A Budding Masochist?

Kazander has been evolving lately… or devolving, depending on your point of view.

He’s never been a masochist of any kind. He tolerates pain because he knows I’m a sadist, but it’s never been his thing. CBT is something I only make him endure rarely, since he’s always hated it.

Until recently.

It started just before we switched for his birthday. I’d be teasing him or playing with his balls and he’d put his hand over mine and squeeze harder, or softly beg me to hurt him. The requests were interesting, and I kept them in the back of my mind to explore once I was in charge again.

So last night, after giving me oral, he asked once again for me to hurt him. And I was happy to oblige.

I straddled his face and reached down to roughly grope and slap his balls. And to my surprise, he actually enjoyed it. If I had been hitting him that hard two months ago, I would’ve had to peel him off the ceiling. But last night, he only moaned and spread his legs wider. It was wild.

He even came close to cumming on more than one occasion. And, aside from rubbing the heel of my hand up and down his shaft as I handled his balls, I really didn’t pay any attention to his dick at all. It was surprising as hell that he was so close to cumming from that much pain.

And I loved the noises he was making. Especially once I found that perfect combination of pressure that elicited a shuddering moan from him. The occasional whispered “fuck” was great, too.

When I finally decided to let him cum, it took only a few seconds, and hardly any effort. It didn’t surprise me when he asked me to “make it hurt, Mistress.” Part of me thought about denying him, but then I saw how swollen and red his balls were, and realized that they would probably be too sore to play with after the arousal faded away.

So this new masochism is fun, to say the least. I’m quite interested in finding out where this new path leads us, and how kazander continues to evolve.

4 thoughts on “A Budding Masochist?

  1. Caitlin says:

    hahaha….love it!

  2. […] for example. I made him give me oral and lick me to two orgasms. Then, because he’s still devolving, we pushed our limits a bit by making him lick me clean after I peed. And then, I let him jerk off […]

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