Milder playtime

It’s not always about the edge-of-your-seat, screaming-and-writhing, whip-him-til-he-bleeds kinds of sessions. Those are a ton of fun, but they can be exhausting, and usually take up the entire evening. If that happened every day, I’d never get anything done.

And I need to get shit done.

Yes, yes I do

Yes, yes I do

But just because I’m busy doesn’t mean that I can’t find ways to abuse kazander. Endlessly teasing and edging him while watching TV is one of my favorites. I like when he’s horny. The hornier he gets, the sluttier he getss, the more I like him. So the whole tease-and-denial thing is fun.

But that’s not all I like to do with him. Sometimes I’ll have him lie across my lap and play with his ass, either using my fingers or a toy. Occasionally, I’ll reach down and give him an edge or two, just because I can.

And then there are ruined orgasms. Those are super-duper fun. I actually gave him one of those completely by accident last night.

I was feeling extremely generous, and after an hour or so of teasing him, he was completely hard. So I had him lie flat on the couch, and I straddled him. My original plan was to ride him during the commercial breaks, and sit still during the TV show we were watching.

Yeah, that didn’t work.

I guess I should point out that the last time we had sex was on his birthday. In December. So it’s been just a minute. And I had also already been teasing him for little bit before the him-going-in-me part.

Still, I didn’t expect him to cum so fast. Seriously, I didn’t even move. I just sat there, and then all of a sudden he jerked away and a few seconds later, his stuff just sort of dribbled out pathetically.

So it certainly wasn’t what I expected, but even so, I wasn’t disappointed.

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