On the Road Again

So I haven’t tried out the new toy yet. We’re still dealing with some butt issues, and on top of that, I’m working on quitting smoking, so my libido has been pitifully low. Real life is annoying when it gets in the way of my fun.

Frowny face.

But in other news, kazander and I are talking about revisiting the cuckolding thing. We even went to the Red Rooster, a swinger’s club in town, just to see what happened.

Nothing happened. There just wasn’t a whole lot to choose from. Mostly creepy guys with a few young “gangstas” thrown in. Not really my type. I ended up getting bored and we went home. But I was impressed as hell that kazander wanted to go.

It started at the strip club. Sexy Stripper and her husband swing, and I think talking to her and seeing how comfortable she was about it really helped ease some of his anxiety.

I think that’s his biggest problem. We’re not “out” about BDSM to the family, and none of his friends know. So he really has no one to talk to about his concerns, other than me. And I can definitely understand that, sometimes, you just need to talk to someone else.

So he got to talk to SS a bit about it, and express some of his fears. And I don’t know what all she said to him, but I saw a pretty significant difference in him after that conversation, so I’m eternally grateful to her for that.

Who needs a therapist when you’ve got a smart stripper? They both cost about the same, and you get to see boobs.

Boobs are fun.

Boobs are fun.

Way more practical use of money, if you ask me.

I think he was also harboring the idea that I wanted to cuckold him because I think sex with him sucks, and I quickly put that to rest. He didn’t think I was really truly sexually satisfied with him, and wanted a bigger dick, or one that could go for longer. But I think I finally got through his thick head that it’s not about sex. It’s about humiliation, and nothing more.

So I think he finally came to terms with that enough to at least try it. And now that we’ve addressed some of his concerns more completely, and now that he’s shown a tiny bit of enthusiasm about it, I’m much more comfortable with giving it a shot, myself. So we’ll see where that leads us. Can’t wait!

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