The Sweater


You used to have this sweater
Once upon a time
It was worthless, you assumed
Not even worth a dime

The thread was a little unraveled
And faded from the sun
The style was from years ago
The hem was coming undone

You hated the thing, you called it trash
Worthless, so you say
You kept it hidden in your closet
And finally threw it away

Years later, I happened upon it
Lying in a pile
The pale colors caught my eye
And I loved the vintage style

It needed some work, I will admit
The fabric was frayed and old
But after only some minor repair
I realized it was gold.

The very first time I tried it on
In front of the mirror, I stood
The image took my breath away
I’d never looked so good.

It’s comfortable in any weather
And it’s the perfect fit
Whenever I go out, people
Stop to admire it.

Now I get flattering looks
Everywhere I go
People love this old sweater
They all want one of their own

But now that you see how good it looks
And what you threw away
You’ve decided that you want it back
But things don’t work that way.

You imagine yourself wrapped in its warmth
Comforting from head to toe
You can want it all you want
But I’m not letting it go

You can’t have the sweater back
It’s not something you can take
You didn’t see the value in it
I won’t make the same mistake.

3 thoughts on “The Sweater

  1. mel says:

    Lovely, and reeking of hidden meaning!

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