Random Questions

Yet another post inspired by writingthebody, in which he answered some random questions that were originally posted by girlinabasement. So I figured I’d jump on that wagon and answer them myself, too.

Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet?

She says.…~ No. I used to know someone who I wished that on, but not now.

He says: No, I don’t. I do not hate anyone. Really, really true.

I say: I don’t really hate anyone, but there is one person who comes to mind, that I think the world would be better off without.

How do you flush the toilet in public?

She says…~ Uh, just pull the handle or push the button. Duh. It grosses me out when people use their feet to flush public toilets. And you know some people do!

He says: Wow….really do people do that? Until I read Mouse’s answer I did not really get the question. I am afraid I use my hand too….

I say: Well, since there is roughly 200 times more bacteria on the average cell phone (including fecal matter) than on the average public toilet, I use my hand. That’s what Purell was invented for.

Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?

She says ~ Always.

He says – always

I say: Yep.

Do you have a crush on someone?

She says….~ Yes.

He says: No

I say: I would leave kazander in a second if Roman Reigns ever walked up to me and asked me to marry him.

Name one thing you worry about running out of.

She says:~ Sanity.

He says: Coffee, toilet paper, oats

I say: Creativity

What famous person do you (or other people) think you resemble?

She says: ~ No one. At least, no one that I know of.

He says: No one. In fact, I am finding that I do not resemble anyone at all. This alarms me a bit. I have even checked if people like being beaten the same way as me. And they don’t.

I say: People have said that I look a bit like Drew Barrymore.

What is your favorite pizza topping?

She says: ~ Just cheese.

He says: A rich tomato sauce that I myself have made, with chopped pre-steamed vegetables, a little fo something to give it tang, maybe olive, maybe salami, maybe anchovy

I say: Cheese. And bacon.

Do you crack your knuckles?

She says~ No, and I dislike when people do, because it makes my hands hurt

He says: No.

I say: No.

What song do you hate the most?

She says…~ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

He says: I don’t know…some blues stuff gets on my nerves but I would not say I hated it. Some rap as well. But I don’t hate it. No I can be cheap and nasty with my music…think Rebecca Black….I do not mind…really. Kesha. FIne by me. And I adore the thought of Lady Gaga. But hmm strayed ther. Lucy in the sky with diamonds is a bit irritating I must admit. But I do not even hate that. It is just annoying.

I say: “Call Me Maybe.” I can feel a part of my soul dying every time I hear it.

Did just mentioning that song make it get stuck in your head?

They both say:~ No, thank goodness.

I say: Nope. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been stuck in my head all day.

What are your super powers?

She says:~ Don’t know. Empathy, maybe? And I like to write, so powers of observation, maybe.

He says: I only have weaknesses, super-weaknesses.

I say: I still have a baby tooth (my left canine), and I’m immune to chickenpox. Criminals, beware my wrath.

Peppermint or spearmint?
We all say…~ Peppermint.

Where are your car keys?
She says~ I don’t have a car.

He says: IN my pocket

I say: No fucking clue. It’s usually a scavenger hunt to find them.

What’s your most annoying habit?

She says:~ I pick dead skin off my lips and from around my fingernails.

He says: Talking too much

I say: Forgetting things.

Where did you last go on vacation?

She says:~ Illinois, to visit relatives.

He says: Europe, to visit relatives

I say: We went on a day trip to Mt Charleston yesterday to play in the snow.

What is your best physical feature?

She says…~ I don’t know. I don’t think like that. [ I say, aw, go on!]

He says: tempting to say none, but my eyes (usually laughing), my butt maybe….

I say: My boobs.

What CD is closest to you right now?

She says…~ All of them; all my CDs are on a media cabinet nearby. [I think it is a metaphor Mouse – tehy want to know what you have just played]

He says: I have just played, let’s see, Zaz’s newbie, forgotten the name of it, but very likeable

I say: 30 Seconds to Mars, This is War

What 3 things can always be found in your refrigerator?

She says… ~ Milk, lunchmeats, and our Brita water pitcher.

He says: Juice, milk, rice milk

I say: Milk, water, and cheese

What superstition do you believe/practice?

