It’s that day…

God, I love this picture...

God, I love this picture…

It’s Valentine’s Day! Yay! And I got completely spoiled by my sweet boy. He gave me my gifts last night instead of today, because he’s just a rebel like that. I got Lindor truffles, a metric fuckton of chocolate, and a bottle of Merlot (I think he’s trying to keep me fat…).

Oh, and fun side note. He had no idea that Merlot and chocolate truffles go together. The bastard just got lucky.

So he was a very good boy. So good, in fact, that I just might make it up to him on Steak-and-Blowjob Day. Usually for us, it’s You-Might-Get-to-Cum Day, but this year, I think he’s earned something special. Especially since my birthday was the beginning of this month, and he spoiled the hell out of me then, too. So yeah, something good is definitely coming his way. I’ll just have to sit down and figure out exactly what kind of reward I want to give him.

One thought on “It’s that day…

  1. writingthebody says:

    Love the heart on the padlocked balls…nice hard-on too, I guess!

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