I’m Getting Too Old For This Shit

So I pulled an all-nighter last night. And, while I can still do it, it’s getting harder and harder as I get older.

And I don’t love being confronted with the fact that I’m no longer 21.

And really, that surprises me. My age never bothered me until this past birthday, when I turned 27. I realized that I’m no longer in my mid-twenties, but I’m now in my late twenties. And that bugs the hell out of me for some weird reason.

God, and I’m going to be 28 in 3 months. Fuck me with a chainsaw.

But one good thing about being up at the ass-crack of dawn is that I got to catch up with a couple of boys who live back east. And that’s always nice. I hardly ever get to talk to the boys I played with when I lived in Alabama, because of the time difference and our schedules always conflicting. So, even though our conversations were relatively short, it felt good to catch up with them. Too bad I can’t move them to Vegas. That would be amazing.

2 thoughts on “I’m Getting Too Old For This Shit

  1. squirmy says:

    Always good to catch up with you Miss Jen ;).

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