She says… ~ I’m not that superstitious, but I’ve been known to hold my breath and cross my fingers when passing a cemetery.

He says: None

I say: I know it’s not a superstition, per se, but I believe that karma comes back around and we reap what we sow. So I try to be very patient and kind with everyone I meet.

What color are your bed sheets?

She says…~ Blue.

He says: different colours….have different sets

I say: Black and white

Would you rather be a fish or a bird?
We all say…~ Bird. I’d love to be able to fly.

Do you talk on your cell phone when you drive?

She says~ No, because I don’t drive. I wouldn’t even if I could drive.

He says: I try not to…I answer and pull over

I say: It’s actually illegal to talk on your phone while driving here, so I don’t.

What are your favorite sayings?

She says… ~ “No fear,” “Cool,” “Whatever,” and “Bizarre.”

He says: No worries, whatever

I say: Sweet, sure sure, whatever

What song(s) do you sing most often in the shower?

She says…~ I sing a variety of songs. There isn’t a singular song I sing more often.

He says: I don’t really sing in the shower…at most a couple of lines from a song I may have been listening to in the car

I say: Anything that comes to mind, really. But Hallelujah and Vissi d’Arte are probably my two favorites.

If you could go back or forward in time, where would you go?

She says…~ I wouldn’t. I’m happy where I am right now.

He says: The far future

I say: Ancient Sparta.

What is your favorite movie?

She says…~ “Badlands.”

He says: Funny, I do not really have one. I adore Querelle, but also the Devdas line of films (especially Guru Dutt), and I loved the Matrix

I say: I have too many to count. But I really love The Peaceful Warrior.

What CD is in your stereo?

She says… ~ Nothing at present.

He says: In my car, it is Daisy by Brand New; and in my cd here, it is Zaz’s latest

I say: Minnie Mouse’s Favorites. Yeah, toddlers are fun.

What CD will be in your stereo in a few minutes?

She says:~ Depends on my mood.

He says: I am not changing it now

I say: I don’t have the luxury to choose.

How many kids do you plan on having?

She says…~ I’d like to have two or three, maybe. At least one.

He says: I did not plan to have any, but one is just right

I say: I’ve got one already, and will probably have another sometime down the line.

If you could kiss anyone who would it be?

She says:~ I don’t know.

He says: I don’t want to kiss anyone

I say: I’m not a big kisser, but kazander is pretty good at it. I kinda like kissing him.

What do you do when no one is watching?

She says…~ Nothing.

He says: Masturbate or try to. It feels nice, but it is private

I say: Karaoke

If they made a movie about your life, what actor/actress would be you?

She says…~ No one. It’d have to be me.

He says: If it were to make me look profound and sound good, it would have to be John Hurt. His name even sounds like a sentence….except it should be turned into a command…Hurt John. But if it was to be someone a bit like how I seem, well, someone gawky like Tom Hanks

I say: Well, since I apparently look like Drew Barrymore, I guess she would work.

Would you rather die in a blaze of glory or peacefully in your sleep?

They say. ~ Peacefully in my sleep.

I say: Blaze of glory

Coffee or Tea?

She says…~ Raspberry tea only. Otherwise, neither.

He says: I love both. But coffee

I say: Usually coffee, but it depends on my mood.

Favorite musician(s)/bands you’ve seen in concert?

She says…~ I’ve never been to a concert before.

He says: I loved the sound John Cale put together – but really for total show, my favourite was MCR (I love over the top stuff like that….and am really sad they broke up).

I say: I actually liked Puscifer a lot more than I thought I would.

Have you ever been in love?

She says ~ No, I don’t think so.

He says: I guess I was always in love when I was young, and it never happened. I just had no chance….and well, after that, no. But it was just as well. Because I love the people around me. And the closer they are to me, the more I love them…

I say: I’m in love right now.

Do you talk to yourself?

She says ~ All the time. I don’t care.

He says: Of course. It is an old habit now. And I have forgotten that anyone would think that I should care. So I am with Mouse on that one….

I say: Sometimes.

So there you have it. Random questions and answers.

3 thoughts on “Random Questions

  1. writingthebody says:

    Love this….so kind of you to put that together, and fun as well….it does shed strange light on us doesn’t it?

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