Making sandwiches

c17We’ve already been through the I-love-my-husband-he’s-so-awesome thing.  But, just in case you’re new here, he’s awesome, m’kay?  Everyone up to speed?


Outstanding.  Moving on.

So kazander and I had talked about orgasms before, about anticipation heightening the pleasure, blah blah blah.  We’ve talked about the effects temporary denial could have on the ensuing orgasm.

Obviously, this is something I’ve never really experienced, myself.  I’m all for the instant gratification, and since I have the patience of a four-year-old, it’s a system that works for me.

But today, since he had the day off work, and the spawn was staying with the grandmothers (I know, and she wasn’t even in trouble or being punished or anything), we decided to try something new.  I was curious, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  So I decided to give him control over my orgasm(s) for the day, allowing him to decide if and when I was brought to the edge, and if and when to push me over it.

As it turns out, kazander is quite the asshole expert on tease and denial.  There were countless edges, random moments where he’d give me oral or use my vibrator on me for an infuriatingly small amount of time, and mounting frustration on my part.

I’m pretty sure I was thinking worse things about him today than I did when I gave birth to the spawn.  I may had voiced one or two of those colorful imaginings.  I don’t remember.

But the bastard stood firm, because he’s an asshole stubborn that way.  And as the day wore on, the thought of dragging him to the bedroom by his hair, shoving him down, and violating his ass dry with the biggest dildo we owned became more and more appealing.

But I’m supposed to be this great and powerful Domme, with all this amazing willpower, or something.  If I couldn’t make it through one damn day, after not only agreeing to the terms set out, but dictating them in the first place, that wouldn’t paint me in a particularly flattering light.

So I kept my mouth shut (mostly) and kept my hands to myself.

Finally, after midnight, when I was fucking exhausted and frustrated beyond all hell, he took me into the bedroom and started going down on me.

Now, kazander’s dick is pretty much useless.  He can’t last in bed and sex with him has always been a joke (hence the reason he remains locked up, and I don’t have sex with him).


There is one thing he does very, very well.  And last night, he pulled out all the stops.

I came rather quickly, as could be expected.  And on any other night, the fun would be over.  I’m a one-and-done kind of gal.

But the fucker kazander kept going.

That whole area was sensitive as fuck and I could barely think straight, let alone figure out how to move my arms enough to shove him off me.

And he, the opportunistic bastard that he is, capitalized on my lack of motor skills.

After a few moments, though, the unbearable sensitivity went away a bit, and I was surprised as hell to feel that tension building once again.

Usually, it’s a gradual build, starting off slow and steadily rising to that edge.  It’s a process that can take a few minutes on some days.  This time, it took ten seconds.  There was nothing steady or gradual about it.

And holy fucking jalapeno corn nuts, Batman.

I can list, in order, my five best orgasms ever.  Interestingly enough, they’ve all been with kazander (and this is where those who arched a brow when I first got with him begin to understand my reasons for doing so).

This one blew them all completely, mother-fucking-duckly out of the water.  I’ve never screamed from an orgasm before in my life.  Some loud moaning, sure.  But no screams.

I screamed.  And thrashed wildly about.  Seriously, I’m pretty sure I looked exactly like those women in those god-awful pornos that I like to make fun of when I’m bored.

And then, when he was done, he just looked up at me with that shit-eating, proud-of-himself, obnoxious, I-was-right-wasn’t-I look of his.  I couldn’t decide whether to hug him or kick him in the face.

Instead, I just laughed and said, “Damn, baby.  I’m gonna make you a sandwich.”

He suggested we do it again tomorrow.

And I kicked him in the face.

One thought on “Making sandwiches

  1. Zed says:

    So sweet….love takes many forms! x

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