Tease and Denial, and doing favors…. or something

Kazander wants to cum.

Like, a lot.

But apart from the ruined orgasm I gave him last night, he hasn’t been allowed to cum since Sunday.

I know that’s not a long time for a lot of boys out there, but my gawd, you’d think I’d kept him chaste an entire year.

What a whiner.

It’s getting close to that time of year, though. His birthday is in two weeks, and as always, we will switch.

And somehow I let him talk me into switching from his birthday until the end of the year.


It’s actually not much longer than I usually let him switch. But because his work schedule is always so hectic in December, he is often so tired after 12- and 13-hour days that he doesn’t want to do much when he gets home. We always have family in town, too, so the weekends fill up fast.

And then there’s also the spawn who needs attention.

So I usually give him a week, and this time I’m giving him 10 days.


It’s really never as bad as it seems beforehand, though. Sweet kazander is a very good switch, but he’s naturally submissive, and always very respectful, so it’s usually rather gentle. Nothing I can’t handle.

But I’m thinking I might just keep him chaste until then. He’s going to be able to cum whenever he wants, however many times he wants, for 10 whole days. I might as well give him some rather intense build-up to that.

Two weeks of teasing and denial will definitely make his first orgasms more intense when he finally gets to be in charge.

So technically, I’d be doing him a favor.

Yeah, I’m doing him a favor. We’ll go with that.

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