Reason why I love my husband, #246

Kazander’s been working a lot of hours lately.  It happens every three months, and we just know that for the last few weeks of the quarter, he’s not going to get a day off, and he’ll be lucky if he gets home before I put the spawn to bed.

So he’s exhausted, and hasn’t really been very subby lately.  It happens every three months, we both know it’s going to happen, and there’s no real way around it.  I can’t really blame him.  Not when he’s working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And yet, even through all that, he has still worn his chastity cage dutifully, and hasn’t complained or asked for it to be removed at all.

It’s impressive, considering how big of a nag he was before we got married.  So last night, I decided to give him a reward.

His biggest problem with the cage is trying to sleep with it on.  He’ll wake up in the middle of the night from those nighttime erections, and will literally ice his dick for 45 minutes to an hour, trying to get it to go down.  And then, because he’s always had trouble sleeping, he’ll pray that he’ll get another hour or two of sleep before he has to go to work.

But he hasn’t complained once.

So last night, right before bed, I surprised him by taking the cage off.  I told him he could sleep with it off, and get a good night’s sleep for the first time in the last month.  As always, he wasn’t allowed to touch his dick, and I expected him to put the cage back on before he went to work in the morning.

I won’t lie.  I was expecting him to “forget,” as he has been prone to do in the past.  I was already planning his punishment, before I even went to bed.  But this morning, when I woke up, I saw this lying on the table.

WP_20150328_11_53_42_Pro 1

It’s his chastity key, in case you’re wondering.

Things have certainly changed since we got married.  I find myself constantly impressed by his new level of obedience in the five months since the wedding.  It’s not as much of a struggle anymore.  While he’s still a challenging sub (I wouldn’t love him if he weren’t) I’m finding life so much easier now.  He does what he’s told without me having to strong-arm him into it now.  He doesn’t nag now.  He doesn’t whine, or complain, or bitch and moan now.  If I had known marriage would bring about this many changes, I would’ve done it years ago.

One thought on “Reason why I love my husband, #246

  1. Zed says:

    So there’s his key….a marriage made in heaven! x

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