As it turns out…

I’m TOTALLY into wax play.

Like, a lot.

As many of you know, kazander and I switch every year for his birthday. This is not something I particularly enjoy, but it’s never as horrible as I build it up in my head to be, and it means a lot to him, so I’m happy to do it.

Anyway, about a week ago, he decided he was going to tie me to the bed and pour hot wax on my back. My reaction was a poorly-veiled roll of the eyes. But I have to admit that I was nervous. My reaction to pain isn’t pleasant (it pisses me the fuck off. I’ve been known to lash out and hit people when I’m in a lot of pain) and I didn’t want that reaction to ruin a night he was very obviously excited about.

My heart was racing as I let him tie me down, and I think I was actually trembling when he lit the candle. I braced for the burn, and then had the shock of my life.

It didn’t hurt. Not even in the slightest.

It felt sooooooo damn good.

Soooo damn good...

Soooo damn good…

Now, you have to keep in mind that I was born and raised in Las Vegas, and most people don’t realize that Vegas is a desert. My entire life has been spent in the desert. More than that, I like the oppresive, hellish heat. I count the hours until the first day over 100 degrees every year. My showers are so hot, people say my skin is as red as a lobster when I get out. Heat feels good to me.

So I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me that I would like the hot wax so much.

Now, there were times when it did hurt like a bitch. When he wanted to be an ass and drip wax right down my crack or between my legs, on my pussy, that hurt like hell, and if my legs hadn’t been tied down, I probably would’ve kicked him in the face. But even my anger was tempered by how good the wax felt on my back, legs, and butt. It was better than any massage or spa treatment I’d ever had.

It stung, sure. But, it’s hard to describe the sensation. It wasn’t pain so much as intensity. I’d feel tingles all down my legs and a shudder down my spine. It wasn’t really sexual pleasure, but it was certainly enough to put me in subspace for the very first time.

By the time he had burned both the candles to little nubs, and could no longer keep them lit without burning himself, I was high as a kite.

Unfortunately, it was about that time I experienced a pretty nasty sub-drop. After he finished with the candles, he untied me and lied down next to me to start peeling off all the wax, and running his fingertips gently up and down my back. I think, in my head, I assumed that the play was over and sort of drifted into this relaxed, comfortable space.

But I apparently assumed wrong. And funny enough, I actually don’t remember what he did after that. I think it was spanking, or maybe he used the flogger on me. I have no idea. But it was something painful and my mind just couldn’t wrap itself around that. I was so out of it, I didn’t even think to use a safeword. And kazander was in strange territory, just as I was, and couldn’t recognize the signs right away.

Eventually I started crying, and I think he heard me sniffle or heard my voice break or something (I had my head buried in pillows). Whatever it was, he realized something was wrong and immediately stopped whatever-he-was-doing and cuddled me. I felt bad that he had to end his session early, but we both learned something that night, so it wasn’t a total loss. And I’m grateful that he knew enough to give me an extra day to fully recover. After that, though, I definitely made it up to him for having to cut the play short. He definitely deserved the reward for pushing me to experience something that I never would’ve tried on my own (or with anyone else), and never would’ve realized felt so good.

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