic (I really love steel) but it’ll work for what we need.  If the length is really the problem, then this should solve it.

And gawd, I’m tired of having to let him out all the time.  If I can just lock him up and keep him that way, I’ll be so much happier, and I think he will be, too.

3 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. I wear a Queen’s Keep and/or Steelheart. I’ve been in a cb6000s, my starter device. Based on my own personal experiences (in 24×7 for 3++ months before I swapped out) I would warn you against CBx’s because they tend to introduce other issues (like splitting (yikes) and sharp edges).

    BUT, mass-market devices are hard to make, I suspect. Just too many differences between people to address in a truly “general population” device offering.

    You could end up spending more, searching for the right mass-market device, than you would just saving for the steel device and getting it when you can. Not a fun answer, but it’s probably the end-game in terms of longer-term. has reviews – one is a general review and one is on the holy trainer that might be interesting.

    Holy Trainer:

    General Review:

    Ironically, his general review suggests the CB devices. You can see it’s a “bit of this, bit of that” preference thing.

    By the way, with regards to sleeping and my experiences with that, it really takes pushing through it and getting used to it. Now 18 months or so in full-time, I can tell you that things settle in well and it’ll all work out. 🙂

    • Domina Jen says:

      I’ve heard that about the CB devices, as well. But how long is it supposed to take before the night pain stops? Everything I’ve read suggests a week or two at the most. He’s been in the cage longer than that (20 days is our record), and still can’t sleep. I don’t intend to have the CB for long, it’s mostly an experiment to see if the cage length is the problem, and something for him to wear while I save up for the one I actually want.

      • One idea – on the lotion, you could true silicone lube – it sticks around rather than soaking in. I have found that if I have a hot-spot, it works much better.

        You’re right though – it doesn’t usually take that long to get used to sleeping in it – I suspect the length is an issue, and perhaps the ring size. You can test the length with the CBx and then ring size as well with their rings.

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