Rules An’ Such

So kazander has rules he has to follow. Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a bit lax on enforcing them. I think it’s time to bring him back in line. I wrote these way back in the day, and the cheeky little slut still tries to get around following them every chance he gets.

You will immediately obey any command I give you. Protests and arguments will be met with punishment. If there is a legitimate reason why a command cannot be obeyed, then that will be discussed.

Your purpose in life is to please and satisfy me, without expectation of reward. Certain things may be earned at my discretion, and your efforts to please me will be taken into consideration when granting or denying a request.

Your body belongs to me. I have the right to use it however I wish, whenever I wish. Protests and arguments will be met with punishment. Should there be a legitimate reason why part of your body should be off-limits, then that will be discussed.

You will be kept chaste. You are not allowed to touch yourself except for purposes of hygiene. Your release is contingent upon fulfillment of my desires. I may allow you to earn an orgasm or sexual attention, should the mood strike me.

You may ask for release or sexual attention, but only if you approach me on your hands and knees and kiss my feet before asking. It is up to me whether or not I will grant your request, and how far it will go. If I decide to grant your request, I will decide what sort of attention you’ll get. Any protest at my decision will result in punishment.

All of my decisions are final. If there is a legitimate reason why a particular decision needs to be revisited, that will be discussed.

Your focus will be on my pleasure and comfort, not on having your own sexual desires met. If I’m tired or not feeling well, you will focus on making me feel better without expectation of a sexual reward.

Safewords are to be used only when you absolutely cannot handle something. They are not to be used if you simply don’t feel like doing something or having something done to you. And the only safeword that can be used during punishment is “yellow.” Punishment is not effective if you can control it.

It is safe to assume that you will not be allowed to cum on any given night. You may ask once, but incessant nagging and hounding will be punished.

Whenever the baby is not present, you will be nude. You sleep naked now.

You will sit to urinate at all times. If we are alone, you will keep the door open. Privacy is no longer a privilege you are entitled to.

7 thoughts on “Rules An’ Such

  1. writingthebody says:

    Now that is more like it….very sweet indeed. Lucky Kazander!

  2. sq says:


  3. […] Rules An’ Such ( […]

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