A Happy Accident

So I read a post written by Denying Thumper today in which his wife gave him the choice of how he would make her cum that night. And it got me thinking. So I texted kazander today while he was at work and told him that he could decide what we did tonight. But the decision whether or not he would get to cum was still mine alone.

And it was nice. First, he lied down on his back on the couch, and I lied on top of him, reclining against his bent legs while he licked my pussy and my ass. We did that for a few minutes, and I spent a few more minutes talking down to him and teasing him. When we went to the bedroom, he asked me to tie him up and use as many toys as I wanted to tease and torment him.

And that was fun, as it always is. I tied him spread-eagle on the bed, with his blindfold on, and spent half an hour or so having fun with him. I put the vibrating prostate massager in his ass, I used the Whartenburg Wheel, my vampire gloves, nipple clamps, and all sorts of things on him. I brought him to countless edges and told him in great, graphic detail how I wanted to cuckold him.

He was rock-hard, and I was horny as hell, so after awhile I untied him and told him to eat me out. And, since he’s all about going that extra mile, he brought me to two orgasms back-to-back (that’s not an easy thing to do with me).

He tried to start in on me a third time, but I was so sensitive, I just couldn’t take it. Hell, even when he trailed his fingertips lightly across my stomach, I couldn’t stop shuddering and trembling.

So I decided to reward him. I started jerking him off, intending only to edge him. But a happy accident happened. I guess I stopped one thrust too late, because he came.

But it was a completely ruined orgasm. Like a zebra-lion love-child ruined orgasm. It was lovely. The cum just dribbled out of him so pathetically.

Normally, he’s not allowed to cum without permission. But I was so excited and amused by it, I didn’t punish him for it. Instead, I looked up at him, smiled, and said, “Well there’s your orgasm for tonight.”

There was a pause. Then he said, “Now that’s just wrong.”

So all in all, tonight was definitely a win.

5 thoughts on “A Happy Accident

  1. writingthebody says:

    You two reallyget each other…you are so obviously on each other’s waverlength it is always a joy to read!

  2. Lovely! One of Jalan’s favorite things is to edge me with her pussy. I’m slow to come for a man, and she’s fast, so it works pretty well (unless I’ve been denied for some time, then she can’t do it safely for long). She gets off just fine and leave me breathless and wanting :). That, and she’s usually had an orgasm or two from me by other means by then.

    One other thing she does (or, rather, doesn’t) is she almost never tells me whether I’ll get to come on a given occasion of sex, play, or teasing — leaving me that spark of hope every time. I don’t find out until the “ending,” and she knows my responses so well there’s very rarely a surprise for her.

    • Domina Jen says:

      Ah, that’s awesome. For us, though, it’s the other way around. It almost never takes him more than a few minutes (especially when he’s in me), where achieving orgasm is something that’s exceedingly difficult for me (I’ve actually never had one until I met him. He’s the only one who has ever been able to bring me to that point). So teasing him and edging him with my pussy doesn’t work.

      But, like Jalan, I almost never tell kazander whether or not he’s going to be allowed to cum. I love putting that spark of hope in his head, and seeing his expression at the end, when I tell him he can’t cum, is priceless.

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